Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 156

Cramer City was two hundred kilometers away from Anvilmar City, so if they took Magic Sedans, it would take at least four hours to arrive.

As the sun was setting on the horizon, Xu Yi saw the city gates of Anvilmar City.

“Chairman Xu, I will bring you now to the gates of the royal palace, but the matters after this aren't related to us.” Larkstein looked at the city gate before saying this to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi nodded and didn’t react.

The matter this time was strange from beginning to end.

For example, although Larkstein’s group said that they were stopping the Magic Airship because of the «Lampuri Kingdom Airspace Control Law», then him saying that he was there to stop Xu Yi and even bringing him from Cramer City to Anvilmar City, it was like they were afraid that he would run away.

However, that reaction made Xu Yi even more confused.

If something really had happened and the people of the Lampuri Kingdom wanted to harm him, they wouldn’t have sent just Larkstein and several High Grade Magicians.

It was well known in the surrounding countries that Xu Yi was a Great Magician, so to really deal with Xu Yi, it was far from being enough just depending on Larkstein’s group.

But if it wasn’t for dealing with Xu Yi, then sending these High Grade Magicians, was it just to bring Xu Yi…..or rather send Xu Yi to the Lampuri Kingdom royal palace?

This seemed a bit too wasteful.

Xu Yi had asked Larkstein veiled questions several times, but Larkstein’s answer was that this was the order of her majesty and he was just following this order.

Xu Yi was unable to obtain more information, so he couldn't make a judgement and could only observe the changes.

Akali was worried about Xu Yi’s safety before leaving, but Xu Yi wasn’t worried.

First, he was already a powerful Great Magician. Because of elder Illusia, elder Lisanya, and Arch Magus Camilla urging him to not relax in increasing the power of his magic, at the end of last year, he had made a breakthrough to become a Second Grade Great Magician.

With his strength, only if the remaining three Great Magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom worked together, it was impossible for anyone else to pose any threat to him.

If it really didn’t work out, he could still run away.

Next he was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman. With his influence in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the many cooperations between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom, no matter who was controlling the Lampuri Kingdom, they would treat him well and wouldn’t easily anger him.

Especially during a sensitive time like during a war between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom. If they did offend Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, pushing them to support the Sack Kingdom, that wouldn’t benefit the Lampuri Kingdom at all.

Xu Yi was only obediently coming into Anvilmar City with Larkstein just to confirm Seveni’s current condition.

If he was a bit worried before, then now that he thought it through that there wouldn’t be any problems for Seveni and if there weren’t any big problems, he could feel assured.

Seeing that he would enter Anvilmar City soon, Xu Yi began to feel a bit of anticipation.

Although it had only been two months since he last saw Seveni, because of the strange things that had been happening in the Lampuri Kingdom during this time, he was a bit worried about Seveni and missed her more.

When he thought of this, he would feel a bit of regret.

If he had met with Seveni earlier and decided to promote the magic signal towers in the Lampuri Kingdom, he might have connected the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base to Anvilmar City already. He wouldn’t have needed to come all the way to Anvilmar City to check up on Seveni.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was currently working hard on putting down magic signal towers with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, because this was their first time covering such a large area, it would take until the end of next year according to their plan. It was still a long time before they could talk to each other.

“Chairman Xu, if you have time after meeting her majesty, president Eren also wants to see you.”

When the Magic Sedan arrived at the east gate of the royal palace and Xu Yi came out, Larkstein suddenly lowered his voice to say this to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi considered this before giving a slight nod to show he understood.

Only then did Larkstein reveal a smile and sit back in the Magic Sedan, leaving with his subordinates.

As soon as Larkstein left, there were two maids that came out of the gates of the royal palace. They came in front of Xu Yi and gave him a bow.

“Chairman Xu, her majesty is waiting for you.”

Xu Yi looked over the two maids and then he remembered Betty and Carol at his personal manor in the Stantine Duchy.

The two of them had been Seveni’s maids before, but Seveni gave them to Xu Yi. It seemed like Seveni had gotten two more maids for herself.

“Alright, bring me to see her majesty.”

The two maids gave Xu Yi another bow before sizing up Xu Yi with a look and then turning to lead Xu Yi in.

Since Seveni took the throne, although Xu Yi didn’t come to the Lampuri Kingdom many times, he was still someone who could freely move in the royal palace. This was a treatment that many of the important ministers weren’t even able to enjoy.

For example, after the two maids brought Xu Yi into the royal palace, they led him to the back half of the royal palace, which was where the living quarters were.

Normally speaking, this was a very private area and only the most intimate people to the ruler could enter.

It was very clear that Xu Yi was one of them.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, but he wasn’t surprised to see Seveni sitting in a gazebo in the back gardens.

After seeing Seveni, Xu Yi let out a long sigh of relief.

Seveni had a healthy blush to her face, her expression was normal, and her smile didn’t seem forced at all. No matter how he looked at her, it didn’t seem like anything was wrong.

It was clear that she didn’t meet an accident like Xu Yi was worried about, rather she looked quite good like she had been resting well lately.

“Sit.” Seveni casually pointed at the seat in front of her as she spoke.

Xu Yi didn’t hold back and just sat down, looking at Seveni without even blinking.

Seveni was a bit embarrassed by Xu Yi’s stare and a blush came over her face. She looked at him and said, “What are you looking at me for?”

“I’m just confirming that nothing happened to you.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “I was very worried before, but now that I’ve seen you, I can feel assured.”

“Worried? Worried about what?” Seveni asked in a surprised voice.

Xu Yi looked around and Seveni understood. She waved her hand and had the surrounding maids leave them.

Xu Yi still didn’t feel assured, so he raised his hand and created a magic barrier around the gazebo, blocking the sound that came in and went out. Then he looked at Seveni with a serious look and asked, “Tell me, did nothing really happen to you?”

Seveni revealed a smile, “What would happen? Xu Yi, you’re very strange today.”

“No, I’m not strange, the one who’s strange is you. If nothing happened, why would you declare war on the Sack Kingdom?” Xu Yi asked with knitted brows.

Hearing this question, Seveni’s smile disappeared and she lowered her head. After being silent for a bit, she gave a sigh and said in a soft voice, “Xu Yi, I should be the one asking you this question.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Ask me? How is this related to me?”

“Of course it’s related, you are the most related person.” Seveni looked up at Xu Yi as she softly bit her lips, with a strange aggrieved look in her eyes, “If it wasn’t for you suddenly deciding to sell military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, you think that I would be willing to risk losing the benefits of our Lampuri Kingdom to declare war on the Sack Kingdom?”

Xu Yi was stunned before deeply knitting his brows. He thought for a bit before asking, “You mean…...declaring war on the Sack Kingdom and going against your wishes is because our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is selling military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom?”

“Yes.” Seveni nodded without any hesitation.

Xu Yi fell silent once again.

Looking at Seveni for a bit, Xu Yi gave a sigh and said with a bitter smile, “I had thought of many possibilities on the way here and thought that this was the possibility with the lowest chance because it was just too absurd, but I never thought that it would be true. Seveni, I understand your personality and you are not someone who acts because of personal feelings. But this matter is just too unreasonable, can you tell me why you did this?”

Seveni took a deep look at Xu Yi before softly saying, “You can’t guess the reason?”

Xu Yi’s bitter smile became even more bitter.

“I can guess a bit, but I don’t believe it. Are you doing this… give me a warning?”

“It can’t be considered a warning, but it’s to show you my attitude.” Seveni shook her head, “Xu Yi, I know that as a company, you want to get more customers and sell more products. This is something I understand, but have you thought that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce isn’t just a normal company anymore?”

“You’re saying that we must choose which side we stand on?” Xu Yi asked back.

“Yes.” Seveni honestly said, “Our Lampuri Kingdom has been enemies with the Sack Kingdom for several hundred years, there is no chance of reconciliation. If you choose to support the Lampuri Kingdom, it would be best if you don’t also choose to support the Sack Kingdom. To me, this is clearly putting a foot on both sides, or it can even be considered betraying our Lampuri Kingdom……”

“Wait!” Xu Yi cut Seveni off, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesn’t belong to the Lampuri Kingdom, this can’t be considered betrayal.”

“It is to me.” Seveni used a rare strong teon, “After receiving the news that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce was selling military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, do you know how I felt?”

Seeing Seveni’s red eyes, Xu Yi was silent for a bit before saying with a bitter smile, “Seveni, you can’t mix personal feelings with national affairs, it will affect your judgement.”

“But in terms of national interest, you are also seriously damaging our Lampuri Kingdom.” Seveni raised her voice, “Xu Yi, although the Lampuri Kingdom has hurt you before, it is also the place that has helped your Frestech Chamber of Commerce grow. Moreover, I have always firmly supported you, I have never done anything wrong to you. But now that you’ve done this, don’t you think that this has seriously hurt me and the Lampuri Kingdom?”

Seeing the sad look on Seveni;s face, Xu Yi shook his head with a strange look, “Seveni, you’ve misunderstood……”

“Then tell me, what is this misunderstanding? If you can’t explain it, I can’t forgive you.”

“Forgive?” Xu Yi thought about Seveni’s words and felt that it was a bit off.

But he didn’t have time to think about this in this situation, he had to explain the misunderstanding first.

“Actually, it’s like this……”