Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 22

An hour later, the Unfolding Wings, the Morning Sun, and the Goddess of Victory Iris carried Narvil and the captured pirates to a small island that was forty kilometers south of where the fight occurred last night.

This island that had been named Thunderbolt Island by Ragsar wasn’t small. Standing on the deck of the Unfolding Wings to look over it, one couldn’t even see the other side.

In terms of side to side, according to the estimate Narvil made with his eyes, it was at least over five kilometers.

There were women and children gathered on the beach who when they saw the three large Magic Ships approach were all stirred. They all began shouting and some of the children among them jumped up, as if they were very excited.

“These are the relatives of your pirate group?” Narvil asked Ragsar beside him.

“Un.” Ragsar nodded without any emotions.

“How many people are there on the island? I’m referring to the women and children.” Narvil asked.

Ragsar looked at Narvil with a strange look. He had a thought and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

These three ships had such powerful weapons, they probably weren’t normal merchants.

This fellow cared about the women and children on the island, could it be they…..they were actually slave traders?

Seeing the strange look on Ragsar’s face, Narvil didn’t know what he was thinking, but it also wasn’t important. Right now Ragsar and his hundred subordinates were all in his hands, they couldn’t do anything to him.

“Tell me how many people there are. If there are enough people, I can think of a better way to cooperate.”

Hearing Narvil say the word “cooperate” again, Ragsar found it a bit unbelievable.

No matter what, he couldn’t think of anything worth cooperating with them on.

“Un…..Adding in the brothers, there are just over five hundred people on the island.” Ragsar honestly said.

“Five hundred…..It isn’t enough, but it is still good.” Narvil thought about it before giving a hand signal.

Two sailors of the Unfolding Wings nodded before leaving. After a while, Ragsar heard the sound of water splashing.

“Come, we’ll take a look at the island together.”

Ragsar was confused as he followed Narvil. He came to the side of the Unfolding Wings and saw Narvil grab a rope before sliding down.

Ragsar looked down and saw that Narvil had landed on a boat that was made completely of iron that was a bit bigger than the wooden boats he normally used.

“Go down.” The two sailors pushed Ragsar from behind.

In this situation, Ragsar didn’t think that much and grabbed the rope, easily sliding down.

After a while, several sailors also slid down the rope.

Then Ragsar saw Narvil press some complicated buttons on a complex platform at the front of the ship. The ship trembled before it charged forward.

In just a moment, the ship began moving very quickly. It completely surpassed the speed of the fastest ship that Ragsar had ever seen in his life.

Ragsar watched the meter high waves on the side of the boat and he was shocked.

When he had been riding that steel monster call the Magic Boat, he felt that it was very fast, but now this little boat was even faster than it.

In just two minutes, this little boat had crossed the thousand meters between the Unfolding Wings and the shore.

Narvil and the sailors jumped out, bringing the captured Ragsar onto the island.

Behind them, there were several identical iron ships that came to the shore with sprays of water.

There were several dozen sailors that jumped out holding strange looking crossbows. There were also several young men and women who had fair skin that wasn’t like that of a sailor and had noble clothing that came out.

“Captain Ragsar, choose a few people who are familiar with this island and have them give us a tour.” Narvil said to Ragsar with a smile.

Ragsar finally couldn’t take it anymore, “I say, just what do you want to do? I am trapped in your hands and can’t say anything, but you won’t kill me or let me go, just what do you want to do?”

“I said it, I want to cooperate with you.” Narvil had a faint smile, but Ragsar really wanted to punch him in the face.

“Cooperate my ass! We are pirates, how can we cooperate with you?”

“Don’t look down on yourselves.” Narvil waved his hand with a smile, “Pirates are also valuable, especially when you have this decent island. Alright, just follow what I said and choose a few people. Remember, don’t try anything, your hundred brothers are still in my hands.”

Ragsar looked at Narvil before walking to an uncertain relative of a pirate and said a few words.

After a while, there were five young women and two old people who came out.

Narvil looked at them and had the two old people move back. He divided the five women into three groups, who went with three groups of those young men and women who had a different aura as well as ten sailors from the boat each, heading off towards the island.

When they left, Narvil brought several dozen armed sailors to enter the living area of the pirates with Ragsar.

Although Ragsar hadn’t been a pirate for a short time, the Thunderbolt Pirates were a pirate group in the end. They didn’t have abundant resources, so until now, there wasn’t any kind of good housing on the island. The people of the island lived in houses made of scrap wood which didn’t even have the basic function of keeping out the wind and rain.

Narvil saw the situation of these houses and was even more satisfied.

After a while, he pulled Ragsar to sit down on a rock in front of a wood house.

“Hey, captain Ragsar, based on your situation here, your Thunderbolt Pirates don’t seem to live that well.”

Ragsar gave a snort, “Nonsense! If we really had money, who would want to become a pirate.”

“Un, that is reasonable.” Narvil nodded and his smile became even brighter, “Then captain Ragsar, do you want to let the people of your pirate group live better lives?”

Ragsar narrowed his eyes to look at Narvil for a bit.

“Are you joking?”

“No, I’m not joking. Captain Ragsar, I really do plan on cooperating with you. Look, we come from the far away Stantine Duchy, so we’re not familiar with the situation here and we need someone familiar with the coast like you to cooperate with.”

Ragsar looked at the three giant iron ships docked by the island and shook his head.

“It seems like you don’t need our help at all. If you wanted to become familiar with the situation here, you can just go find someone in Nissi City.”

“To be honest, we were going to Nissi City for business, but…..Captain Ragsar, I believe that you should understand that there are some things that are hard to go through the official routes…..”

Seeing the deep smile on Narvil’s face, Ragsar’s mind suddenly filled with thoughts.

Based on this fellow’s words, he needed help with…..other aspects?

Thinking of this, the expression on Ragsar’s face wasn’t as cold as before. After pausing, he asked back, “Then tell me, what benefits will you bring me and our pirate group if we cooperate with you?”

“First, there’s money.” Narvil casually dug into his chest and pulled out a gold coin.

The sunlight was strong now and the gold coin reflected a bright glow in Narvil’s hands, causing Ragsar and the islanders who had been watching from afar to begin breathing much faster.

“Next…...There are many other benefits besides money, but you won’t believe me if I just told you. How about this…..” Narvil turned back and waved at a sailor who was behind him, “Hayes, come and tell them.”

The sailor came over and looked over Ragsar before looking at the residents of this island. He shook his head and his eyes were filled with disdain.

Ragsar was very angry in his heart when he heard this and wanted to stare back at him, but he heard words that completely changed his mind.

“Hey, my name is Hayes, I come from an island off the shores of the Black Rice Wasteland, an island called Caraska Island. I used to be a pirate just like you. Our island was just a bit better than yours, but it was also very hard, but since our Caraska Island caught sir chairman’s eyes, everyone’s lives became completely different……”


“Narvil, is there no problems if you do things like this?” In the distance, Narvil’s lieutenant watched Hayes talking with Ragsar as he asked Narvi this, “Sir chairman said that as long as we scout the route, our task will be complete. If you cause complications like this, wouldn’t sir chairman be angry?”

“You think that…...if it wasn’t for sir chairman, I would dare act independently?” Narvil calmly looked at his lieutenant.

The lieutenant was shocked, “That means…..this is sir chairman’s idea?”

“It can’t be completely considered sir chairman’s idea.” Narvil shook his head, “But before setting off, sir chairman told me in secret that if I found the chance, I should see if there was an island suited to be a base near Rudson Kingdom like Caraska Island. I was worried about how to complete this task before, but now these pirates sent themselves to us.”

The lieutenant understood, “So it’s like this, no wonder you told us to save. We could go faster and have plenty of time to reach Nissi City, but you always went at a moderate pace and worried about supplies.”

Narivl laughed, “This is my first time handling a task on my own, if I don’t do it beautifully, how could I make sir chairman hold me in high regards?”

The lieutenant nodded. After thinking for a bit, he asked, “Then how do you plan on doing this?”

Narvil looked at Ragsar who was listening with rapt attention in the distance before saying with a faint smile, “It’s very simple. Sir chairman said that a problem that can be solved with money isn’t a problem and these pirates are lacking money.”