Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 160

Xu Yi looked through the hall and saw several faces with a strong military look on them.

Of course, there was also a fellow who was rather round and seemed quite friendly.

But with these large people who looked like soldiers, even he had a trace of killing intent around him.

Feeling the eyes filled with killing intent looking at him, Xu Yi revealed a smile as he walked towards the middle aged man who looked like a merchant.

“Major general Tofk, I’m happy to see you again.”

The middle aged man who looked like a merchant being called major general Tofk put aside that killing intent that was hard to detect in his eyes and reached his hand out towards Xu Yi with a smile.

“Chairman Xu, I’m also very happy that I could see you here.”

Xu Yi nodded before looking at the people around and asking, “These should be the generals of your royal army?”

Hearing Xu Yi’s question, the middle aged man who seemed to be in his early forties, who was the youngest person here, gave a cold snort.

“I thought that Xu Yi was some incredible person, but I never thought that it would be a normal boy like you.”

Xu Yi looked at him and ignored his provocation as he turned back to major general Tofk to say with a smile, “It seems like the royal army doesn’t have any sincerity, then it has been a wasted trip for me. Goodbye.”

Seeing that Xu Yi actually turned to leave, major general Tofk was scared and quickly pulled at Xu Yi. He turned to signal to the middle aged man who had just spoken with his eyes before saying to Xu Yi with a smile, “Chairman Xu, you mustn’t understand. We are filled with sincerity for this cooperation, there isn’t a bit of falsehood at all. Otherwise it would be impossible to send all these people just to meet you, don’t you think?”

Xu Yi lowered his head to look at major general Tofk holding his arm before looking up at the middle aged man who had just spoken. He calmly said, “If you really are sincere in cooperating, then please don’t waste time with these useless words.”

“Of course, of course.” Although they knew that Xu Yi was only acting, hearing Xu Yi’s tone relax, major general Tofk couldn’t help wiping the cold sweat off his forehead.

Being able to meet Xu Yi this time, it could be said that the Sack Kingdom had paid a large price. If they were to make Xu Yi leave with just a few words, major general Tofk couldn’t imagine what would happen.

Actually he didn’t agree to the army headquarters sending these fellows to the negotiation, but the army headquarters said that these were commanders that were on the frontline, so they knew what kind of military magic machines the soldiers really needed and forced him to take them.

As he had expected, once they saw Xu Yi, these senior commanders who had suffered losses at the hands of the Lampuri Kingdom northern army armed with the military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were like they had met a life and death foe, not being able to hide their hostility towards Xu Yi.

If these were normal negotiations, this could be considered putting some threat on Xu Yi which would build good foundations for their negotiations.

But in these negotiations, they were on completely different levels from the beginning because the Sack Kingdom was making a one sided request to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could completely ignore them, then what could the Sack Kingdom do to the other side?

Of course, major general Tofk never thought that Xu Yi’s temper was this bad, showing such a strong stance like he didn’t care if they negotiated or not.

It was a real pity that while Xu Yi didn’t care, the Sack Kingdom had to negotiate and they had to satisfy Xu Yi in these negotiations.

Thinking of this major general Tofk could only give a bitter laugh in his heart, thinking of that task the army headquarters gave him really wasn’t easy.

After finally pulling Xu Yi back to his seat, major general Tofk was silent for a bit before deciding to follow Xu Yi’s words and not waste time. He took out the document the army headquarters already prepared and handed it over to Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, this is the requested military magic machines we are ordering this time, please take a look.” Major general Tofk gave Xu Yi this document and carefully observed Xu Yi’s expression.

Xu Yi took the list and carefully looked it over, not showing any changes in his expression.

But after reading this list, Xu Yi paused for a second before shaking his head.

“Major general Tofk, this is different from what we discussed before. The long range Magic Cannons aren’t being sold by us right now, so we can’t provide any to you.”

Major general Tofk said with a laugh, “This can be discussed. Last time we discussed it through an intermediary, so it was a bit inconvenient. This time we can finally discuss it face to face, so it’ll be easier to discuss, don’t you think, chairman Xu?”

“No, we’ve already decided it last time, it isn’t easy to change. Major general Tofk, for your side to do this, it makes me think that you don’t have any ideas of keeping your word.” Xu Yi said in a cold voice.

Major general Tofk’s expression froze and he was a bit unhappy.

He was a major general in the royal army and although he normally dealt with logistics, dealing with other merchants, meeting all kinds of difficult people, this was his first time meeting someone like Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, is there really no room for discussion at all?” Major general Tofk asked with knitted brows.

Xu Yi put down the list and looked at major general Tofk, revealing a slightly surprised look.

“If I remember correctly, before I came here, we already decided on this. This time, I am only representing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to sign the agreement, I’m not involved in anything else, right?”

Major general Tofk was speechless.

They did decide this before and because of their secret negotiations, they had pretty much determined the contract.

But even if it was determined before, couldn’t it be changed now?

He didn’t believe that Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman didn’t understand this.

Perhaps he could see through major general Tofk’s ideas, Xu Yi continued, “I understand the thoughts of your side, but at least for now, we aren’t planning on deepening this cooperation. Major general Tofk, do you understand what I mean?”

Hearing Xu Yi’s words, major general Tofk wasn’t disappointed, but rather his eyes lit up.

At least for now? Then what about the future?

“Ha, ha, since chairman Xu insists, I won’t waste words.” Major general Tofk took the list from Xu Yi’s hands and crossed out the long distance Magic Cannon line.

The army headquarters had put this in as a probe, so it didn’t really matter if Xu Yi didn’t agree.

This was their first time working together, so whether it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the Sack Kingdom, they were probing each other.

It could even be said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce being willing to sell the military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom royal army was already something that filled them with joy.

It had to be known, they had to use very difficult smuggling channels to get some military magic machines from the nobles of the Stantine Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to directly sell military magic machines to them, that would be much better for them.

Xu Yi looked over the list again and then asked for the contract from major general Tofk. He raised a few small problems with the contract before signing his name on it.

On the surface, this contract seemed very simple, but this contract actually involved a large transaction.

According to the contract, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be selling military magic machines worth five million gold coins to the Sack Kingdom.

Although they were only low grade military magic machines, this was the first transaction between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Sack Kingdom, so five million gold coins wasn’t considered small.

After signing the contact, Xu Yi didn’t plan on staying at all as he bid farewell to major general Tofk.

Major general Tofk just said a few empty words to try and keep Xu Yi here before sending him off.

After Xu Yi left mayor Puyo’s manor, the suppressing atmosphere in the hall disappeared.

The middle aged officer who had provoked Xu Yi before spat in the direction he had left in and fiercely said, “Pei! That villain! It’s just a few novel things and he dares to act this arrogant.”

The other middle aged officers looked at each other before revealing bitter smiles at the same time.

Although it sounded very simple, saying that Xu Yi only had a few novel things, the Sack Kingdom was in a terrible position because of those novel things, even putting their kingdom in crisis.

Speaking of being arrogant, Xu Yi was qualified to be arrogant.

There was no other way, the military magic machines were unparalleled. The countless fights between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom had proven this.

Now that the Sack Kingdom’s royal army completely accepted this fact, if the Sack Kingdom’s royal army didn’t get these military magic machines, they wouldn’t be able to win against the attacks of the Lampuri Kingdom.

This problem was not something they could solve by having their soldiers go all out.

So when the army headquarters received the news that Xu Yi was willing to sell military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, the army headquarters was filled with excitement. They immediately began negotiations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If it wasn’t for the Lampuri Kingdom declaring war and disrupting this plan, they would have already signed this contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As long as they could equip their soldiers with the military magic machines they had been waiting for, so what if Xu Yi was arrogant.

“But I feel that something is wrong.” A middle aged man with half white hair looked in the direction Xu Yi left in and said in a doubtful voice, “Is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really willing to sell us something that plays a decisive role like the military magic machines? Could it be that Xu Yi doesn’t know that this will strengthen our Sack Kingdom’s royal army and make it harder for the Lampuri Kingdom?”

“Un, I always thought that this might be a trap.” Another middle aged man said, “Perhaps the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has bad intentions in selling us these military magic machines, they might even be selling us some trash.”

“Right, I feel the same.”

“Yes, I can’t understand why the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is doing this.”


Hearing all this, major general Tofk looked at the contract with Xu Yi’s name in his hand and carefully put it away. Then he looked at them and said with a bitter smile, “I say, everyone, could it be that you don’t understand? Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is selling us trash, we can only accept it. Or perhaps, even if we know that this is a trap, we can only jump into it. You have to know, as long as we can obtain anything about the military magic machines, the army headquarters can pay any price because…..we have no other choice.”

The hall instantly fell into silence.

Everyone stopped their discussions and looked at each other, seeing the helpless looks on each other’s faces.