Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 10

“I don’t want to be treated as a show by those people, I’m not going!”

Great Magician Camilla cold said this before heading in with a wave of his hand.

“How could they treat you as a show? They just want to bask in your glory!”

Xu Yi shouted from behind, but Great Magician Camilal just gave a cold snort and went in without turning around.

Xu Yi could only give a helpless sigh. He shook his head and thought that Seveni would be disappointed.

It wouldn’t only be Seveni who would be disappointed, everyone in the Lampuri Kingdom would be disappointed.

At the end of last year, Great Magician Camilla broke through the Great Magician Realm and grasped spatial laws to become an Arch Magus.

Then he went to the Magicians Guild’s headquarters, the City in the Sky and received the recognition of the headquarters, becoming an acknowledged Arch Magus.

After this news was spread, not only the Lampur Kingdom, even the surrounding kingdoms were stirred.

It had to be known that it had been several hundred years since there had been a Great Magus, so the Arch Magi were the most powerful magicians on the continent, without parallel.

Although among Arch Magi, he was a bit weak, Great Magician Camilla…..Oh, he should be called Arch Magus Camilla now was not considered the peak magician. In any event, he was an Arch Magus and could control spatial laws, as well as understand the true meaning of magic, becoming a super magician that had entered the realm of gods.

Even if there was only a single step between an Arch Magus and a Great Magician, this single step was a gap that millions of magicians on the Sines Continent could never take.

Right now, there were over a hundred thousand magicians on the Sines Continent. Among them, there were only twenty Arch Magi who were recognized by the Magicians Guild, so it could be seen how rare Arch Magi were.

Now, Great Magician Camilla had become the twenty eighth Arch Magus.

This matter was considered important for the entire Sines Continent because every Arch Magus was at the peak of the continent. Even in the Candra or Marlow Empires, they were considered at the peak.

For the Lampuri Kingdom, this had a special significance.

The Lampuri Kingdom had been established for over four hundred years and there had only ever been a single Arch Magus. It was the Arch Magus who had accompanied the kingdom’s first ruler to create the kingdom.

Now that four hundred years had passed, there was finally the second Arch Magus of the Lampuri Kingdom. One could imagine just how shocked the Lampuri Kingdom was by this.

After receiving the news that Great Magician Camilla became an Arch Magus, the Lampuri Kingdom gave him a series of titles without hesitation. They even invited him to a grand ceremony the Lampuri Kingdom was specially holding to announce the matter of Great Magician Camilla becoming an Arch Magus to everyone.

But what people didn’t expect was that Arch Magus Camilla had refused to attend and didn’t give any reason at all.

It was hard for an Arch Magus to appear and he didn’t give them any face at all, so the Lampuri Kingdom’s side was very anxious.

Just Seveni alone had sent Xu Yi several letters, asking why Arch Magus Camilla wasn't willing to attend.

After Xu Yi asked Arch Magus Camilla about this, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the answer he got.

Arch Magus Camilla just hated the ceremony alone. This kind of formal and symbolic ceremony made him disgusted, so he refused to attend.

Xu Yi could accept this reason, but the Lampuri Kingdom’s side couldn’t accept it.

So in this half a year, from time to time, the Lampuri Kingdom kept sending official invitations to Arch Magus Camilla. They hoped that he would attend the ceremony, but they were rejected by him every single time.

This time Arch Magus Camilla’s reaction was even colder, making Xu Yi consider explaining this matter in his response letter to Seveni and stopping the Lampuri Kingdom’s side from wasting time on this matter.

If they really caused Arch Magus Camilla to be angry, that wouldn’t be good from the Lampuri Kingdom.

“Chairman Xu, this is a very easy to understand matter. A powerful magician cares most about their strength, of course they wouldn’t care what others think about them.” Elder Lisanya who had suddenly arrived at Xu Yi’s side spoke.

Xu Yi turned to look at her and had a thought, “Elder Lisanya, your elf race should have Arch Magi, right?”

“Of course.” Elder Lisanya nodded, “Before the race wars, when us elves were at our peak, Arch Magi weren’t considered anything. We even had five Great Magi. As for now…..” Elder Lisanya shook her head and a sad look appeared in her eyes, “Although I’m certain there are still Arch Magi among us elves, I don’t have any information on them.”

“Then do you think the Rudson Kingdom’s Azshara Tribe would have any Arch Magi?” Xu Yi asked.“That I don’t know, but haven’t you had contact with the Azshara Tribe? You don’t even know this bit of information?” Elder Lisanya asked back.

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “You should know how alert you elves are towards us humans. Although with the relationship to the Night Song Tribe and your Moon Shadow Tribe, we could get to know the Azshara Tribe, up to this point, we don’t even know where the Azshara Tribe is located.”

“Those fellows, the times are different now, there’s no meaning in hiding like before.” Elder Lisanya gave a soft snort. After pausing, she said to Xu Yi, “How about this, after some time, I’ll go with you to the Rudson Kingdom. With me there, I believe the Azshara Tribe will accept you more easily.”

Xu Yi was filled with joy, “That is great! This can’t be delayed, I’ll choose some time next month and we can set off together. What do you think?”

“Next month?” Elder Lisanya slightly knit her brows and tilted her head to think, “There are only two races next month, so we’ll go in between the gaps of those two races.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help wiping off some cold sweat.

He never thought that a noble, graceful, mysterious, and proud elder of the elf race like elder Lisanya would be this mesmerized by race cars!

Elder Lisanya looked at Xu Yi’s strange gaze and had a thought. She suddenly thought of something as she closed her eyes, releasing a wisp of magic from herself.

After a while, Elder Lisanya shouted into the darkness on the right of the manor, “Agnes, come out!”

Xu Yi looked in that direction in surprise. He saw light warp in the darkness as Agnes appeared.

“Agnes, you are already chairman Xu’s companion and this is your house, why are you hiding?” Elder Lisanya asked with knit brows.

Xu Yi was also a bit confused, “Yes, Agnes, what are you hiding for?”

Agnes turned her head a bit and her eyes looked away from elder Lisanya’s gaze. After hesitating a bit, she said in a low voice, “Elder Lisanya, I’m afraid of you.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

Why was Agnes afraid of elder Lisanya?

But thinking about it, he understood.

Elder Lisanya and elder Illusia’s personalities were very different, she was much more strict.

Even if she wasn’t the Night Song Tribe’s elder, for Agnes, she would still be a bit respectful when facing an elder.

But to be afraid…..that was a bit too much…...

“Afraid of me?” Elder Lisanya knit her brows. She looked over Agnes before revealing a look of understanding, “I understand, it’s no wonder you’re afraid of me. Agnes, you’ve already been with chairman Xu this long, why do you still have a pure body? Why haven’t you copulated with chairman Xu?”

“Ha?” Xu Yi’s eyes opened wide as he looked at elder Lisanya.

What kind of question was this?

Although he hadn’t “copulated” with Agnes until now, that isn’t something that elder Lisanya should ask, right?

Elder Lisanya turned to look at Xu Yi and asked, “Chairman Xu, when you told me that you chose Agnes, I brought our tribe’s girls away. But now that half a year has passed, why haven’t you touched Agnes at all? Could it be that you’re not satisfied with Agnes? Or did you just say that for me and elder Illusia.”

“No, no, no, it’s not related to him, it’s me……” Agnes quickly waved her hands.

“It’s you? What is it about you?” Elder Lisanya asked in a deep voice.

Agnes looked at Xu Yi before a blush completely covered her face.

“I…..Sir chairman said…..that he wouldn’t force me. He would wait until my heart was ready to copulate with me, but…..but……”

“But you’ve never been ready?” Elder Lisanya asked with a cold snort.

Agnes gave a soft un sound before lowering her head.

Elder Lisanya took a deep look at Agnes before turning to look at Xu Yi with knit brows. After pausing, she relaxed her tone and said to Agnes, “Agnes, copulating is the instinct of any species, there’s nothing to prepare. Didn’t you say that you liked chairman Xu and wanted to be with him? Then copulating with him is a very natural thing, there’s nothing to be shy or afraid of. Take a brave step, this is the path that you have to experience.”

Xu YI looked at elder Lisanya with a strange gaze.

Although her words were reasonable, it really did make him feel awkward hearing her say “copulate” again and again.

Anyway, Agnes gave a strong nod. She turned to look at Xu Yi and although her face was a bit red, she had a determined look.

“Un, elder Lisanya, I will definitely……”

Xu Yi’s face twitched a bit. He used his magic and used short distance teleportation to come to Agnes’ side, covering her mouth.

“This…..Elder Lisanya, this is a matter between us couple, you shouldn’t worry about this? Right?”

Seeing the look that Xu Yi threw at her, elder Lisanya misunderstood and said with a nod, “You’re right, but chairman Xu, if you don't know how to copulate with elves, I can help you. Un…..Your taste is very special, if you really like it, I can personally demonstrate to you.”

Xu Yi’s face twitched several times and he restrained the urge to vomit blood. He seriously said word for word, “No, many thanks for your goodwill. I will study this with Agnes. Un, I’ll properly… this…..”