Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 82

A hand came from the side and grabbed Xu Yi’s arm.

Xu Yi turned to see Newman’s hesitant expression.

“Chairman Xu…...You……” Newman hesitated a bit before suddenly making up his mind, “You should quickly leave this place. You are a magician, if you leave with Kennard, there’s no one here who can stop you. But if you wait, you might not have that chance.”

Xu Yi looked at Newman in surprise. He never thought that Newman would be sincerely thinking about him at this time.

Xu Yi was a bit moved, but he shook his head with a smile, “No, I won’t leave. Even if Kennard and I can leave, we can’t leave the various businesses our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has in the Rudson Kingdom. Moreover, if we leave now, it will be equal to giving up on the Rudson Kingdom, do you think I would accept that?”

Newman was stunned. Xu Yi pushed aside his hand and continued walking towards the motorcade.

The Rudson Kingdom officials who had come over to explain to the Candra Empire ambassador’s motorcade saw that the chief criminal Xu Yi came over and they all stopped.

Normally, the Rudson Kingdom officials would have their subordinates catch Xu Yi and hand him over to ambassador Hakanin to subside his rage.

But because Xu Yi was a powerful magician and they were just here to greet the ambassador, clearly not expecting this matter, they didn’t bring enough forces to dare attack Xu Yi.

The people of the Candra Empire’s motorcade had been shocked by Xu Yi, so they didn’t dare make a move.

So the group of people could only watch as Xu Yi approached, vigilantly watching him without daring to make a move.

Seeing this strange sight, Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling a bit strange.

Since coming to this world, he had always been taught by many people that powerful magicians were different from the masses.

But before this, he had studied at the Senkaiser School and had more contact with magicians than normal people.

After graduating from the Senkaiser School, he went to work for Great Magician Camilla and had contact with many magicians.

Then he started the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and made contact with magicians all day. He even had deep relationships with all five Great Magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom.

This made him have a misconception that magicians weren’t rare in this world, even Great Magicians weren’t considered much.

But in this current situation, he deeply realized the powerful deterrent a powerful magician had.

Although he was only a single person, because there wasn’t a magician that could match him, he had become a peerless existence.

But this was also because the Rudson Kingdom soldiers and the soldiers the Candra Empire ambassador brought only had traditional blades, they didn’t have anything that could harm a magician.

If it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards with military magic machines, not mentioning Xu Yi, even if there was a Great Magician here, they wouldn’t be afraid of Xu Yi like these soldiers were now.

Great Magician Camilla had an impulse before and had sparred with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards.

The final result was that in a direct battle, Great Magician Camilla could only passively defend against a hundred guards and it was hard for him to use magic to attack.

Unless Great Magician Camilla acted beforehand, using a powerful High Grade Spell or even a Forbidden Spell to kill these guards, as long as these guards had magic in their military magic machines, Great Magician Camilla would use up his magic and would only have death waiting for him.

The cost of these military magic machines were Magic Crystals that could be found all over, so the costs were very low.

After fighting several times, Great Magician Camilla couldn’t help saying something with a sigh.

“The era of magicians deciding a battle might be over.”

Of course, this was only for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards.

On the continent, there was no other army that was fully equipped with military magic machines like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards. It was impossible to find one in the Rudson Kingdom, so Xu Yi naturally wasn’t worried.

Xu Yi walked to the center of the crowd and looked around, finally looking at the most expensive and luxurious looking horse carriage in the middle.

“Ambassador Hakanin, if you don’t come out, then how about I treat it as putting this matter at an end?”

The surrounding people were stunned. They thought that Xu Yi was here to apologize, but they never thought that he would talk to ambassador Hakanin in this tone.

Since he knew ambassador Hakanin’s voice, naturally he knew his position as well.

He actually had this kind of attitude, just where did he get this courage?

There was a cold laugh that came from the horse carriage.

“Just a trivial low grade magician, how are you qualified to speak to me? Sir Kuraybin, I came from the Candra Empire to bring the emperor’s sincere regards to your king, but I am being treated like this, don’t you think that you should do something?”

The serious looking Rudson Kingdom official on the side with white hair looked at Xu Yi and said in a deep voice, “This excellency magician, do you know your crimes?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “What crimes?”

The Rudson Kingdom’s foreign affairs department chief Count Kuraybin’s face sunk, “You charged at Lord Hakanin’s motorcade and even hurt Lord Hakanin’s subordinate, you dare say there is no crime?”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Before investigating my issues, I ask sir Kuraybin to investigate ambassador Hakanin’s crimes first, alright? If it wasn’t for me reacting in time, an innocent little girl would have been trampled. Moreover, you said that I injured his subordinate? Everyone clearly saw that they were the ones who attacked me first, this was justified self defense.”

“Audacious!” Count Kuraybin shouted, “That little girl charged forward and deserved death, how is it related to ambassador Hakanin? Because of you, ambassador Hakanin has been frightened, that is a great crime!”

“Oh?” Xu Yi raised a brow, “So sir Kuraybin thinks that the lives of your Rudson Kingdom’s citizens aren’t important at all? It can’t even compare to ambassador Hakanin being terrified? Alright, I ask ambassador Hakanin to come out and let me see just how frightened the lord ambassador is. Are you more terrified than dying?”

Count Kuraybin’s expression froze before he flew into a rage, angrily pointing at Xu Yu, “Just where did you come from, daring to act this arrogantly! Someone, take him away for me!”

Everyone looked at Count Kuraybin, but no one dared to move.

Count Kuraybin only then reacted. This magician was very strong, their group couldn’t deal with him at all.

Thinking of this, Count Kuraybin suppressed the anger in his heart and said to Xu Yi with a serious look, “I urge you to apologize to ambassador Hakanin, otherwise if this matter becomes big, even if you are a powerful magician, you wouldn’t be able to withstand the anger of our Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug. He didn’t care about Count Kuraybin’s words at all, rather he came in front of ambassador Hakanin’s horse carriage.

Ambassador Hakanin’s guard vigilantly looked at Xu Yi and circled around this horse carriage.

Xu Yi gave them a smile before saying to the horse carriage, “Ambassador Hakanin, if you keep hiding inside the horse carriage, it means that you aren’t sincere about solving this matter and I will be very disappointed in you.”

There was a snort from the horse carriage, “Disappointed? How are you qualified?”

“It’s very simple, because of this.”

Xu Yi suddenly waved his hand and countless light blue wind blades came out.

The people around the horse carriage were shocked. They wanted to block the wind blades, but they found that they couldn’t do a thing.

Moreover, those wind blades were very fast. When they reacted, the wind blades had already moved past them.

“Pu, pu, pu, pu.”

The ten wind blades hit the horse carriage and cut through it. The horse carriage made cracking sounds and the roof of the carriage was cut off, as the remaining four walls also fell down.

There was only a floorboard left in the horse carriage and there was a fat and luxurious looking middle aged man sitting there.

The middle aged man looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a while before finally jumping up with a dexterity that didn’t match his figure. He pointed at Xu Yi and angrily shouted, “You actually dare make a move against me? Do you know who I am? Let me tell you, you are dead! I will definitely send you to the execution stand! No, I will send you to jail to be tortured!”

Xu Yi couldn’t help being surprised.

He thought that since ambassador Hakanin came for the great Candra Empire, it was reasonable for him to act aloof in this small country. But now he was acting up like this, he was no different from a hoodlum which made people a bit surprised.

Looking at the Rudson Kingdom officials, he found that although they all knit their brows, they weren’t surprised. It could be seen that ambassador Hakanin has always acted like this.

“Hei, an ambassador doesn’t just represent a country, it also represents how they view that country. With the level of ambassador Hakanin, it seems like the Candra Empire didn’t care about the Rudson Kingdom at all.”

Xu Yi looked at the Rusdon Kingdom officials who didn’t dare say a thing about ambassador Hakanin and he couldn’t help shaking his head.

The Rudson Kingdom had to kneel in front of the Candra Empire which was understandable, but the results of their kneeling wasn’t as good as they had imagined.