Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 144

The waves splashed and the Jasmine guard ship that was hit only swayed slightly.

Leslie stood firmly on the deck, not moving at all.

He was already no longer the same rookie who hadn’t been on a ship for long. After being on the sea for two years, he had fully adapted to life on the sea and he even deeply loved this life.

If he were to return to Anvilmar City now, the ladies who had screamed because of him wouldn’t even be able to recognize him.

Of course, they would still scream before because he was more or less the successor of the Stagg Family.

But now that the Stagg Family had disappeared into the histories of the Lampuri Kingdom, he had lost the most dazzling halo as the successor.

But Leslie didn’t think that this was a pity at all. He was already sick of his previous life as a young master and now that he was living on the sea, he found stimulation that he never thought of before and made him more and more unwilling to leave this life.

“Sir, we’ve received a message from sir chairman!”

The vice captain on the ship suddenly came over with a rather ugly pitch black second generation Magic Communicator.

“Oh? That means they’re not far from here.” Leslie took the Magic Communicator and loudly said, “Hey, Xu Yi, where are you now?”

Xu YI’s crisp laugh came from the Magic Communicator, “I say, Leslie, what is this nonsense? The magic signal tower on your ship only has a range of four kilometers, where do you think I could be?”

“I’m asking for your concrete location, do you want us to come pick you up?”

“I should be to your northeast. There’s no need to pick me up, just go to Yara Harbour and we’ll meet up there.”


Leslie turned to give his order to the vice captain, “Send the orders down, we’re heading off to Yara Harbour.”

The vice captain responded before leaving.

After a while, seeing that the guard ships around him were setting off in the direction of Yara Harbour, Leslie said into the Magic Communicator in an emotional voice, “Xu Yi, I have to say that your portable magic signal tower really is easy to use. With this thing, it’s much easier giving commands and there’s no need to leave it up to fate if one moves a bit too far.”

“This thing isn’t as useful as you think. Its effective range is only less than four kilometers and you can’t connect anymore after four kilometers. But after the test on your Jasmine ship is a success, I will install magic signal towers on all the guard ships. That way, when you’re doing training, you can have the ships spread out and in theory, those twenty ships will be able to cover a range of one hundred kilometers.”

“Is that so? That really would be great. On these endless seas, what is the worst is the communication problem. It’s fine near the island bases that we’ve established, but if we go further, there really is no other way.” Leslie paused before suddenly asking, “Hey, Xu Yi, have you ever considered this before? If you can put this communication network over these seas, it would be much easier for us to control these seas.”

Xu Yi on the other side gave a soft laugh, “Relax, I’ve already prepared for this.”

“That’s good.”

The ship traveled on the seas at high speeds and it didn’t take long for them to see a long line that was land.

At this time, in the air to the left, there were two “clouds” that were quickly moving over. Soon they had stopped over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet.

Leslie took a look before turning on the Magic Communicator in his hand again.

“Hey, Xu Yi, you’re not planning on coming down?”

“No need, it’s fine to keep flying.”

Leslie looked at the two Magic Airships flying in the air and his lips revealed a strange smile.

“Hey, is this a show of strength?”

In the Magic Airships above, Xu Yi turned off the Magic Communicator in his hand. He looked at Akali who was beside him focused on recording something and when she stopped, he asked, “What is the situation?”

Akali rubbed her sore hand and slightly knit her brows, “The magic signal isn’t too stable, there are fluctuations in the connection.”

“Un, I just noticed it. Then why is there such a problem?”

Akali knitted her brows in thought for a bit before stretching her hands and giving a sigh, “I can’t draw a detailed conclusion right now, but according to speculation based on the past, it should be some magic source sending out powerful magic waves that are influencing the magic waves that come from the magic signal tower and the Magic Communicator. It could also be because the guard ships move so fast that the environment changes, so the magic signal can’t remain stable.”

“It’s possible, but if we’re talking about influence from climate change, the land’s environment is much more complicated than the sea. Since you can make this work on land, then I believe you should have no problems on the sea.”

Akali raised her head and flipped her short hair as she said with a proud look, “Of course, don’t you know who I am?”

Xu Yi laughed and turned to enter the cockpit.

This time the Magic Airship wasn’t piloted by Evita because she was in the main base preparing to sell the military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom. She had sent her group who was responsible for researching the Magic Airships.

Xu Yi asked about the new Magic Airship that was behind them and after confirming that nothing was wrong, he went back to the cabin and patiently waited.

Although there was land represented by the dark line ahead of them, it was actually very far away still. The two Magic Airships in the air and the ten guard ships that came out this time traveled at a speed of forty kilometers and hour, but they still spent half an hour before they reached land.

Seeing the Candra Empire’s flag and the Candra Empire’s ship in the distant Yara Harbour, Xu Yi ordered the two Magic Ships to prepare to land.

When the ten guard ships came close to Yara Harbour, the two Magic Airships slowly descended on the open area near Yara Harbour.

The cabin door opened and when Xu Yi came out, he met Russell leading a group over.

Although the smiles on their faces were considered warm, when one looked carefully, one could see that in Russell’s narrowed eyes, the look he had was completely different from his expression.

“Chairman Xu, welcome.” Russell came over to greet Xu Yi. Although his tone wasn’t cold, it clearly wasn’t warm either.

Xu Yi naturally knew why Russell acted like this, so he didn’t mind at all. Rather he took the initiative to warmly take Russell’s hand as he said with a laugh, “Sir Russell, being able to meet you in the Candra Empire really makes me happy.”

Russell’s slightly forced smile became a bit stiff. He let go of Xu Yi’s hand and made an inviting gesture.

“Chairman Xu, please come in and sit.”


Xu Yi went into Yara Harbour with a smile on his face as he walked alongside Russell. He looked around before pointing at the white guard ship that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made with the Candra Empire’s flag and asked, “Sir Russell, after this guard ship has been in your country’s navy for some time, are you satisfied with it?”

Hearing this question, Russell and the two officers that followed him all had their expressions change.

Russell took a deep look at Xu Yi before slowly giving a nod, “Chairman Xu, is this on purpose?”

“Purpose? What do you mean?” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

Russell gave a strong snort, “Chairman Xu, you clearly know that this time we asked you here to discuss the maintenance issue of the guard ship and now you’re asking this kind of question, are you deliberately accusing us?”

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had signed the agreement with the Candra Empire, selling them three guard ships, these three guard ships would take up to next year at the earliest.

However, Russell wanted to prove to the headquarters that buying these guard ships was the right choice, so after discussing it with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they first took one of the guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet to use, which was this ship.

After this guard ship entered the Candra Empire navy, it was good for the first few months, but they were unable to start it since last month.

The Candra Empire couldn’t solve this problem, so they could only ask the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for help.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent people to solve it, not long after, the same problem occurred.

This time the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent a Magic Ship engineer to check the ship. He had told the Candra Empire without any courtesy that because they didn’t maintain it properly, it caused this guard ship to have problems.

The Candra Empire was helpless in this and after discussing it, they could only invite the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to solve the maintenance problem. That way they could avoid the same problem when the next two guard ships came.

Xu Yi waved his hand, “No, no, I didn’t mean that. Sir Russell, I was just asking about when you were using the guard ship, whether you were satisfied with its abilities or not. Is there any part of it that you think doesn’t work well? This is a very normal post sale question, you shouldn’t misunderstand.”

Hearing this explanation, the expressions of Russell and the two officers behind him relaxed. Russell turned to point at a young officer who wasn’t forty yet and said, “This is lieutenant colonel Noon who has been in charge of this Morning Light ship this time. Lieutenant colonel Noon, why don’t you tell chairman Xu about your experience with the Morning Light during this time.”