Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 18

There was an empty bedroom in front.

There was a simple bed and there was a large table by the bed with many monitors on the table, with a Windows 7 desktop on the monitors.

This single bed, the table and the computer beside it, and even the Windows 7 desktop with various blueprints on it were all very familiar to Xu Yi.

However, seeing this familiar scene, Xu Yi’s hearts were filled with doubt.

This was the small room that he lived in when he was back on earth, but he had clearly transmigrated to the Sines Continent and lived there for several years, how did he come back to this familiar little room?

Could it be that he had suddenly transmigrated back from the Sines Continent to earth?

Or perhaps, the years that he had spent on the Sines Continent were only a dream?

When Xu Yi wasn’t feeling certain, there were two arms that came from behind him and tightly held his waist.

“Xu Yi, are you leaving me?”

Hearing this familiar voice that was filled with sadness, Xu Yi turned to see Still and quickly said with a smile, “How could that be? How could I be willing to leave you?”

“But you always wanted to leave the Sines Continent and return to earth, isn’t it just to abandon me?” Still kept complaining.

Xu Yi immediately shook his head, “No, it has been a long time since I wanted to go back to earth. Even if I did, I would definitely bring you with me. You are my most important person, how could I be willing to leave you?”

Still finally revealed a smile. When Xu Yi was about to let out a sigh of relief, there were more voices that rang out.

“Master, are you throwing me away?”

“Master, do you not want me?”

“Master, I haven’t married you yet, you can’t leave.”

Xu Yi turned again to see Liz, Linda, and Vivian’s faces that were filled with hope. He said with a faint smile, “Relax, you are all my family, I definitely won’t throw you away.”

“Sir chairman, you said it before that you would always treat me as part of your family.” There was another voice that sounded. Xu Yi turned to look and found that it was Teresa.

Xu yi hesitated a bit, but seeing her sad look, his heart couldn’t help turning soft.

“Un, I will always treat you as part of my family, I won’t throw you away.”

Teresa revealed a smile before another clear voice came from beside him.

“Un, sir chairman, you haven’t copulated with me yet, naturally you can’t leave, right?”

Xu Yi turned in surprise to see Agnes who was currently removing her clothes.

“Sir chairman, the elders have urged me many times to copulate with you. Now is a very good chance, let’s copulate right now.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Agnes, I’ve already said many times, don’t call it ‘copulating’, it doesn’t sound good.”

“Isn’t it the same anyway? Xu Yi, you’ve wanted to be with Agnes for a long time, isn’t that right?”

Still who had been hugging Xu Yi suddenly moved her hands and without knowing why, all of Xu Yi’s clothes were pulled off.

When he turned to look around, Liz, Linda, Vivian, and Teresa were all like Agnes, they had all taken off their clothes and bore it all to Xu Yi.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Xu Yi was shocked. When he shouted, he felt a pair of hands slide down his back like snakes and moved towards the little brother that was standing tall on his lower half.

“Chairman Xu, you’ve always been interested in two old girls like me and Illusia, we’ll satisfy you today.”

Elder Lisanya who had suddenly appeared grabbed Xu Yi’s little brother and her eyes were filled with enticement.

Elder Illusia on the side also came from the side, looking at Xu Yi with a smile and eyes filled with desire.

Xu Yi’s mouth turned dry. He watched as Agnes, Liz, Linda, and the rest all come forward and surrounded him.


Without knowing how long had passed, Xu Yi suddenly “woke up”.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the marble roof that had a finely carved flower pattern.

“So it was a dream……”

Xu Yi let out a long sigh of relief, not knowing whether it was in joy or regret.

When he thought of his dream just now, Xu Yi’s face couldn’t help turning red.

He was already over thirty and he was having a wet dream, it really was a bit embarrassing.

What made him even more ashamed and was hard for him to believe was that other than Still, Liz, and Linda, or even Agnes appearing in that dream…..why did Vivian also appear? Why did Teresa also appear?

Could it be…..He had some desire towards them in his subconscious?

But he had always treated Vivian as a little sister!

As for Teresa, although she was very beautiful, Xu Yi shouldn’t have any ideas towards her.

As for elder Lisanya and elder Illusia who appeared in the end, he was even more confused.

Although Xu Yi couldn’t help reacting when he was naked in front of those two elders, this was just his reaction as a man and it didn’t represent him wanting to do something with the elders.

For him to have such an absurd dream, it could only be said that this was because of a man’s endless desires. It was only in the unfettered world of the dream that such a strange thing would happen.

“I must be crazy…..” Xu Yi’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t help giving a sigh.

But when he tried to move his arm, he suddenly felt something soft and warm.

Xu Yi’s expression froze and he looked down in surprise, seeing two pink dots that were mixed with white.

“It can’t be……”

Xu Yi’s eyes shifted over and he saw a girl who was lying naked beside him.

Looking carefully, he recognized this girl as one of the two maids that Seveni had last night.

“Just what did I do……”

Looking down at the naked body of the maid, Xu Yi swallowed his saliva with a bit of difficulty and he couldn’t help shrinking back a bit.


There was another voice that came from behind him.

Feeling the soft feeling on his back, Xu Yi turned to stone.

“This…...How can this be possible!”

Xu Yi turned in a daze and he saw the same snow white colour.

On the other side of him was another naked girl, it was the other one of the two maids.

Xu Yi looked at this naked girl in a daze for a bit, thinking that if this was the cause of his dream.

But why did it become like this?

When he thought about it, he felt a strong headache come over him.

Although the pain cut through his thoughts, this familiar aching made him immediately recall what happened.

Last night, he was kept by Seveni and stayed in the royal palace to drink and talk with her.

Before this, he remembered happily talking to Seveni.

As for what happened after, he couldn’t remember at all.

Looking at the two naked maids around him, Xu Yi’s lips twitched a few times and he couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

Could this be going crazy after drinking?

When Xu Yi was pondering what happened last night with his headache, the door to the bedroom suddenly opened, as four maids and a female minister came walking in.

These sounds woke the two maids sleeping beside Xu Yi. The two looked at their naked bodies and looked at Xu Yi, but they didn’t panic and their faces just turned a bit red. But they didn’t plan on staying in the bed at all and quickly got out of the bed.

Xu Yi gave a sigh. He calmed down and sat up, looking at the female minister who walked over.

“Chairman Xu, have you rested well?” The female minister asked.

Seeing the poker face smile on her face without any other emotions, Xu Yi nodded, “Not bad.”

“Un.” The female minister nodded before shouting at the two maids beside Xu Yi, “Why aren’t you helping chairman Xu get out of bed? What are you lazing in bed for?”

The two maids were scared and didn’t care that they were wearing nothing, immediately getting out of bed. They put on their own clothes first before helping Xu Yi get out of bed.

Xu Yi was not someone who hadn’t seen the world before, he naturally knew what he should do in this situation.

He let the two maids help him out of bed and then let them help him put on his clothes.

Although other than the two girls who he had been with, there was the female minister who was at least thirty and the four young maids, Xu Yi didn’t look awkward at all and looked calm.

After Xu Yi was dressed and washed, he turned back to look at the red marks on the bed and then he looked at the two awkward looking maids standing behind him. With a nod, he said to the female minister, “Where’s her majesty? She should have told you to tell me something, right?”

The female minister said with a nod, “Her majesty isn’t feeling well and is currently resting. But she has already given the decree for chairman Xu to view.”

“Is she also drunk?”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows as he took the decree.

The decree was long. The first part of it was about the official matters that Xu Yi had discussed with Seveni on the cooperation between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom. It was very official, but there was one sentence added in the end.

“Betty and Carol are my favourite maids, but since you also like them, I’ll give them to you. I know your character, so you’ll definitely take good care of them, right? They’ll live happy lives being with you.”

“Betty and Carol?” Xu Yi turned to look at the maids with red faces.

“I am Betty.” This maid whose face was a bit round and looked a bit immature said.

“I am Carol.” Carol was a bit taller and had a fuller figure than Betty, having a mature charm.

Seeing how nervous the two look, Xu Yi was silent for a bit before nodding.

“If you don’t mind, you can come with me.”

Betty and Carol’s eyes opened wide as their faces filled with joy.

But they had been strictly trained and didn’t dare cheer, they looked at the female minister.

The female minister nodded, “Her majesty has already given the decree. From this day forth, you belong to chairman Xu and are no longer related to the royal palace.”

Betty and Carol couldn’t take the joy in their hearts and cheered.

Seeing how happy the two were and the looks of envy the four maids had, Xu Yi shook his head as he gave a bitter laugh in his heart.

After a while, he took a pen and wrote a few words on the decree the female minister had handed him before giving it back to her.

“Help me bring this to her majesty.”

The female minister looked over it before her expression froze.

“I like Betty and Carol, but I don’t like this method at all.”