Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 81

The horse hoof fell and slammed into the wind wall, but it couldn’t move forward at all like it was stepping on a firm wall.

The wind wall had a soft and powerful force that rebounded the hoof. The first horse was completely knocked back and hit the second horse, before knocking the horse carriage into a wind wall that Xu Yi had placed in front of the little girl.


The horse moved very quickly and with this collision, although Xu Yi had shown mercy, it was quite the strong him. The entire horse carriage was slammed to the side and the axles of the wheels were split.

Although the horse carriage was hit by the wind wall and didn’t fall over, it couldn’t take this strong force that easily. The driver who was sitting at the front of the carriage fell to the ground and spat out blood.

Xu Yi coldly looked at that driver and didn’t show any pity towards him at all.

This fellow actually dared to drive this horse carriage this fast in a crowded place, not caring for human lives. It was fine for him to be taught a lesson.

But Xu Yi also knew that this driver was this bold to ignore people’s lives because of the person inside the horse carriage.

Xu Yi’s eyes turned cold looking at the horse carriage behind. He took a few steps forward and picked up the little girl who had been stunned in fear. He went to the young woman on the side and said to her in a low voice, “Quickly leave, don’t stop!”

The young woman was stunned before looking at Xu Yi in gratitude and whispering thanks to him. She quickly picked up the little girl in her arms and ran to the field on the side, disappearing in an instant.

Then Xu Yi turned to see the motorcade being stopped by the first horse carriage and he gave a cold laugh in his heart.

These fellows were this arrogant, it was clear they had a backing.

Based on this, it seemed like there was someone the Rudson Kingdom’s group was welcoming in this motorcade.

Based on the people who came from the Rudson Kingdom, the person in the motorcade was clearly very important.

In short, he had caused quite a bit of trouble this time.

But Xu Yi never regretted anything he had ever done. In this situation, even if he had a thousand choices, he would still do the same.

Thinking about it now, he should have been a bit more stronger and punished these guys a bit more.

“You peasant! You dare block our way!”

When Xu Yi was looking over the first carriage, there was a low roar as well as a cracking sound.

Hearing the sound rip through the air, he knew it was a whip and Xu Yi’s eyes turned cold. He used his magic and created a magic barrier.

The whip hit the magic barrier and was shattered to pieces by the barrier. The person who sent out the whip from the second carriage was hit by the rebound of Xu Yi’s magic barrier, spitting out blood before falling to the ground.


Everyone was shocked.

Although magicians weren’t rare on the Sines Continent, everyone knew that they were much stronger than normal people. Seeing that Xu Yi was a magician and that he was quite strong, people in the motorcade who were planning to charge out stopped and looked at Xu Yi with a bit of hesitation.

But these people didn’t plan on retreating at all. Rather they took out many bows that they aimed at Xu Yi.

Seeing this, as long as Xu Yi moved, they might fire without any hesitation.

Both sides looked at each other waiting for the situation to explode. Newman suddenly came forward and stood in front of Xu Yi. He shouted at the motorcade in an anxious loud voice, “Misunderstanding! This is a misunderstanding!”

After saying this, he turned to give Xu Yi eye signals.

Xu Yi understood. After all, this was the Rudson Kingdom’s territory, he should give Newman some face. He gave a nod and turned to leave.

But even if he wanted to settle this, it didn’t mean the other side wanted to.

When he turned, there was a cold laugh from behind him.

“Humph, daring to block the path of Lord Hakanin and injuring our people, you want to leave just like this?”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. He wanted to ignore these people and leave, but there was magic elemental energy waves from behind him, causing his expression to change.

Turning around, he saw a giant fireball flying at him.

Xu Yi’s heart was filled with rage.

This was a Fourth Grade Fire Spell, the Exploding Flame Spell. If he didn’t have his guard up, he would be heavily injured if he didn’t die.

Moreover, with the strength of this spell, it would also affect Newman who was beside him.

The magician on the other side didn’t care about injuring Newman and didn’t care if Xu Yi died, he was extremely arrogant.

Xu Yi gave a snort and released all his magic. He instantly created a Fifth Grade Water Shield Spell that covered himself and Newman.

When the giant fireball hit the light blue water shield, it was instantly swallowed and not even a spark was left.

Xu Yi looked in the direction of the spell and saw a fifty year old magician who had appeared on the roof of the third carriage. He was looking over in surprise because he never thought that his Exploding Flame Spell would be dealt with so easily.

Seeing Xu Yi look over with a taunting smile, the magician was slightly angered. His eyes focused and he raised his hand, quickly gathering sparks in his palm.

It seems like this magician focused on Fire Spells and based on the spell he just released, he was quite good with Fire Spells.

But how could Xu Yi give him time to gather magic? Raising his hand, there was a fireball that was much smaller than the one the other side fired that was thrown out.

Seeing this fireball, the magician was shocked. He quickly stopped condensing his magic and even used a Wind Control Spell, jumping off from the roof of the carriage.

What a joke! This was a Eighth Grade Fierce Flame Bullet Spell! With his current level, it was impossible to defend against.

However, when the Firece Flame Bullet was about to pass by the horse carriage, it suddenly changed direction and hit the back of the magician who had just jumped off.


That magician was blown into the air by the force of the spell and slammed into the ground. The clothes on his back were burnt to ashes, revealing a red back and behind.

Xu Yi and that magician’s fight only took a second and in the time it took everyone to blink, that magician was on the ground like a dead pig. It instantly stunned the crowd.

Newman beside Xu Yi looked at the magician. He turned with difficulty and took a deep breath before looking at Xu Yi in fear, “Chairman Xu, did you…..did you kill him?”

Xu Yi shook his head, “He shouldn’t be dead, he should be heavily injured.”

“This……” Newman looked at the magician on the ground who wasn’t moving at all before turning back to Xu Yi. He had a long look on his face as he said, “Chairman Xu……’re in big trouble……”

“Is that so?” Xu Yi was very calm.

He already guessed that there should be someone important in this motorcade, but since he had already done all this, he wouldn’t waste time regretting it.

The surrounding people finally reacted. The people of the motorcade quickly began healing the magician that Xu Yi had injured while the group from the Rudson Kingdom also came over.

One group went to the motorcade to explain to those people while the other group went towards Xu Yi, looking very angry.

Even chief Witherspoon who had been happily talking to Xu Yi had a dark look as he looked at Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, what are you doing?” Chief Witherspoon said in a sharp voice, “Do you know that the person sitting inside is ambassador Hanakin from the Candra Empire! He represents the entire Candra Empire! It’s fine if you want to offend the Candra Empire, but don’t pull our Rudson Kingdom into this!”

Hearing chief Witherspoon’s words, the expressions of the surrounding Rudson Kingdom officials became strange.

In the end, this powerful young magician who had suddenly appeared, just what kind of chairman was he? Moreover, it didn’t seem like he was someone from the Rudson Kingdom.

Thinking of this, everyone calmed down.

If it was a Rudson Kingdom magician who had attacked the motorcade of the ambassador, this matter would have been troublesome. But since this magician wasn’t from the Rudson Kingdom, they could avoid the blame.

As long as they could subside the anger of ambassador Hakanin, it shouldn’t affect the relationship between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire.

But they also felt a bit strange.

Although chief Witherspoon was angry, he was already considered quite polite to Xu Yi.

Who was this chairman Xu?

“The ambassador from the Candra Empire?” Hearing chief Witherspoon’s words, Xu Yi instantly understood.

It was no wonder the Rudson Kingdom sent such an exaggerated welcoming group. After all this time, the person in the motorcade was the ambassador from the Candra Empire sent to the Rudson Kingdom.

The Rudson Kingdom was a small country that there were hundreds of and the Candra Empire was a giant existence as one of the two empires on the Sines Continent.

Being able to create a relationship and even form diplomatic relationships with the Candra empire, letting the Candra Empire even send an ambassador, this was a very important matter for the Rudson Kingdom.

Xu Yi raised his hand and cut chief Witherspoon off. He said with a smile, “Sir chief can be assured, I’ll take responsibility for this matter, it will not be related to your Rudson Kingdom.”

Hearing this, chief Witherspoon and the other Rudson Kingdom let out a sigh of relief.

However, chief Witherspoon felt a bit of shame in his heart.

He had just wished that Xu Yi would have a good time in the Rudson Kingdom, but now he was selling him out like this, this really was a bit too much.

“Chairman Xu…..This……”

Seeing the look on chief Witherspoon’s face, Xu Yi naturally understood his meaning. He waved his hand with a smile, “Sir chief doesn’t need to mind, this is my matter, it isn’t related to you. Let me take care of it, I’ll take all the consequences that come out of it.”

Chief Witherspoon had a look of shame on his face. After thinking about it, he didn’t say a thing, he just gave a sigh as he moved aside.

The other Rudson Kingdom officials looked at chief Witherspoon in surprise before moving aside to create a path, watching as Xu Yi walked towards the Candra Empire motorcade.