Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 134

It should be said that Count Will’s guess wasn’t far from the truth.

Although Banta City would always be a special city to Xu Yi, that was only in terms of his personal feelings. It made him consider Banta City when it came to decisions and care for them a bit more, but when one looked at facts, Banta City was already not that important for Xu Yi.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s businesses had already been moved out of Banta City, mostly working with the other countries now. Comparing it, although Banta City was the most important magic machine industry city in the Lampuri Kingdom, it couldn’t follow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s direction of development and couldn’t influence the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s development anymore.

But if it was said that Xu Yi felt that Banta City wasn’t important, so he cancelled his trip and wasn’t willing to go to the book giving ceremony would be wronging him too much.

His matters this time weren’t that serious, but other than him, no one else could take care of it because this matter involved the elves. In the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce, other than him, there was no one else that the elves trusted completely.

So while Still appeared at the book giving ceremony at the vocational school, Xu Yi was in the northwest corner of the Black Rice Wasteland, being just a tiny bit away from the border with the Sack Kingdom.

“Chairman Xu, these humans are refusing to uphold the contract they signed with us, they won’t let us through.” One of the Moon Shadow Tribe’s guards that was responsible for fighting, Duolette pointed at the Sack Kingdom’s people wearing the uniform of the royal army and angrily said, “This is the agreement that we made with the highest pledges and they actually won’t keep it. Could it be that these humans aren’t willing to keep their word?”

“Pay attention to how you speak!” Philip, who was in charge of the Moon Shadow Tribe’s guards, scolded Duolette. Then he turned to Xu Yi with an apologetic smile, “Chairman Xu, Duolette is still young and doesn’t understand things. Please forgive her.”

Xu Yi looked at Duolette who had an awkward look from realizing her mistake. This fellow was already seventy six years old, she was twice his age, so why was she so immature?

Of course, for the elves with lifespans of hundreds of years, this was an age where they didn’t know much.

“What did they say?” Xu Yi ignored Duolette and asked Philip this.

“We came here a week ago and wanted to receive this territory, but we were blocked by these fellows who called themselves loyal guards of the Sack Kingdom. I told them about our contract with the Sack Kingdom and that this territory belongs to our Moon Shadow Tribe, but they said that they didn’t know about this contract and haven’t received any official notice from the kingdom. So they definitely wouldn’t let us take a single step into the Sack Kingdom.”

“Oh? Then you haven’t tested them?” Xu Yi asked.

“We did, but when we tried, the other side took out their weapons. They looked like they were ready to fight, so we could only retreat.”

Xu Yi looked at the Sack Kingdom soldiers and estimated their numbers to be around two thousand. Although this wasn’t considered a lot, Philip thought that they were just receiving territory and wasn’t prepared for a fight, so he only brought a hundred forest guards.

In terms of battle strength, these hundred forest guards without any magic machines could only deal with around a thousand human soldiers. They couldn’t fight two thousand human soldiers.

Philip looked behind him with a hopeful look, but Xu Yi shook his head, “It’s not time to send out the company guards yet, let me take a look first.”

Xu Yi appeared and used a Wind Spell on himself, flying over to the square formation of the Sack Kingdom soldiers.

Seeing Xu Yi come over, the Sack Kingdom soldiers raised their weapons and pointed them at him.

“This is the border of the Sack Kingdom, you cannot enter without permission. This magician in front, if you don’t stop, we will attack!”

This strict warning came out of the square formation and Xu Yi stopped thirty meters away from the first row of soldiers in the square formation.

Strictly speaking, Xu Yi was already across the Sack Kingdom’s borders, but not a single soldier made a move.

Xu Yi looked over these soldiers before finding one person who was wearing different clothes, dressed in the officer uniform of the Sack Kingdom’s army.

“I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu, I’m here to give you a notice. According to the contract signed by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Stantine Duchy’s Moon Shadow Tribe, and the Sack Kingdom’s parliament, you are now standing on the Moon Shadow Tribe’s land. I am here to give you a final warning on behalf of the Moon Shadow Tribe, urging you to retreat from this piece of land immediately in half a day. Otherwise, the Moon Shadow Tribe will retain the right to take action.”

Xu Yi’s words were amplified with magic. Not only did the Sack Kingdom’s soldiers hear it, the Moon Shadow Tribe elves also heard it.

When they heard this, not only were the Sack Kingdom soldiers surprised, even the Moon Shadow Tribe’s forest guards were surprised.

They thought that chairman Xu would reason with the other side, they never thought that he would give them a final warning!

But they had never thought of doing this because there was a difference in strength between the two sides, so they didn’t really dare to make a move.

Moreover, chairman Xu only brought two hundred guards this time. Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards had shocking battle strength, wouldn’t they find it hard to defeat the two thousand Sack Kingdom soldiers?

Then again, they had reason in this matter, there was no need to use such intense methods.

As long as they negotiated with the Sack Kingdom side, the Sack Kingdom would properly take care of this problem in order to get the fertilizers from the Moon Shadow Tribe, as well as continue cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Philip was the leader of the forest guards could think this through, but that didn’t mean the forest guards did.

For example, when Duolette heard Xu Yi’s warning, she was first surprised before revealing an excited look.

“Chairman Xu is overbearing! He isn’t like a dreadful human at all!”

Philip knit his brows as he looked at her, “Be careful with your words, Duolette.”

Duolette stuck out her tongue without caring.

Philip shook his head before looking into the distance with a worried gaze.

He didn’t know how the Sack Kingdom soldiers would react to Xu Yi’s words.

If the other side had a strong reaction, they might break out into fighting at any time.

The Sack Kingdom soldiers were silent before there was a bunch of cold snorts that came from them.

“Humph! Final warning? So what if you’re the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu? We are the kingdom’s loyal guards, we won’t let people of other countries…..including elves step on our sacred land! Chairman Xu, I urge you to leave, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Impolite?” Xu Yi revealed a smile and shook his head, “You mean that you aren’t planning on withdrawing?”


“Good, I’ll give you one more chance. I’ll count to ten and if you don’t move, my warning will take effect.”

The officer gave a cold laugh, looking at Xu Yi without any response.

Philip in the back looked at Xu Yi with a worried look with a bit of doubt in his eyes.

Why did chairman Xu handle this matter in such an aggressive manner? Although this conformed with the elves’ method of handling things, this was clearly different from how they’ve been trying to get along with humans.

Elder Lisanya had always taught him and the other elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe to learn from humans on how to handle matters, making it easier for them to live with humans. Why did chairman Xu suddenly act like one of those boorish fellows from the humans?


Xu Yi didn’t waste words as he began counting.

His voice spread across the fields, causing everyone to look at him.


The officer kept looking at Xu Yi with a cold smile on his face, with disdain in his eyes, clearly not believing that Xu Yi would make a move.


Philip opened his mouth and wanted to urge Xu Yi to stop, but thinking of what elder Lisanya told him before he came, he could only swallow back his words.


Duolette’s eyes were opened wide in excitement as she watched Xu Yi face the two thousand soldiers alone. She thought that Xu Yi really was different from other humans, it was no wonder the elder always praised him in front of all their clansmen.





The cold smile on the face of the officer slowly disappeared as he looked at Xu Yi in doubt and a trace of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

Could it be that this fellow really dared to make a move?


Philip raised his right hand and the hundred Moon Shadow Tribe forest guards raised their bow, preparing to fight.


A sharp look appeared in the eyes of the officer. He raised his right hand and prepared to drop it at any minute.

The Sack Kingdom soldiers tightly gripped the weapons in their hands as they stared right at Xu Yi.

No one noticed that of the two hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards Xu Yi brought, not a single one was preparing to fight.

“Time is up.” Xu Yi spat out these three words and slightly turned to slowly look over the two thousand Sack Kingdom soldiers in front of him. He then said with a nod, “Very good, since you won’t listen to my final warning, you can’t blame me.”

After saying this, Xu Yi slowly rose in the air and soon he was floating ten meters above.

The Sack Kingdom officer and soldiers looked up at Xu Yi, feeling confused.

This fellow had finished counting, but the elves and guards that he brought behind him didn’t attack. Could it be that he was only verbally threatening them?

Then they noticed that there was a sun that suddenly appeared above them.