Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 92

As fall came, for the other places of the Sines Continent, the weather gradually became colder. For the Stantine Duchy, it was no different from summer, this place was still warm and damp.

Whether it was on earth or in the Lampuri Kingdom, Xu Yi never had the chance or time to go swimming that much. After he arrived in the Stantine Duchy, because of the weather and because he lived by the sea, Xu Yi had gradually formed a habit of going swimming in the ocean.

He even chose a special part of the beach and invested funds to make a beach swimming facility.

In their free time, the workers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought their families to swim by the beach.

The Stantine Duchy’s weather was hot and moist, so this beach was very popular and would always be lively.

Of course, Xu Yi wouldn’t go to the beach with a bunch of people.

Not far from his cliff on the manor, there was another beach that was opened which was considered his private beach.

Other than going with a crowd to the public beach sometimes, Xu Yi spent most of his time swimming and relaxing here.

Today was a bright sunny day, so Xu Yi went to his private beach after he finished his work.

Still also had a day off today, so she and Liz brought Freya to the beach to play.

Freya was currently one and a half years old, so she couldn’t go in the sea, but she was very interested in the soft sand. Whether it was letting her feet sink in the sand or grabbing it and creating piles, she looked very happy.

Seeing the bright smile on Freya’s face, Xu Yi suddenly gave a sigh, “A child really can find things that make them happy easily.”

Still looked at him, “What? You’re thinking of her highness again? I just asked her, but she’s not willing to come.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “I really don’t know what she encountered, why did she suddenly become this depressed? She’s already been here for two months and she still stays in her room all day. If she keeps staying in, I’m worried that something will happen to her.”

Still slightly knit her brows, “I’ve talked to her many times, but she’s not willing to speak. It seems like she met something very serious and won’t tell others easily. If my guess isn’t wrong, it should be related to the royal family.”

“Royal family?” Xu Yi knit his brows, “There aren’t many people in the Lampuri Kingdom royal family and she’s not planning on taking the throne, so Eric naturally won’t cause trouble for her. What is she worried about?”

“I don’t know that, but the royal family is the darkest place among all the nobles. Her highness has grown up in the royal family and can have a bright, warm, and direct personality, it really is rare.”

“That should be Lampuri Thirteenth protecting her well.” Xu Yi said with a sigh, “It’s a pity that she’s become like this, I really am curious as to what happened.”

“That is a secret of the royal family, her highness wouldn’t tell others casually, so stop thinking about it.” Still shook her head, “If you want to help her, then give her time and let her adjust. Her highness has a strong personality, I believe that she’ll definitely be able to walk out of the shadows.”

“Un…..There’s no other way, we can only wait patiently.” Xu Yi took a deep breath and shook his head, throwing out his worry for Seveni. He looked over Still and revealed a lewd smile, “Hey, Still, this swimsuit you have really is great.”

When Still came with Xu Yi to the beach before, she wore a traditional cloth swimsuit. It wasn’t convenient for her to get in the water, so Still had never been interested in swimming.,

Now she was wearing a waterproof cotton swimsuit that was developed by the Night Song Tribe and the Armani Chamber of Commerce. This swimsuit was designed to be form fitting, which not only made it convenient to swim in, it also completely revealed her figure.

Although she had already given birth to a child, Still had maintained a perfect figure. When she put on the swimsuit, all her curves were displayed. Adding in her golden hair and her beautiful face, even if she and Xu Yi were an old married couple, it still attracted attention.

Hearing Xu Yi’s praise, Still didn’t become shy at all and threw out her chest, showing her beautiful figure to Xu Yi.

“This swimsuit really is comfortable to wear. It has to be said, the elves really have some strange things. If it wasn’t for you insisting on cooperating with them, we might not have been able to receive all these valuable things from them.”

Xu Yi gave a proud smile, “Of course, all races have their value. Not to mention that the elves had ruled the continent for over ten thousand years before, of course they would have some knowledge that humans can’t master. Actually, it’s a pity that the halfling race has disappeared. Based on the books, the halflings have very good knowledge and skills when it comes to working with machines, so if the halflings are still on the continent, I really want to work with them. I believe that they would be of great help in developing the magic machine industry.”

Still turned to the sea and pointed out far into the open sea.

“Legends say that the halflings didn’t completely disappear, rather they took their mechanical ships to leave the continent and headed to the depths of the endless sea. It’s said that there is another continent on the other side of the sea and the halflings might have reached that other continent, already taken root on that continent.”

“Depths of the endless sea?” Xu Yi looked at the distant sea and revealed a faint smile, “When our company can conduct deep sea voyages with our Magic Boats, I will definitely organize a fleet and explore the endless seas. Still, do you believe? If the fleet starts here and keep going forward, they will come up from behind us and reach the east coast of the Sines Continent.”

“How is that possible?” Still’s eyes opened wide in shock, “If you keep going west, how could you reach the east?”

“Do you remember what I told you before? We are actually on a large ball, so if you keep going west, you’ll circle around this ball and reach the other side.”

“Isn’t that only your guess?” Still knit her brows, “Although if the boats keep going, we can see them slowly disappear before they’re completely gone which is reasonable, if you say that we are on a ball…...that is too inconceivable. Why wouldn’t we fall off?”

Xu Yi laughed. This was something that every protagonist who transmigrated to a backwards world would encounter, but this problem was indeed too difficult to explain.

Moreover, there wasn’t an example to prove this theory, so it would be strange if people believed.

“When we can organize this expedition, I’ll prove it to you.” Xu Yi looked into the distance before looking up at the sky.

Actually compared to the Magic Boats, the easier way to go around the world was to use the Magic Airships.

Because the Magic Airship didn’t need to travel on the ocean and wouldn’t be affected by the currents, which made it more safe.

But if one flew in the sky, the weather had a large influence. If they ever met a storm on the sea, it would be very dangerous.

To fly all the way around the world right now, they were still far from being able to do so.

The Magic Airships that Evita focused on studying were going a bit slower than the Magic Boats. Up to this point, she was only able to create Magic Airships that could hold no more than five tons and because it couldn’t complete the thousand kilometer journey that Xu Yi set, it was still in its test phase. It could be manned or used to ship cargo just yet.

This was because the Magic Airship flew in the air. The Magic Boat crashing meant that one could still float on the sea, but if the Magic Airship crashed, it meant falling from the sky and one might die.

So Evita had to be careful when developing the Magic Airship, having to be perfect with every detail and had to repeat each test several hundred times. Naturally the development of the Magic Airship was much slower.

But Xu Yi supported her attitude.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines didn’t have any major quality issues, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t possible.

No matter what, it was right to be strict with the requirements, not to mention with this important Magic Airship.

When he thought of the Magic Airship, Xu Yi suddenly heard a buzzing sound in the air above him.

Turning to look, Xu Yi saw a shadow floating from the cliff behind them. It was just over Xu Yi and Still’s head, so the shadow covered them.

“Why are they here again?” Still looked up in surprise at the Magic Airship above them.

“Perhaps they saw us when they were conducting their experiment.” Xu Yi replied before suddenly seeing a person jump out of the Magic Airship.

Xu Yi and Still were both scared at the same time.

Jumping down from such a high place, even if it was onto the soft sand, they would be crushed into a meat patty.

But the two didn’t react immediately.

The Magic Airship was still being tested, so Xu Yi had Evita be strict. The people who could board the Magic Airships had to be at least be magicians who could use flight magic.

But even thinking of this, the two activated their magic at the same time and prepared themselves.

Once they found the situation was bad, they would naturally save that person.