Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 157

After a while, Seveni in the small gazebo took a soft and long breath.

“Xu Yi, why didn’t you tell me ahead of time or even discuss with me on such an important matter?” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a gaze that had a trace of resentment and a trace of resentment, but it was mainly filled with joy, “Actually, as long as you told me, I definitely would have understood and supported your approach. There wouldn’t have been such a serious misunderstanding like now.”

Xu Yi spread his hands with a bitter smile and said with a helpless sigh, “It’s because until I met you two months ago, I had only had a few thoughts about this and hadn’t set anything yet. I can’t just tell you about this through letters, so you should know how inconvenient this was.”

Seveni agreed and fell silent for a bit before continuing, “Since you know that this matter is important, why didn’t you… some time to see me?”

Xu Yi knitted his brows, “Seveni, I should be the one asking you. Although this matter is very important, I wasn’t worried because I never would have thought that you would be this impulsive. You would directly declare war on the Sack Kingdom once you found out about us selling military magic machines to them. I have to say that your actions were too rash, it isn’t like you at all.”

Seveni softly bit her lip as a bit of regret appeared on her face, but her expression was still a bit stubborn. She didn’t react to Xu Yi’s accusation.

Xu Yi was very surprised by Seveni’s reaction.

He always thought that Seveni had a gentle and firm character, she always worked hard for her own ideals and wouldn’t act rashly.

But declaring war on the Sack Kingdom really went against the way she normally acted, making Xu Yi find it a bit unbelievable.

Could it be that there were people in the Lampuri Kingdom who could influence her to make this decision?

But Seveni was not someone who was easy to influence. Could it be that because she had been on the throne for too long that her personality had changed because of this position?

Xu Yi looked at Seveni’s face that was no longer as immature as when he first met her and he couldn’t help feeling a bit moved.

If this really was the case, it was a result that Xu Yi was the most unwilling to accept.

If Seveni wasn’t willing to change the way she looked at Xu Yi, there might not be a way for them to maintain their relationship in the future.

Whether it was from a personal view or the view of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this was not something that Xu Yi wanted to see.

Seveni was silent for a bit before suddenly standing up.

“Xu Yi, can you walk with me?”

Xu Yi was surprised as he looked at the sky that was a bit dim from the sun setting, thinking where would they walk now that it was this late?

Then again, with Seveni’s status, where could she go?

But seeing the expression on Seveni’s face, Xu Yi thought about it before giving a nod and standing up.

Xu Yi took back the magic barrier and the two walked out of the gazebo. Seveni waved her hand at the two maids, “No need to follow, I will go for a walk with chairman Xu.”

What surprised Xu Yi a bit was that the two maids only took a look at Xu Yi before leaving without saying anything.

Xu Yi was a bit confused. Seveni was the queen of the country and now that she wanted to walk with an outsider alone, you weren’t going to stop her?

Seveni led the way, leading Xu Yi to a deep corner in the back gardens of the royal palace. Then she had Xu Yi wait a bit before entering a small room nearby.

After around ten minutes, Seveni came out and she had changed her clothes.

Seeing the simple cloth clothes and how Seveni looked no different from normal girls, his lips couldn’t help twitching.

“I say… you do this normally?”

Seveni’s lips curled and revealed a naughty smile.

“Isn’t staying all day in the royal palace very boring?”

Xu Yi shook his head. He went out of the royal palace with Seveni through a very secret door in the fence of the back gardens.

There was a very quiet alley behind this fence. Seveni took Xu Yi around the alley a few times and entered the courtyard of what seemed to be a very normal family.

There was clearly a couple enjoying dinner in this courtyard, but when Seveni and Xu Yi came in, they acted like they didn’t see them at all. The two of them passed through the courtyard and came out the front door.

Xu Yi turned back to look at the seemingly normal man and woman who were focused on their meal, thinking that Seveni must have spent quite a bit on this.

Coming out the front door, there was another alley, but it was much noisier than the alley behind the royal garden. If he listened, he could hear the noise from the street not far away.

Seveni raised the hood of her clothes and covered her head, partially covering her face. She also put on a scarf, only revealing her mouth and nose.

Now that it was winter, there were many people dressed like this, so it didn’t stick out too much. Only people that were familiar with her would be able to recognize her, otherwise it would be hard to know who she was.

Xu Yi looked at her and suddenly asked, “Seveni, there’s no problem in winter, but what do you do in summer?”

Seveni looked over from under her hood and said with a faint smile, “Of course there are other methods in summer. I’ve been doing this all these years and there hasn’t been a problem yet.”

Because they were out of the royal palace, Seveni’s tone was much more relaxed. She was no different from a normal girl, she didn’t have the same dignified tone of a queen.

“You really do always do this……” Xu Yi rolled his eyes. He turned to look at the busy street in front before asking, “Alright, where do you want to go?”

“We can just take a casual stroll.” Seveni replied before casually walking along the street like she really was out on a stroll.

While looking at the shops on both sides of the street, Seveni kept chatting with Xu Yi. It was like any other girl who was walking on the street with a boy.

Hearing the excitement and joy in Seveni’s voice, Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart.

Seveni had indicated to Xu Yi many times that she wasn’t interested in the throne because she felt that she would be too restricted by taking the throne. It was hard to be free and live her life the way she wanted.

But the situation changed and she was forced to take the throne. As she had expected, because of her identity as the queen, there were many restrictions that were placed on her life.

Like just being able to casually walk on the street was already a luxury.

Xu Yi was certain that even if she went out of the royal palace before, there would be many guards that would follow along for her safety, so she couldn’t really go for a stroll.

But now that a Great Magician like him was by her side, there was no problem keeping her safe.

The most important thing was that Xu Yi always treated Seveni like an equal, he didn’t have any scruples because of her identity.

“Xu Yi, it would be good if you could come on a stroll with me frequently.” After walking for half an hour, Seveni suddenly gave a sigh.

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, thinking that this request was too much.

Even if Seveni could put down all her matters with the Lampuri Kingdom, could it be that he would have time to ignore the matters of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?

It was even hard for the two to meet, how could they frequently take a stroll together?

But Xu Yi knew that Seveni was just expressing her feelings, so he didn’t pour a bucket of cold water on her enthusiasm. He said with a smile, “Alright, as long as Still doesn’t mind, I can take a stroll with you each day.”

Seveni laughed, “Xu Yi, I said it before, I’ve only ever seen a man like you who is afraid of his wife once in my life.”

Xu Yi gave a soft snort, “I don’t believe I’m the only one. Not mentioning anything else, if you get married in the future, I don’t believe that your husband would dare go and meet up with other women. Even if you don’t mind, the Lampuri Kingdom’s people would definitely break his legs.”

“My husband?” Seveni gave a sigh before looking up at the stars. Then she turned back to Xu Yi, “If nothing unexpected happens, I’ll never get married in this life.”

Xu Yi was surprised and then he remembered that Seveni had already gotten pregnant before being married, even giving birth to a prince.

Until now, no one knew who the father of the prince was, so it could be seen that it was hard for Seveni to bring this up.

Suddenly bringing this up, it would hurt Seveni’s heart.

Xu Yi wanted to apologize, but then he had a thought and knitted his brows. He asked Seveni with a serious expression, “Seveni, if you really treat me as a friend, tell me who that man is. I can help you teach him a lesson and tell him what responsibilities a man should bear.”

Seveni turned to look at Xu Yi and her slightly opened lips showed her surprise.

After a while, she slowly shook her head.

“No, treat it as he doesn’t exist. Anyway, I already have a child now, nothing else is important.”

“Nothing else is important?” Xu Yi felt a bit angry, “Seveni, even if you are a qu…..Ke, no matter why you are, you are a girl in the end. Is a father’s child really not important? I don’t believe it! Tell me, who is he? Even if that man is an important person from the Candra Empire or the Marlow Empire, I will definitely help you bring him here to clear this matter!”

Seveni’s lips twitched and she couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

“No…..When I met him, he was a very normal person, but he had many strange ideas that went against the convention.”

“That means that his status isn’t normal now? That is even more unforgivable! I…..” Xu Yi was stunned before he thought of something, “I understand, Seveni, it’s because his status isn’t normal now that you’re worried about something?”

“Yes.” Seveni gave a nod. She raised her hand and cut off Xu Yi’s follow up question, “Don’t ask anymore. If you really treat me as a friend, then don’t ask about this. I don’t regret my decision, rather I’m very happy. Being able to meet a man who is this unusual that can make my life this splendid. But…’s all over. Xu Yi, don’t ask about this in the future, alright?”

Seeing that Seveni’s eyes were filled with pleading and determination, Xu Yi gave a sigh and looked away.

“Such an irresponsible man who can make you care for him so much, to be honest, I’m very surprised and even…..a bit jealous.”

Seveni saw the complicated look of anger and sadness on Xu Yi’s face and she revealed a smile that was hard to detect.

“Jealous? Anyone else in this world can be jealous of him, but only you don’t need to be……”