Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 135

The Sack Kingdom’s staff officer division had a heavy air around it.

Ivy Joao looked over the faces of his various colleagues before his eyes fell onto the face of the chief Benjamin Dirk. He found that these people who were called the brain of the staff officers, important people who would always look confident had sunken looks on their faces right now. It was clear that they were in a poor mood.

This could be understood. The news that theft received from the kingdom’s southwest was something that no one could feel good about.

The Spirit Turtle Regiment that was known for their defense had been defeated and what defeated them wasn’t a powerful army, but rather just a single person.

Of course, that person was a powerful Great Magician. When facing this powerful existence that normal people couldn’t understand, the Spirit Turtle Regiment had only sent out two thousand soldiers, so them being defeated wasn’t something that couldn’t be accepted.

But the problem was the identity of the Great Magician.

A Great Magician that could defeat the Spirit Turtle Regiment alone was actually the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu.

Xu Yi was without a doubt one of the most famous people in the southwest of the continent, but he was mainly known as a merchant. When others thought about him, the first thing they thought of was his status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman. They would always forget something, which was that he was also quite a capable magician.

The Sack Kingdom’s royal army didn’t forget about this, but they never expected that Xu Yi had already become a powerful Great Magician!

Moreover, based on the report sent from the battlefield, the strength that he displayed had already surpassed a First Grade Great Magician, which far surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already strong enough, but now that he was also a Great Magician, it made people feel despair.

In the history of the Sines Continent, there were precedents of magicians going into business and merchants studying magic after they found they had a talent for it, but there was never someone like Xu Yi who had excelled in both fields.

The staff officer department had thought of many ways to deal with Xu Yi, even considering assassinating him.

But now that Xu Yi displayed the power of a Great Magician, this was announcing that it was almost impossible to assassinate him.

After becoming a Great Magician and learning Spatial Magic, as long as Xu Yi didn’t seek death, there was almost no one who could assassinate him.

The only possibility was inviting an Arch Magus grade magician to deal with him, killing him without giving him a chance to resist.

But in the southwest corner of the Sines Continent, the only Arch Magus registered was Arch Magus Camilla of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Everyone knew that Arch Magus Camilla was the grandfather of Xu Yi’s wife Still, it was impossible for him to make a move against Xu Yi.

So after the news that Xu Yi was a Great Magician spread, it was basically announcing to the Sack Kingdom that it was impossible to assassinate Xu Yi.

But like this, it limited how the staff officer department could deal with Xu Yi.

The Sack Kingdom staff officer department researching how to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had confirmed one fact. It was that the value of Xu Yi alone was already on par with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or it even surpassed it.

To deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they had to think of a way to deal with Xu Yi.

Of course, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce weren’t important. The important thing was the Lampuri Kingdom that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce backed, which is where it created a headache for the Sack Kingdom.

“Those idiots in the parliament! If it wasn’t for them hindering us, we could have sent even more people! How could they have been defeated by Xu Yi alone!” A young staff officer suddenly angrily roared out.

The other staff officers in the room all looked at him with slightly strange expressions on their faces.

Another officer who was also young looked at that first officer and said with a cold snort, “You still don’t understand? This Xu Yi is a Great Magician! Even if we sent more people, what would that do? We can’t deal with him at all, alright!”

“But…...At least we could defend our territory. Thinking about how that place, which is our kingdom’s sacred territory, is being occupied by those elves, I really can’t stand it.” The young officer suddenly gave a salute to the chief Benjamin Dirk, “Chief, I request sending another military force to the southwest province and taking back our land!”

Benjamin Dirk looked at him and calmly said, “With the contract signed by the parliament, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, and those elves, that land no longer belongs to our kingdom. So strictly speaking, Xu Yi was completely right in what he said to the Spirit Turtle Regiment. It isn’t that them invading our land, but we were invading the land of the elves.”

“Impossible!” The young officer angrily roared out, “I definitely won’t accept that damn contract! Our Sack Kingdom has only seized the land of others, no one has ever invaded us. Those damn fellows at the kingdom parliament are tarnishing the glory of our army headquarters! They have sold out our Sack Kingdom!”

Benjamin Dirk slightly knitted his brows and waved his hand at him, “I understand your rage and regarding this contract, I as a member of the royal army also feel ashamed. But the decision of the kingdom parliament, as soldiers, we can only accept it.”


“There are no buts!” Benjamin Dirk’s tone became heavy, “Following orders is the duty of every soldier!”

The young officer’s face was completely red, but he shut his mouth and didn’t dare say anything else.

Benjamin Dirk had a calm look as he looked over everyone, before his eyes fell onto Ivy Joao in the crowd.

“Manager Joao, how is your research into the military magic machines going?”

Everyone’s eyes fell onto Ivy Joao. Everyone didn’t understand why the chief would ask him the first question.

Ivy Joao had been the chief staff officer of the Hungry Wolf Regiment, in terms of status, he wasn’t lower than Dirk. Even with everyone looking at him, he wasn’t nervous at all. After thinking about it, he replied, “It should be considered progress, but it’s far from being enough. Moreover, the key issue is that we can’t determine what level the military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already reached, so we cannot determine what level the military magic machines of the Lampuri Kingdom’s army is at.”

Benjamin Dirk gave a nod before giving a sigh, “It’s a pity. We sent the Spirit Turtle Regiment to force the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards to act and test their level, but we never thought that Xu Yi would be at the level of a Great Magician;. Moreover, he acted by himself, so we couldn’t accomplish our goals.”

All the staff officers in the room looked at each other, being able to see the looks of surprise on each other’s faces.

So the army headquarters had sent the Spirit Turtle Regiment to the land sold to the elves by the parliament not just to defend it, but for another goal.

But sending two thousand Spirit Turtle Regiment soldiers just to force the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards to act? It was just to test their level?

This was thinking too highly of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards…...

Ivy Joao agreed with chief Dirk’s assessment before saying with a sigh, “Yes, without this chance, it’ll be very hard to get accurate information on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards. It will be very difficult to speculate the real power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards and judge the current level of their military magic machines.”

Benjamin Dirk knit his brows to think before continuing, “The only information we can get is from the civil war in the Stantine Duchy several months ago when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards had acted. But because the reports are too simple, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards easily defeating their enemies each time, we can’t make a proper judgement.”

“Un, the subordinates of the Stantine Duchy lords naturally can’t compare to the soldiers of our Sack Kingdom.” Ivy Joao said with a nod.

“But what we need now is information on the military magic machines.” Benjamin Dirk looked at a middle aged man who was in a corner that no one paid any attention to, “Yuri, strengthen your side. Remember, spare nothing, we definitely have to get the information we need, do you understand?”

The middle aged officer nodded, “Yes, chief, I will try harder.”

Benjamin Dirk turned back to Ivy Joao, “Manager Joao, you also need to focus on your research. It isn’t exaggerated to say that our entire Sack Kingdom’s fate may depend on your research.”

Quite a few young officers knitted their brows, as they looked at Ivy Joao in an unconvinced manner.

This fellow had been researching military magic machines for this long, but he didn’t have anything to show for it. Why did the headquarters and the parliament put such importance on this and invest such great resources into it?

To these young officers, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines are powerful, they hadn’t experienced it before. They thought that just with some military magic machines, it was impossible to decide the fate of the entire Sack Kingdom.

Ivy Joao ignored the gazes of those young people and slowly said, “Chief, I know better than anyone the responsibility that I have, please be assured.”

Benjamin Dirk nodded. He looked down at the map of the Sack Kingdom on the table and after thinking for a bit, he put his hand on a corner in the southwest.

“I will propose to the headquarters to station the Spirit Turtle Regiment there, to prevent the elves from infiltrating our kingdom. What do you all think?”

Everyone looked at each other in surprise.

There was no doubt that they should guard against these elves, but sending the entire Spirit Turtle Regiment…...Wasn’t that making too much of a fuss?