Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 143

“Will the Sack Kingdom buy military magic machines from us?” Kennard looked at Xu Yi with a confused look, “Sir chairman, could it be that the Sack Kingdom contacted you in private?”

“No, this is only my speculation.” Xu Yi shook his head.

“Speculation?” Kennard knitted his brows, “First, let’s not mention why you would speculate this, even if the Sack Kingdom really made this request, could it be that you’re really planning on selling them military magic machines?”

“Why not?” Xu Yi said with a smile, “The military magic machines produced by the company can already satisfy the needs of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom, in order to expand the market, we need to find new buyers, don’t you think?”

“But…..The Sack Kingdom is the enemy of our Lampuri Kingdom, not to mention that they worked with Duke Wein to attack our company. Could it be that you don’t care about this at all?”

Kennard looked at Xu Yi, feeling very strange.

With his understanding of Xu Yi, he knew that Xu Yi was not someone who was greedy for money. He could put down the benefits that other merchants cared about.

The Sack Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom were enemies and because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce always supported the Lampuri Kingdom, they shouldn’t support the Sack Kingdom at all. Otherwise, this would clearly be having their foot on both sides.

Moreover, the Sack Kingdom worked with Duke Wein to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which was quite dangerous. If it wasn’t for Xu Yi leading the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards to attack them, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might have suffered a huge loss.

With Xu Yi’s personality, not directly attacking the Sack Kingdom was already showing enough restraint. How could he possibly take the initiative to sell military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom and strengthen the Sack Kingdom?

Looking at Kennard who didn’t hide his doubt, Xu Yi patted him on the shoulder and said, “Relax, I’ve made this decision after discussing with her majesty Seveni last time, we’ve received the support and approval of the Lampuri Kingdom. You don’t need to worry that the Lampuri Kingdom will blame our company for this.”


Kennard was even more doubtful.

Her majesty Seveni actually supported the idea of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce selling military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom?

Her majesty…..what was she thinking?

“Don’t think too much, you just need to take care of it like normal.” Xu Yi then said, “If nothing unexpected happens, the Sack Kingdom should be sending someone to contact us soon and raise the request for military magic machines. Because I have to go out over the next few days, you’ll be in charge of this matter. You just need to pay attention to a few things.”

Hearing that Xu Yi was talking about business, Kennard’s eyes became serious.

“Sir chairman, please.”

“First, you can sell military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, but we can’t just sell any kind of military magic machines to them.”

“Of course.” Kennard nodded in agreement, “Even for the Lampuri Kingdom, we haven’t sold them the newest developed military magic machines. Of course the Sack Kingdom side will be even more limited.”

“Un, as for what you sell them, you can just listen to the arrangement of chief Evita.”

“Chief Evita?” Kennard was once again confused.

Although chief Evita was the chief of the magic research facility, managing all the magic machines of the company, she wasn’t really that involved when it came to the military magic machines. Moreover, she rarely participated in the decisions of the company, so why did sir chairman give her this responsibility?

But Xu Yi didn’t explain, so Kennard naturally couldn’t ask.

“Second, you shouldn’t sell too many military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom the first time. The limit should be less than one million gold coins.”

“Isn’t this too little?” Kennard couldn’t help asking, “A million gold coins can’t buy that many military magic machines, it might not even be enough to arm a full regiment. The Sack Kingdom won’t agree.”

“That is not up to them. It’s already good that we’re willing to sell to them, do they have the right to choose? They can buy it if they want and it doesn’t matter if they don’t.” Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “In short, just follow this figure in your discussion with them, but also consult chief Evita on this.”

Kennard couldn’t help smiling.

Sir chairman’s words really were dominating.

But the military magic machines could only be made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so even if sir chairman is a bit domineering, the Sack Kingdom’s side could only accept this.

“Third, only sell products and not technology. If the Sack Kingdom makes a request for the military magic machines technology, firmly reject them and do not give them any room for discussion.”

Kennard looked at Xu Yi in a confused manner, thinking that wasn’t this normal?

Not to mention the Sack Kingdom, even if it was the Lampuri Kingdom that they were closest with, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only give them the most simple military magic machine technology while strictly restricting the other technology. How could they give it to the Sack Kingdom?

This time Xu Yi actually gave an explanation and the explanation he gave shocked Kennard.

“Don’t feel surprised that I made this request because after some time, there will be the possibility that we will discuss the problem of technology with them.”


After he finished talking to Kennard, Xu Yi left the CEO’s office

When he came to the door of the chief’s private lab, it was like history repeating itself as the door suddenly opened and Teresa came out.

The two saw each other and were both surprised.

After a while, Teresa’s face was completely covered in a blush that even spread to her neck.

Xu Yi’s face was a bit red as he looked awkward. His right hand at his waist couldn’t help twitching as if he was thinking of the softness from the day before.

What Xu Yi was surprised about was that although Teresa’s blush spread even to her neck, she didn’t run away. She forced herself to look up and even if she couldn’t help trembling slightly, she looked right at Xu Yi without averting her gaze.

Looking at each other like this, Teresa pursed her red lips before saying in a low voice, “Sir chairman, have you…..considered it?”

Xu Yi was stunned, not knowing how to respond.

Teresa had already asked this the night before and he couldn’t answer then, now that two days had passed, he still hadn’t found an answer.

Actually, if he was a normal man, with how beautiful Teresa was and how delicate she was, there would be a feeling of wanting to protect this girl that would come over him and he would have agreed already.

But Xu Yi wasn’t like this.

With his understanding of Teresa, he thought more than Teresa.

After a bit of silence, Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head, “Sorry, Teresa, I still haven’t thought it through yet.”

Teresa’s expression wasn’t disappointed as expected, she just gave a nod and said in a low voice, “Alright, sir chairman, I will wait for you.”

She still gave Xu Yi a sweet smile after saying this and then she went past him.

Watching as she disappeared, Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh before heading into the lab.

“Sir chairman, I’ve always felt…...that you didn’t need to deal with all this trouble.” Evita saw that Xu Yi came in and after hesitating a bit, she said, “As long as you kept blocking the Sack Kingdom and not sell them any military magic machines, I don’t think it’ll take long before the Lampuri Kingdom’s power will surpass theirs and they will take out the Sack Kingdom. Why do you need to do all this?”

“Things aren’t as simple as you think.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Do you know that I’ve already received the information from the Lampuri Kingdom side? It had shown that the Lampuri Kingdom had smuggled the military magic machines and they sent it to the Sack Kingdom.”

“At least smuggling a few things isn’t too serious, right?” Evita said, “To assemble an army in the Sack Kingdom, it’s not realistic to rely just on smuggling.”

“Of course you can’t with just smuggled goods, but to have the Sack Kingdom develop military magic machines and produce them themselves isn’t a problem.”

Evita was stunned, “You mean…...Letting the Sack Kingdom study our company’s military magic machines and have them try to master the related military magic machine technology from that?”

“Right, there’s a word for it, it’s called reverse engineering.” Xu Yi thought of some funny things and couldn’t help revealing a smile, “Evita, you should know that our company’s military magic machines doesn’t have that much high grade technology, so it’s easy to decipher them. So even if we don’t sell it to them, I believe that the Sack Kingdom side will be able to develop them themselves.”

“I don’t think so.” Evita shook her head, “Our company’s low end military magic machines are simple, but even if they learn the technology behind it, it is hard for them to produce something that is the same. Because not only do they need high quality steel and other materials, they also need fine and precise control. Like you often say, this needs a complete magic machine industry to support it. The Sack Kingdom don’t even know how to make a screw bolt, so how can they make military magic machines?”

“Your words are reasonable, but if the Sack Kingdom don’t care about the cost of their research, even if they can’t make the exact same military magic machines, they should still be able to make it even if the quality is a bit worse. As for the screw bolt that you mentioned…...In the household magic machine contract that our company signed with the Sack Kingdom, it will be changed a bit and soon they’ll be able to have some foundational technology.”

Evita slightly knit her brows, “Sir chairman, you should have already expected this, so why did you do this?”

“Because I did it on purpose.” Xu Yi gave a laugh, “With the Sack Kingdom doing their own secret research, I might as well help them. That will make it easier for them to accept my control, don’t you think?”

Evita looked at Xu Yi and suddenly said, “Sir chairman, are you also including Teresa?”

Xu Yi was stunned. He felt that it wouldn’t be good no matter what he said, so he revealed an awkward smile and turned away.