Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 132

Xu Yi took the notebook and opened it, looking at the title on the first page.

“Basic Magic Machine Theory.”

The words underneath that were describing the most basic, but also most fundamental magic machine theory.

Evita had been writing all the basic theories in this book, also making it very easy to understand. Even someone who has never touched magic machines before could have some basic understanding of magic machines from reading this book.

But it could be seen that the writing was focused on the effects of Magic Arrays on the machines, only involving a bit of magic mechanical engineering knowledge.

To put it simply, this was a basic reference book for magic power and it was a bit different from a basic theory on magic machines.

This was not a surprise to Xu Yi, when he had Evita compile this basic theory on magic machines, he had requested that she focus on the aspect of the power provided to magic machines by Magic Arrays. As for the mechanical side, Xu Yi would be personally writing it, working with Camby and the others.

Xu Yi roughly looked over it and found that Evita didn’t disappoint him. Not only did she not make any obvious errors, there were even some fine tuning, explaining things better than he had thought.

“Very good, Evita, I’ve found that with your current theoretical knowledge in Magic Arrays, you aren’t inferior to me and won’t be inferior to any other magicians in this world.”

“You’re too exaggerated.” Evita revealed an awkward smile. After thinking about it, she asked, “Sir chairman, are you really planning on publicly distributing the book?”

“That’s right.” Xu Yi closed the book, “This book is the entry book that I’ve prepared for those that want to enter the magic machine industry, it will guarantee that anyone who reads it will have a certain understanding and interest towards the magic machine industry. I don’t just want to distribute it publicly, I want to advertise it and let everyone know of its existence, so they would buy it and read it.”

After saying this, Xu YI suddenly gave a laugh to Evita, “Evita, I am certain that when this book sells well, as one of the writers, you want your name to be listed in one of the top spots, right?”

“Ah?” Evita was stunned, “Sir chairman, shouldn’t this book be published in your name?”

“Do you think I’m someone who steals the fruits of labour from others?” Xu Yi deliberately knitted his brows and reprimanded her in a dissatisfied voice, “Actually, if it wasn’t for considering how to advertise it, I wouldn’t even put my name on it because I don’t want to use this book to elevate my fame, alright?”

“But I don’t want to become famous either……” Evita replied.

“No, Evita, you will become famous and you have to become very famous.” Xu Yi took Evita by the shoulder and said with a serious look, “Remember, you are the chief of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic research facility. In the magic machine industry you are an outstanding specialist. There is no one who is more outstanding than you in the entire industry, so you have to have this confidence. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I don’t really understand. If we’re comparing research into magic machines, I’m far from being able to compare to sir chairman.”

“Don’t compare to me, my main status is the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Or to put it more straightforward, we need a specialist to come out. I as the chairman am not suited for this, Camby’s group aren’t humans, so they also aren’t suited. The most suitable choice is you.”

“If it’s like this, I feel that Akali is very suitable as well.”

“But Akali isn’t the chief, you are.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “In short, follow my arrangement, alright?”

Evita was silent for a bit before giving a nod, “Alright, sir chairman.”

Hearing Evita’s response, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He patted Evita’s shoulder and comforted her, “Don’t worry about Akali not being happy, I’ve planned something else for her. Comparing it, she would prefer doing the other thing.”

“Un, I believe you, sir chairman.”

Seeing how relaxed Xu Yi was, Evita gave a laugh, “Sir chairman, actually you don’t need to worry about our feelings. We are your subordinates, of course we’ll follow your arrangements.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, I’ve never treated you guys as normal subordinates. Even if it wasn’t for Still, just me alone cannot ignore your feelings.”

“Is that so?” Evita was a bit surprised. She looked at the entrance of the lab before suddenly giving a sigh, “But what are you planning to do with Teresa?”

Xu Yi looked out the door and narrowed his eyes, not saying a word.


Marquis Southgate and Russell both left quite quickly, but even with how much Princess Caroline wanted to head back to the Drake Duchy before, she was very happy to stay. She stayed by Xu Yi’s side all day, almost never leaving him.

The production magic machine cooperation idea Xu Yi told her for the Drake Duchy had greatly captivated her interest.

There were many magic machine companies in the surrounding countries, but other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, all the other companies produced household magic machines and not a single one could produce production magic machines.

Although the main reason was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t release this technology, another reason was because this technology had a high demand for technology from a company. Normal magic machine companies wouldn’t be able to satisfy this.

Not mentioning anything else, just the most common Magic Thread Rolling Machine had technology that weren’t on the same scale as the household magic machines.

To grasp this technology, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to transfer it, the other companies would need to invest large amounts of funds and personnel.

A normal company wouldn’t be willing to do this thankless job, but for the Drake Duchy, this was something that they wished for.

Of course, Xu Yi only said that they would be cooperating in terms of production magic machines, that didn’t mean that they would be handing over the technology.

The cooperation was to copy the cooperation method from before. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would build a production magic machine factory in the Drake Duchy.

Moreover, this production magic machine factory would only be limited to the agricultural magic machines, it wouldn’t be related to any other magic machines.

As for why Xu Yi did this…...

“Of course it’s because I’m in the Drake Duchy, isn’t it?” Princess Caroline gave a confident smile.

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at her, “You don’t have that much face.”

Although this choice was partly considering Princess Caroline, it wasn’t because she was beautiful, but because she had a good relationship with Xu Yi and they had a good cooperation.

But if he was to mention the most important reason, it was all because of the location of the Drake Duchy.

The Drake Duchy shared a west border with the Sack Kingdom and a northeast border with the Falk Kingdom. These two countries were countries where magic machines weren’t that popular, so they were newly opened markets.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already signed a contract with the Sack Kingdom who would buy a hundred thousand various agricultural magic machines from them. The Falk Kingdom had also shown great interest in the agricultural magic machines.

If they were produced in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base and transported, it would take a lot of time and effort, which would increase the cost by too much.

If they built an agricultural magic machine factory in the Drake Duchy, it would allow them to easily meet the demands of the two kingdoms.

Other than this, looking at it from a long term, they were considering the Marlow Empire.

According to Marquis Southgate’s stance over the past few days, Xu Yi felt that if nothing unexpected happened, he would start working to open up cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after returning to the Marlow Empire.

He had shown a strong interest in all the things of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but the one he cared about the most were the agricultural magic machines.

The Drake Duchy that was over two thousand kilometers closer to the Marlow Empire compared to the Stantine Duchy, if they produced agricultural magic machines there, it would be helpful to the strong demand from the Marlow Empire.

Xu Yi didn’t need to say these things, Princess Caroline could already guess it.

But she didn’t care at all. The most important thing was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would build an agricultural magic machine factory in the Drake Duchy.

This was the first time the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built a production magic machine factory in another country, this was a precedent.

This meant that even if the Drake Duchy couldn’t compare to the Lampuri Kingdom when it came to relationship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were still ahead of the other countries.

For the countries of the Sines Continent’s southwest, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the one that everyone wanted to work with. Being able to receive special care from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt good news for the Drake Duchy.

So Princess Caroline not only followed Xu Yi around all day, always having a smile on her face, she even revealed this same obsessed look even in front of Still.

This was definitely intentional on her part.

Other than showing off Xu Yi’s special care for her, she was also trying to provoke Still.

This fellow acted so magnanimous before, Princess Caroline didn’t believe it.

As a wife, seeing another girl hang around her husband, how could she not care!

However, Still’s display had made her completely disappointed.