Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 120

Xu Yi’s heart had been filled with anger by the ignorant lords of the Stantine Duchy, but that disappeared without a trace when he landed on the ground.

Freya immediately jumped over as soon as she saw Xu Yi.

After picking Freya up and hearing her laughter, Xu Yi’s heart was only filled with joy. How could he still care about what the nobles thought.

“Dad, let’s go up to the tower and play, alright?” Freya pointed at the peak of the signal tower and asked this with an expectant look.

“Un…..Alright, but we need to wait a bit. We need to wait for auntie Akali and them to finish their work before going up.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll wait.” Freya obediently replied.

Xu Yi placed a kiss on her little cheek before looking around. Seeing Linda smiling on the side, he asked her, “It’s your turn to watch Freya today? Where’s Liz? And also where are those two little fellows?”

The “two little fellows” that Xu Yi spoke of were the two sons that Liz and Linda gave birth to.

The one Liz gave birth to was named Sandy and the one Linda gave birth to was called Harvey, they were both rather common names.

Like Freya, Xu Yi kept the same principle with them. They would be named by their mother according to the tradition of the Sines Continent, but he would also follow the traditions of earth and give them another name to go with their surname once they turned ten.

Right now their names were only considered nicknames to make it easier to address them.

Xu Yi let Liz and Linda name their own children which had greatly moved them because this was the respect that Xu Yi showed them.

Moreover, even if Liz and Linda were no longer slaves, this was a fetter in their hearts that they could never move past.

They felt that they could never compare to Still. The sons that they gave birth to would follow the tradition of the Sines Continent, being considered the illegitimate children of the lord Xu Yi, they would never be the same as Freya.

So Xu Yi giving them the right to name their own children and stating that Sandy and Harvey would have his surname when they reached ten years old filled them with joy.

Now hearing Xu Yi ask about those two fellows, Linda had a while smile as she replied, “Those two fellows are sleeping right now, Liz is watching over them. Freya wanted to come out to play and madame Still was too busy, so I brought her out.”

Freya heard this and pouted her little lips, “Right, father, why is mother always so busy? Whenever I ask her to play with me, she doesn’t have time. Does she not like me?”

Hearing this, Xu Yi was surprised. Seeing the unhappy look on Freya’s face, he had a thought before picking her up again with a smile, “How could mom not like you, she is your mother. She’s been very busy during this time, so she can’t be with you, but you can’t blame her. You are her daughter, you should learn to understand her and support her, understand?”

Freya nodded in a manner that seemed like she didn’t really understand, but she couldn’t help complaining, “But they said that dad is the busiest, but you always have time to play with me. Why doesn’t mom have the time?”

Xu Yi gave a laugh before pointing to Akali's group who were busy, “It’s because dad has many powerful subordinates that can help your dad finish his work, so dad can secretly be with you.”

“Oh…..It’s like this. Then why can’t mom have some powerful subordinates to do her work?” Freya asked.

“There’s no other way, it’s because there are few people in the world who can do your mom’s work. She can’t find that many people who can help her like dad.”

“Wa! So mom is this powerful! There are few people who can do what she can do!” Freya called out in a surprised voice.

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling as he softly pinched Freya’s nose, “Could it be that you thought that mom wasn’t powerful? Let me tell you, mom is more powerful than dad, haven’t you noticed that dad always listens to mom at home?”


Hearing Xu Yi’s words, Akali and the others who had been secretly listening while working couldn’t help laughing.

“Hey, Freya, is sir chairman telling the truth?” Akali asked Freya with a smile, “Does he listen to your mom at home?”

Freya tilted her head and thought with a serious expression for a while before giving a strong nod, “Un! It’s true! Dad listens to anything mom says, he never says anything back.”

“Ha, ha……”

The people around began to laugh even harder.

Akali couldn’t even stand straight from all her laughing.

Xu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Freya. From this day forth, the rumour that “the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a strict wife” will be heard by everyone.

Freya looked at the people who were bent over laughing with a strange look before asking Xu Yi, “Dad, did I say something wrong? Why are they all laughing so much?”

Xu Yi helplessly pinched her smiling face and said with a sigh, “No, you’re not wrong, I do listen to your mom at home.” After saying this, he put Freya down and told her, “Alright, you go play with Linda on the side for now. I have some work to talk about with your auntie Akali, I’ll bring you up the tower once I’m done.”

“Alright!” Freya gave a crisp reply before running over to Linda’s side.

Xu Yi turned to Akali who was still laughing as he asked with a serious expression, “How is the overhaul of the signal tower going? Are there any problems?”

The more serious Xu Yi looked, the more Akali wanted to laugh. After looking at him for a bit, she finally couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Seeing Akali laughing harder and harder, Xu Yi helplessly shook his head, “Alright, stop laughing. You and Still are old friends, it isn’t like you don’t know how it is between me and Still, so what are you laughing at?”

After a while, Akali slowly stood up and stopped laughing.

Only when she looked at Xu Yi, there were many complicated expressions in her gaze.

“Sir chairman, you should know that I’ve always been jealous of Still.”

Xu Yi looked aside to avoid Akali’s passionate gaze and gave a cough, “Tell me about the overhaul.”

Akali gave a sigh and took a breath before she revealed a refreshing smile. She said in a very simple tone, “Sir chairman, as for the overhaul, right now it’s going good, but there are some small problems. For example, the signal tower will be affected by different terrain. Take tower number three, according to our explosion, there is a large amount of Magic Crystals under it that will affect the magic waves to a certain extent…..”

Xu Yi patiently listened to Akali’s report, from time to time, giving some of his considerations.

Actually, although he had single handedly started the magic machine industry, after it developed for so many years and there were many domains that were studied, even couldn’t understand everything.

Just when it came to Akali’s magic resonance technology, he could only give some advice to the magic array. When it came to putting it in use and other things, he didn’t study too deeply into these.

Compared to when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just been established and he had to lead all the research, the current him could only participate as a leader. He could only give general directions and couldn’t be involved in the research.

Right now, other than his theoretical knowledge being better than others, when it came to the other parts of magic machine research, he wasn’t actually that much better than the other researchers.

But this was the situation that Xu Yi wanted to see the most.

The entire magic machine industry was a very complicated system, it was impossible for him to drive this entire system by himself.

Just like now, being able to increase the number of people with magic machine theory, this was what he wanted to see since the beginning and the inevitable result of developing the industry.

The only thing that Xu Yi wasn’t satisfied with was that other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other companies invested far too little in this. Other than a few magic machine companies having special technology, most of the companies still used the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s technology just to earn money.

Coming back to the signal tower, according to Xu Yi’s plan, he wanted to use these signal towers like signal towers back on earth. He wanted to cover the entire continent and let his signals reach every part of it.

Not discussing any other functions for now, he wanted to at least make the Magic Communicators like the cell phones on earth.

Moreover, the magic research facility had made another breakthrough with the Magic Communicator. They could fine tune the array inside to adjust the magic frequency of the Magic Communicator, allowing it to link to different Magic Communicators.

This was already close to the primary functions of cell phones on earth. As long as they kept researching this, Xu Yi believed that they could realize the same functions as cell phones from earth.

Moreover, comparing the magic signal towers to the signal towers on earth, they were countless times stronger.

The magic towers released magic waves, which they could use to affect other related Magic Arrays with.

So in theory, any Magic Array could come under the influence of the magic waves in the range of the magic signal tower.

Naturally one could ignore the Magic Arrays that weren’t tuned to the signal towers, but for the ones that were tuned ahead of time, through the magic waves of the magic signal tower, they could control any corresponding Magic Arrays.

To use a simple example, if a Magic Air conditioner was tuned in a certain range, then in theory, through the corresponding Magic Array Controller, they could let out a magic wave that would be transmitted from the magic signal tower, allowing one to control the Magic Air Conditioner.

To make it a bit more exaggerated, if one went even deeper into this, they could even control all the magic machines in the area of the magic signal tower!

This was what Xu Yi always dreamed of, the true magic network!