Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 142

Teresa slowly came over like a frightened little rabbit. She looked at Xu Yi and hesitated a bit before asking in a soft voice, “Sir chairman, do you…..have time right now?”

“Un? What is it?” Xu Yi asked back.

“If you…..have the time, can you come to the development center for a look? Master Camby and the others…..they’re about to start fighting.”

“Ha?” Xu Yi thought that Teresa came alone for something else, but he never thought that this would be the first thing out of her mouth.

“Camby and them are about to fight? With who? Why?” Xu Yi asked with a face covered in shock.

“With master Bordeau and master Donorman.” Teresa lowered her head as she replied, “They were arguing because of an issue with the Fire Magic Engine and no one would back down, so their argument became very heated. When I left, they were about to start fighting…..”

“Those fellows really are……” Xu Yi helplessly shook his head.

Camby and the other dwarves were very serious with their work, had good skills, and weren’t afraid of working hard, plus they were very passionate about their work. It could be said that they were perfect researchers, but there was a common problem among them which was that the dwarves had a temper.

This temper was normally good, but it was hard to avoid arguments when it came to different views on research, so it was easy for them to explode.

Because of this, the dwarves of the magic machine development center would frequently argue and would even start fighting.

Although they did have some discretion and didn’t cause any fatal injuries, as well as forgetting about this argument after fighting and working like normal, having Xu Yi go and clean up after them each time was something that caused a headache for him.

“Alright, I’ll go immediately.” Xu Yi looked around before tidying up and having Teresa follow him.

When they left, Teresa’s eyes looked over the map on the wall and a bit of doubt appeared in those eyes.

Xu Yi noticed this and just revealed a smile. He didn’t say anything as he quickly walked out.

The magic machine development center was some distance from Xu Yi’s personal manor. If he was alone, he could use Spatial Magic to head there immediately, but with Teresa, he couldn’t do that.

So he brought Teresa to his Magic Sedan that was parked in the yard and had her get in.

When the two of them were sitting in the Magic Sedan, Xu Yi suddenly thought of an issue.

“Right, Teresa, why did you come here? And why did you come looking for me? Where’s Feven? Why didn't she go?”

The Feven that Xu Yi spoke of was the administrative manager of the magic machine development center. She was mainly in charge of the various administrative work for the magic machine development center and didn’t participate in the research.

The engineers of the magic machine development center even said that Feven was like their nanny.

When Camby and the others started arguing, if it couldn’t be suppressed, it was Feven who came looking for Xu Yi for backup.

“Manager Feven’s granddaughter was born yesterday, so she asked for several days off.” Teresa replied.

“Oh…..I remember.” Xu Yi nodded. He kept looking at Teresa, waiting for her to reply.

Teresa felt Xu Yi’s gaze and her face turned red as she lowered her head again. After a while, she replied in a low voice, “I saw that no one could stop master Camby and the others, so I thought that I should ask you to come. They were all very busy and I felt…..that I haven’t seen sir chairman for a long time, so I ran over here……”

Seeing that even Teresa’s ear turned red, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He didn’t keep asking as he started the Magic Sedan, driving it out of the manor.

When the Magic Sedan drove for two kilometers on the road, Teresa slowly recovered. She looked back at Xu Yi with a focused look.

“What are you looking at?” Xu Yi felt her gaze and asked this with a smile.

Teresa quickly turned to the side.


Teresa didn’t say it, so Xu Yi took the initiative to ask.

“Speaking of this…..Teresa, you’ve been working at the military magic machine department for a year now? I still haven’t asked you, how is it working there?”

Hearing Xu Yi ask about herself, Teresa gave a sweet smile and replied, “Many thanks for sir chairman’s care. I’ve been doing well during this time and the colleagues are all good to me, caring very much about me. I am very happy working with them.”

“Is that so? I’ve heard Evita say that you would often look for her to ask questions about the military magic machines, it seems like you’re working quite hard.”

Teresa had a strange look that wasn’t easy to discover on her face as she said with a nod, “Un, I want to make more contributions to the company, so I’ll work harder. Chief Evita has been good to me, she’s helped me a lot.”

“Un, this is something she should do as the chief. I asked her in private to help you a bit more.” Xu Yi gave a soft sigh, “But Teresa, is the reason you want to develop the military magic machines really because of your father Viscount Doran Carlanz?”

Teresa’s smile disappeared and her head fell down. When she looked up again, she had a firm look once again.

“Yes, sir chairman, my father and my entire family were killed by those despicable Sack Kingdom nobles. I am his only daughter left, I must take revenge for him!”

“But haven’t you thought of a problem? Even if you work hard to develop the military magic machines, that doesn’t mean they’ll be used against the nobles of the Sack Kingdom. In reality, the military magic machines that you’ve developed might end up in the hands of those nobles of the Sack Kingdom that you hate.” Xu Yi said.

Teresa was stunned. Her eyes couldn’t help popping open as she looked at Xu Yi in disbelief and asked, “Sir chairman, you…..are you serious? Could it be that you’re planning on selling the military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom? Haven’t you always been hostile towards them?”

“I just don't like the Sack Kingdom because they worked with Duke Wein to attack our company before. But if we’re talking about being hostile…..that isn’t certain. In the end, I am a merchant and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a company. As long as the conditions are good, we’ll sell our products to whoever we can, don’t you think?”

Teresa looked at Xu Yi in a daze as her eyes filled with complicated emotions. She finally bit her lip and lowered her head, not saying a thing.

Xu Yi looked at her as his lips curled into a smile of deep meaning and he asked, “Are you disappointed?”

Teresa slowly shook her head, but she was still silent.

“Teresa, I know how you are feeling and sympathize with you, but you have to understand that I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman and need to consider the entire company. If the Sack Kingdom can bring enough benefits to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I don’t mind putting down the grudges from before. As for your wish…..Although it’s very cruel, I can only say that it isn’t important enough.”

Teresa lowered her head even more and she even put her head in her knees. Her legs came up and her arms hugged them as her back trembled, letting out a soft crying sound.

Xu Yi looked at her and had a strange smile on his face. His voice was even more calm compared to before as he said in a soft voice, “Actually, Teresa, isn’t your target for revenge wrong? The one that killed your father Viscount Doran Carlanz and your family wasn’t the entire Sack Kingdom, but Count Orzil, right? Why do you need to target the entire Sack Kingdom?”

Teresa suddenly looked up with tears on her face, but she also couldn’t hide the surprise in her eyes at all.

“Sir…...Sir chairman… do you know about this?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Of course it’s that after hearing your story, I sent someone to inquire about this. According to the report, your father and family were falsely accused by Count Orzil and the crime of treason was faked. Actually, in the Sack Kingdom, your father had already restored his reputation. You were here all these years, so you never received the news.”

Teresa trembled as her expression changed several times before she asked in a trembling voice, “Sir chairman, you…..Since you already knew, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I only learned this last month and then because I was busy, I never told you.” Xu Yi gave a shrug.

Teresa looked at Xu Yi with a vacant look.

Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Teresa, it’s fine even if you want to return to the Sack Kingdom now. Your father’s reputation has been restored and the Count Orzil who framed your family has already been thrown in jail by the Sack Kingdom. After you go back, you can take over your father’s title as the Viscount and live a peaceful life. Are you…..willing to go back?”

Teresa was stunned for a bit before slowly shaking her head.

“No…...I…...I’m not going back…...I don’t want to go back to the place that hurt me.” Teresa’s body suddenly shook before turning to Xu Yi and anxiously asking, “Sir chairman, are you chasing me away?”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “If you’re willing, you can stay here for as long as you want.”

Teresa gave a sigh of relief and her body relaxed.

She lowered her head to think for a bit before looking up at Xu Yi with a serious and determined look.

“Sir chairman.”


There was a rather steep curve in front, so Xu Yi focused on driving and didn’t turn his head to look at her.

But then he felt his right hand being grabbed by two soft hands before being raised and placed onto something soft.


The sharp sound of the car braking could be heard from afar.