Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 105

Ivy Joao walked into the army headquarters’ military magic machine counter planning room and found that the atmosphere was much heavier than usual.

Looking around, he saw that the faces of the others in this room were serious. Ivy Joao couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile as he slowly shook his head.

As the one in charge of the military magic machine counter planning room which was established last year in August, he certainly received news earlier than his subordinates. He naturally knew why they all had such serious looks.

There was a large piece of news that came from the seas to the west of the Sack Kingdom.

The Crusch Kingdom that was three hundred kilometers off the coast of the Sack Kingdom, their capital had fallen to the enemy a week ago and three days later, the Crusch Kingdom announced their dissolution.

There was only one reason for the dissolution of this sea kingdom, it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

A month ago, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had the intention to attack the Crusch Kingdom, including Ivy Joao, everyone at the headquarters had thought they would be in for a good play.

Even if the Crusch Kingdom was nothing more than a group of pirates, so they couldn’t be a real kingdom with any power, unable to truly match any of the real countries on the continent, as a kingdom of the sea, the Crusch Kingdom was very powerful on the endless seas.

Countless pirates with many ships, adding in their rich experience on the seas, the Crusch Kingdom could forcefully control the seas around them.

Even the Sack Kingdom, because of their weak navy, couldn't contend with the Crusch Kingdom on the seas.

The Sack Kingdom’s army believed that unless the Crusch Kingdom sought their own deaths, offending the Marlow Empire or the Candra Empire, causing these two large empires to attack them, there was no country on the continent that could do anything to them with their strength on the seas.

So now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly wanted to attack the Crusch Kingdom, what awaited them was a tragic failure.

But facts had proven them wrong.

From the beginning, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never met any hindrances. They broke through all the resistances of the Crusch Kingdom and in just twenty short days, before even a month had been reached, they had occupied all the islands under the Crusch Kingdom. They had even fought their way into the capital, capturing the capital and the current king alive.

This kind of battle had shocked everyone.

The Sack Kingdom’s royal army had fought with the Crusch Kingdom many times, so they understood their powers on the sea.

But even with this power, they couldn’t resist the attack of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all. They couldn’t even stall them from advancing.

This powerful kingdom on the sea had been destroyed by a single guard fleet from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They announced that they had absolved their kingdom and even their capital fell!

In the beginning, there were many people who didn’t believe this was true.

But as more and more news came, as well as more and more of it was confirmed, everyone was forced to accept this fact.

But this fact proved another fact that people didn’t want to face.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet was just too strong!

From the first day the Frestech Chamber of Commerce attacked the Crusch Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom’s royal army had been collecting information. Ivy Joao of this military magic machine counter planning room was the one who paid the most attention since his main work was to study how to deal with the military magic machines produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, the news they received was very unhelpful since the battle had been very short, so they couldn’t collect that much information at all.

Of course, looking at it from another angle, this proved without a doubt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet was very powerful. The Crusch Kingdom’s pirates weren’t able to fight them at all, so they didn’t have a chance to display their true power.

But the more it was like this, the more pressure Ivy Joao and his subordinates felt.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet was this strong, how were they supposed to come up with a plan to go against them?

“Sir Joao, this is the combat report from last night, please take a look.” A subordinate handed a report over to him.

Ivy Joao took the report and shook his head helplessly as he held it in his hand.

This report was as thin as usual, it meant that there wasn’t any information worth mentioning in this battle report.

As expected, when he opened it, he found that there was only a brief description of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet attacking and occupying the Crusch Kingdom’s capital, Crusch Island. It was mentioned that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards used large amounts of Magic Repeating Crossbows and few Magic Rockets when attacking Crusch Island, but it didn’t mention the situation of when the guard fleet was fighting that Ivy Joao cared about the most.

After flipping through this report, Ivy Joao threw it to the side. After thinking for a bit, he raised his head and looked over everyone in the room before asking in a deep voice, “Alright, now that the war between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards and the Crusch Kingdom is over, we need to prepare a summary report and hand it over to headquarters. Tell me, what is the appraisal you have for the strength of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards?”

Everyone in the room looked at each other and no one said a word.

Seeing that everyone had heavy looks on their faces, Ivy Joao gave a sigh. He didn’t force them and just called two of his subordinates to prepare the report before turning to leave the room.

After heading out of the planning room, Ivy Joao turned two corners and came to the first staff officer’s office, pushing through the door without any hesitation.

The first staff officer’s office had several officers sitting around a desk discussing something. Hearing that someone pushed open the door, everyone knit their brows as they looked over.

“Joao, do you need something?” The first officer, Lei Ming, who knew Jaoa well, asked this.

Ivy Joao’s eyes fell onto the people gathered around the table and found that there was a map on the table.

A large part of this map was blue, so it was clearly a map of the seas.

Seeing this map, Ivy Joao immediately understood that these officers were also analyzing the war between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Crusch Kingdom.

“I’m here to make a suggestion.” Meeting the gazes of the officers, Ivy Joao had a very serious look on his face, “I suggest that we rank the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as the highest special grade. No matter what method we use, we need to get as much information about them as possible, otherwise our kingdom will end like the Crusch Kingdom eventually.”

Ivy Joao’s words were a bit serious. If this was a normal situation, he would definitely be reprimanded by the others, but all the officers had serious faces as they sat around the table and not a single person reprimanded him. There were even several officers who couldn’t help nodding, showing their agreement to Ivy Joao’s words.

The room was silent for a bit before Lei Ming gave a cough and said, “Un…..I agree with leader Joao’s idea. It’s clear that the might of the military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has developed has already surpassed our calculations and even our imaginations. If we don’t find a way to deal with them, once the Lampuri Kingdom gains more support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we will not be able to resist the Lampuri Kingdom.”

“It isn’t just the Lampuri Kingdom.” Ivy Joao added, “Don’t forget, we attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before, so we’ve already created enmity with them. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce comes, does everyone think…..we can fight against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards?”

Everyone fell silent once again.

“It…...It can’t be, right? Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is powerful, there are only ten thousand of them. Our kingdom’s army adds up to several hundred thousand men…..” An officer couldn’t take the strange silence in the room and couldn’t help refuting this.

The others looked at this young officer like they were looking at an idiot.

Ivy Joao shook his head and said with a serious look, “This isn’t a problem of quantity. The military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have already gone past the method of war that we’re familiar with, it’s raised wars to another level.”

“I agree.” Lei Ming was the first to agree with a nod, “The Crusch Kingdom had sixty thousand pirates under the, which was over four thousand pirate groups. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce only sent out a single guard fleet, which had no more than thirty ships and less than two thousand people, but they were able to completely destroy the Crusch Kingdom.”

“Un, according to the report, from beginning to end, the Crusch Kingdom suffered twenty thousand casualties and over two thousand ships were sunk. As for the losses of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in this war… was almost zero!” Another officer couldn’t help adding in a voice filled with disbelief.

There was a silence that filled the room once again.

Even if they had analyzed the battle reports countless times, many people found it hard to accept these kinds of battle reports. It even made them feel like they were being suffocated.

After a while, the first staff officer said, “I agree with leader Joao’s idea. I will officially propose this to the chief of staff to strengthen the importance attached to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, increasing the investigation on them.”

After a pause, the first staff officer also revealed a smile.

“Actually…..Because of leader Joao’s suggestions when he was still the Hungry Wolf Regiment’s chief of staff, we’ve already planted some seeds to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They should…..have sprouted already and they should have an important use soon……”