Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 136

In the Lampuri Kingdom’s royal palace that was around a thousand meters away from the Sack Kingdom’s army headquarters, there was also someone paying attention to the situation in the southwest of the Sack Kingdom.

But these people were different, so they focused on something else.

The Sack Kingdom’s staff officer department cared about the shocking magic power that Xu Yi had displayed, cared about the sacred land of their kingdom that now belonged to the elves, cared about how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards never made a move, so they couldn’t get any information.

On the Lampuri Kingdom side, the people who cared about this only focused on one problem the entire time.

“Why did Xu Yi do this?” Seveni knitted her brows, reading over the report on this matter many times, still being filled with confusion.

Seveni and Xu Yi had known each other for six years and they’ve met many times, so she felt that she had a good understanding of Xu Yi.

But based on her previous understanding of Xu Yi, in this kind of situation, Xu Yi normally would withdraw temporarily and find the Sack Kingdom’s government. He would use the fact that the Sack Kingdom wants the fertilzer and the agricultural magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to pressure them, forcing them to retreat.

This wouldn’t cause any loss to Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, and the elves, as well as occupying the high ground. It wouldn’t give the Sack Kingdom a chance to refute, so it was a very intelligent method.

With Xu Yi’s intelligence, it was impossible that he couldn’t think this through.

But this time he acted like a boorish fellow, actually charging in himself to make a move.

Although with his strength as a Great Magician, there was no surprise that he defeated the Sack Kingdom soldiers, but there were many loopholes in doing this.

Not mentioning anything else, the Sack Kingdom could warn Xu Yi and attack him back in response to attacking the Sack Kingdom’s army.

Of course, the Sack Kingdom wouldn’t do this because of many scruples, but Xu YI’s approach gave the Sack Kingdom a very good excuse.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would cooperate with the Sack Kingdom on many things in the future, so Xu YI was giving the Sack Kingdom a handle on him, which could make it easier for them to negotiate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future.

Xu Yi definitely would have thought of this consequence, but he still did this which was what confused Seveni the most.

She understood Xu Yi, she was very clear that Xu Yi was not an impulsive person.

However, Xu Yi doing this must mean that he had a deep meaning.

But Seveni couldn’t think it through, just what kind of deep meaning did Xu Yi have in doing this?

With this matter and the other matters that had happened before, Seveni found that Xu Yi’s style had very clearly changed during this time.

Xu Yi took care of things as perfectly as possible, guaranteeing that the most optimum result would come out of it and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would always profit.

Because of this style, Xu Yi’s approach seemed rather soft and not strong enough.

But most recently, first replacing the Stantine Duchy congress speaker and then forcefully taking back the territory of the Stantine Duchy nobles.

Quite a few Stantine Duchy nobles had forcefully rejected this. If this was before, Xu Yi would have done his best to find a solution that would have satisfied everyone.

But this time, Xu Yi sent out the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards, suppressing the opposition and sweeping away all the opponents to this bill in the Stantine Duchy.

This kind of approach was without a doubt a bit overbearing, but it must be acknowledged that it was very effective. It caused the stocking bull to smoothly pass in the Stantine Duchy.

If it was Xu Yi from before, it would have been impossible to pass this bill in the Stantine Duchy.

But now, Xu Yi’s domineering display had been more direct and more clear.

With the Sack Kingdom army there, anyone else would have considered it first before making a decision.

But Xu Yi had directly charged forward.

No matter what angle one looked at this from, it didn’t seem like Xu Yi’s normal style.

Seveni had always paid attention to news related to Xu Yi, so she could clearly see Xu Yi’s change.

In most of the news related to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before, most of them were about Xu Yi reaching cooperation deals on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Xu Yi would come out as the representative of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as the chairman.

But recently, in the news related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was all about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce applying various standards to the magic machines that they released.

In this process, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s stance had been very strong. They didn’t give any of the other companies in the magic machine industry any space to negotiate.

If this was before, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would slowly implement their standards. Because when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did this before, the effects were quite good.

But this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce forced the other magic machine companies to follow these standards. If they didn’t follow these standards, they would leave the magic machine industry.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s current powerful position in the magic machine industry, this could be considered a threat and the other companies had no choice but to listen to them.

Only this approach was different from Xu Yi’s normal style. As the person who understood Xu Yi the most in the Lampuri Kingdom, Seveni could find Xu Yi’s personality change from the actions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But Seveni didn’t understand, why did such a change happen in Xu Yi?

Moreover, she didn’t know if this change in Xu Yi was good or bad, so the only thing she could do was think of a way to deal with this sudden change.

“Kou, kou.”

There was a knocking on the door that cut through Seveni’s thoughts.

She touched a button on the table and the door automatically opened. The maid Hathaway carried a baby who was half a year old into the room.

Seveni revealed a smile that came from the bottom of her heart. She took the baby from Hathaway and hugged him in an unfamiliar manner before asking Hathaway, “Is he hungry?”

“Yes, his highness just woke up, so he should be hungry now.” Hathaway replied.

“Good, I was about to rest, I’ll go feed him.”

Seveni sat down with the baby and took off her top, putting the baby’s head right by her supple breasts.

The baby latched on and began forcefully sucking.

Even if she had seen this many times, when she saw her majesty personally feeding the baby, Hathaway felt a bit surprised.

This was the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, she was the one who managed the giant Lampuri Kingdom.

As a person who could shake the entire Lampuri Kingdom with a single step, she was just like a normal mother who nursed her own child which was a bit surprising for people.

Actually, as long as Seveni was willing, she could find a bunch of people willing to feed this Lampuri Kingdom prince, but she wasn’t willing and chose to personally breastfeed him.

“Is there anything else?” Seveni suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Hathaway gathered her thoughts and replied with a nod, “Lord Count Sean is waiting outside. When does your majesty plan on summoning him?”

“Of course it’s after I finish feeding, have him wait first.” Seveni waved her hand.

“Yes, I will inform Count Sean now.”

“No need, wait until I finish feeding him and then you can take him away while calling Count Sean in.”


Hathaway nodded before coming to Seveni’s side, preparing to take the baby at any time.

Seeing the baby that was using all its strength to eat, Hathaway couldn’t help giving a sigh.

“Your majesty, his highness is really looking more and more like him.”

Seveni looked up and softly said, “You’re not allowed to say this in the future.”

Hathaway was stunned and quickly covered her mouth before shaking her head.

After a while, the baby was finally finished eating. Seveni handed him to Hathaway and ordered her to bring Count Sean in.

Hathaway carried the baby out of her majesty’s study and couldn’t help looking at Seveni, but she saw that she was looking down at something and couldn’t help shaking her head.

Does her majesty love his highness or not?

If she did, why wasn’t she willing to spend more time with his highness?

If she didn’t, why did she insist on personally feeding him?

Ten minutes after Hathaway left, there was another knock on the door.

Seveni pressed the button and the door opened, letting Count Sean Samo walk in.

Seveni looked at him and was surprised.

“Count Sean, your face doesn’t look that good.”

Count Sean gave Seveni a bow and didn’t reply. After thinking for a bit, he replied with a nod, “Yes, your majesty, I’ve been puzzled by a question, so my mood hasn’t been that good recently.”

“Oh? What question?”

“Your majesty, please take a look.” Count Sean handed over a document.

Seveni took it to look over and the smile on her face gradually disappeared.

When she finished reading this document, Seveni flipped through the mountain of documents on the table and took out three documents for Count Sean.

“First take a look at these.”

Count Sean curiously took them and after flipping through them, his thick brows tightly knitted together.

“So the revenue growth decrease isn’t just happening in our Sowell City alone.”

“Yes, this is a common phenomenon. If it isn’t changed, it might affect this year’s financial revenue.”

Count Sean looked at Seveni with a complicated expression and after a while, he said in a deep voice, “Your highness, do you know? The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already signed a contract with the Drake Duchy in secret, stating that they will invest in two agricultural magic machine factories in the Drake Duchy.”

Seveni’s brows opened a bit, looking like she didn’t believe it.

Even in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadn’t invested in a factory as important as the agricultural magic machines. Why would they choose to invest in the Lampuri Kingdom?

With this shock, Seveni felt a bit of anger in her heart, as well as a bit of pain that came from her burnt heart.