Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 118

Before Marquis Southgate replied, Seymour had looked around and found that there were several Magic Sedans in the hall. He gave a cheer and charged off towards them.

Marquis Southgate helplessly shook his head and had two followers go along with him. Then he said to the beastmen girl with a faint smile, “This beautiful miss, I want to understand the Magic Sedans that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce makes, can you please explain a few things to me?”

“Of course, that isn’t a problem. Please come this way.”

The beastmen girl brought Marquis Southgate and three of his followers to a resting area in the hall before preparing some tea for them. Then she sat down in front of Marquis Southgate and revealed a sweet smile as she asked, “This customer, may I ask what questions you have?”

Marquis Southgate revealed a faint smile. He looked at this beastmen girl before slowly asking, “Compared to the Magic Sedan, there is a question that I’m more curious about. This miss, may I ask your name?”

“Ah, you can call me Lina.”

“Un, miss Lina, based on your appearance, you should be from the rabbit clan of the beastmen. I’m very curious, how did you start working for a human company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

Lina’s smile didn’t change since she knew that this question was coming, so she asked back, “This customer, you shouldn’t be from the Drake Duchy, right? You shouldn’t even be someone from the surrounding countries, right?”

“Oh? How could you tell?”

“Because the people of the surrounding countries all know that it isn’t strange to see beastmen workers at our Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all.”

“It’s like this?” Marquis Southgate gave a laugh, “You’re right, I am indeed not from any of the surrounding countries. I am from the faraway Marlow Empire.”

“Marlow Empire?” Lina’s eyes opened a bit wide in surprise. After looking over Marquis Southgate for a bit, she regained her calm, “Then you’ve come all the way from the Marlow Empire, is it just to buy a Magic Sedan?”

Marquis Southgate noticed Lina looking at Seymour walking around the Magic Sedan in the distance before shaking his head with a smile, “No, I didn’t come here just to buy the Magic Sedan. Actually, I’m interested in the various products of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If possible, can you introduce all the products of your company to me?”

“All?” Lina was a bit surprised, “Our company has over a hundred different kinds of products, are you interested in them all?”

“Yes.” Marquis Southgate nodded with a faint smile, “Moreover, if possible, I want to buy one of every product that you have back with one.”

“This……” Lina was a bit confused.

If it was anyone else, she definitely would have thought that they were joking.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had over a hundred products, if one were to buy one of each, that would be several tens of thousands of gold coins.

This wasn’t including the expensive things like the large transport Magic Cars or the Magic Ships into the calculations.

But this middle aged man who had a friendly smile made Lina feel that he definitely wasn’t joking. Lina was certain that he was planning on buying one of every product.

“What? Is there a problem?” Seeing that Lina didn’t speak for a long time, Marquis Southgate followed up by asking this question with a smile.

“Ah…..It’s not a problem, it’s not a problem. But this customer, which line of products do you want to start from? Our company currently has five big lines of products, which are the household magic machines, the construction magic machines, the agricultural magic machines, the production magic machines, and some material products. Which one do you care about more?”

“Agricultural magic machines?” Hearing this name, Marquis Southgate’s expression changed as he said, “First start with this.”

“Alright. The agricultural magic machines are mainly magic machines used for planting on farmland and opening up new farmland. There’s also the fertilizer, the herbicide, and other things that could be used for farming that are also included along with this. First, starting with the magic machines used in farming, there is the Magic Harvester, which is a magic machine that can help a farmer harvest their crops faster…..”

Marquis Southgate was very focused as he listened to Lina’s explanation, not willing to miss a single word. From time to time, he slightly knit his brows and asked a few questions.

After half an hour, Lina had finished a basic introduction of the agricultural magic machines.

Marquis Southgate was silent after hearing this before asking, “This means that as long as you use your company’s agricultural magic machines, you can greatly increase the grain yield?”

“Yes.” Lina gave a strong nod and proudly replied, “Our company’s agricultural magic machines have been promoted in the surrounding countries, helping all these countries greatly increase their grain yield. There isn’t a single country in the surrounding area who doesn’t use our company’s agricultural magic machines!”

Marquis Southgate gave a slow nod.

If the agricultural magic machines that Lina described just now were true, he believed that they would achieve such an effect.

“Alright, there’s no need to introduce the household magic machines, first tell me about the construction magic machines.”

“Eh…..Construction magic machines are rather more broad. They are mainly used in various construction projects. For example, the Magic Concrete Mixer, the Magic Roller, the Magic Drill, and other things are mainly used in paving roads…..Also our company has developed a series of mining magic machines that can greatly increase the efficiency of mining.”

When it came to construction magic machines, even if Lina was a part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she didn’t understand that much. Marquis Southgate didn’t care that much about them and since he didn’t understand too much, as long as Lina gave a general description, he would understand.

After a while, Seymour suddenly ran over and interrupted the two of them.

“Mar…..Uncle Dayolen, I’ve decided. I want to buy two Magic Sedans! One black and one white!”

Seeing the excited look on Seymour’s face, Marquis Southgate spread his hands without a care, “Alright, since you like it, then buy it. But it’ll be a bit troublesome to bring it back to our Marlow Empire since we don’t have anyone who knows how to drive them.”

“That’s right……” Seymour was a bit deflated, but then he wielded his fist, “It doesn’t matter! I can just learn! I saw it on the way here, it isn’t hard to drive this Magic Sedan at all! I feel that I can learn it in just a day or two!”

Lina on the side quickly stood up in surprise, “This customer, you can’t just drive without a license, it is very dangerous. Recently there have been more and more accidents caused by Magic Sedans, so whether it is our company or the surrounding countries, we have begun strictly managing this.”

Seymour looked at her, “That is the matter of your company and these countries, what does it matter to me? I’m bringing it to the Marlow Empire, can you care about it there?”

Lina expression froze before she gritted her teeth and gathered her courage, “But…..But if you insist on operating it without a driver’s license, then…..according to the rules of our company, we can’t sell a Magic Sedan to you.”

“What?” Seymour looked at Lina in disbelief, “What kind of a joke is this! My wanting to buy your things means I’m thinking highly of you and you dare not sell it to me? Do you believe that I won’t smash you right here!”

Marquis Southgate had been focused on the magic machines Lina had introduced to him, so he didn’t care about Seymour and Lina’s conversation. But when he suddenly heard Seymour’s angry roar, he came back to his senses. He knit his brows and wanted to say something, but there was a cold laugh that came from the door.

“He, who is so bold that they want to smash the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s store?”

“It’s this master, what……” Seymour angrily turned around and when he wanted to speak, his voice stopped like someone had grabbed his throat.

Marquis Southgate also turned in surprise and saw a group of people walking in, where there was a young human girl leading them.

Although this human girl had a cold look on her face, it was incomparably beautiful. It was just like a rose in bloom, blossoming with light that made people unable to look right at it.

The anger on her face didn’t affect her beauty at all. It was like warning people that this beautiful rose had thorns, so people couldn’t easily offend it.

This ice cold beauty created a unique aura. With her face that was close to being perfect and the charm that was released from every action that she took, it was no wonder Seymour was stunned looking at her.

“Da, da, da.”

The leather shoes of the beautiful girl walked across the halls and soon she was in front of Seymour.

She coldly looked over Seymour and gave a snort, but when she looked over at Marquis Southgate, she said in a cold voice, “This sir, it seems like you should be a noble, so why are you bringing out this junior who doesn’t understand courtesy and hasn’t been educated at all?”

Although Seymour had been stunned by her beauty, when he heard her call him rude and uneducated, he flew into a rage and pointed at her as he wanted to curse at her.

However, Marquis Southgate narrowed his eyes and Seymour immediately swallowed all his words. He obediently retreated to the side, as he glared at this young woman with a fierce look that also had a bit of greed in them.

“Indeed he has made some rude remarks just now and I apologize to miss Lina on his behalf.” Marquis Southgate maintained his calm tone as he slowly said, “But this beautiful miss, I don’t mind if you call him rude, but I can’t accept it if you call him uneducated.”

The young girl knit her brows, “What? You are his family’s elder? With his performance, is there anything wrong with calling him uneducated?”

Seymour’s eyes popped out and he wanted to refute this, but he backed down with a single look from Marquis Southgate.

“I am close friends with his parents and I have already apologized for him, so I ask you to take those words back.” Marquis Southgate seriously looked at that young girl.

The young woman didn’t expect Marquis Southgate to act like this. She looked at Marquis Southgate before looking at Seymour. After a bit of silence, she said with a nod, “Alright, I can take back these words, but he has to apologize to Lina.”

Lina was scared by this as she quickly waved her hands, “No, no, no, I’m fine, there’s no need to apologize to me. Your highness, I’m fine, there’s no need for you to do this for me……”

“Your highness?” Hearing how Lina addressed this young woman, Marquis Southgate had a thought. He looked at Seymour and said in a deep voice, “Seymour, apologize to miss Lina for your actions just now. This is also for the reputation of your parents, so you can’t refuse.”

“I……” Seymour looked at Marquis Southgate and looked at Lina before his face turned red. After a while, he angrily said, “I definitely will not apologize to a lowly beastmen!”

He stormed out after he said this.

Marquis Southgate and the young woman didn’t say a thing. None of their followers stopped him and let him charge out.

Watching him go out the door, Marquis Southgate had two followers follow him before turning to the young girl again. After a bit of silence, he said, “If I’m not wrong, you should be Duke Drake’s daughter, her highness Caroline, right?”