Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 27

Nissi City suddenly became lively in these few days.

Three days ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s sea fleet finally arrived in Nissi City’s harbour that had been built two months ago. When they anchored at the harbour, they created a large stir in Nissi City.

Countless people came to the harbour and surrounded the three Magic Boats that came from the Stantine Duchy two thousand kilometers away.

Seeing the Magic Ships that were like small hills stopped there, everyone couldn’t help being shocked.

Such a large ship, it really surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Not to mention that these three ships were completely made of iron. They couldn’t see any trace of wood from the outside.

After everyone saw these three ships, other than shock, their heart filled with curiosity.

A ship that was completely made of iron, it must have a shocking weight.

How could such a heavy ship float on the water and move at high speeds?

The Stantind Duchy was close to two thousand kilometers in a straight line, so this sea voyage of over two thousand kilometers might be closer to three thousand kilometers.

These three ships had set off twenty days ago from the Stantine Duchy, so counting it, they had travelled more than a hundred kilometers each day on the sea.

Although this wasn’t considered fast, with how big these three ships were, it was already exaggerated to say that they could float on the sea. There was no need to mention it being able to sail for twenty days which was simply a miracle.

When the surrounding people say the cargo that was continuously carried down from the ship, they were even more shocked.

Even if they had guessed that the cargo space of these giant ships were terrifying based on their appearance, when the people saw these sailors carry cargo down for three days straight without stopping, they were filled with a bit of disbelief.

Although it was only three ships, based on this situation, the cargo space of these three ships were over a hundred…..No, it was over a thousand horse carriages!

It was no wonder the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invested several million to build this harbour with Nissi City. If they could ship this terrifying amount with just one trip, it would save the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on manpower, resources, and time.

Personally witnessing the terrifying cargo load of the three Magic Ships, many people started having ideas.

“Captain Narvil, good morning.”

A fat middle aged man came out of a Magic Sedan with a smile, waving his hand to Narvil who had been supervising the sailors.

Narvil turned to look and he also revealed a smile.

“Good morning, chairman Randolph.”

This chairman Randolph was the chairman of a company in Nissi City that dealt in spices and lumber. Since attending the ceremony Nissi City’s new City Lord Count Kompany had held the day before yesterday to welcome the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had come to talk to Narvil every day for the past three days.

“Captain Narvil, how long will it take to finish unloading this cargo?” Chairman Randolph saw the sailors who kept coming off these three ships and asked this.

“If nothing is delayed, it should be at the latest tomorrow and at the earliest today.” Narvil replied. He raised a brow and asked back, “What? Does chairman Randolph have any advice?”

Chairman Randolph laughed, “How could I have any advice, I just have something to discuss with captain Narvil. I wonder if captain Narvil has some time to eat lunch with me today?”

“It’s here.” Narvil secretly laughed in his heart, but he shook his head with a serious look, “I can only say sorry. Before setting out, sir chairman had strictly said that I can’t accept anyone’s personal invitations.”

“But the banquet Lord City Lord held three days ago……”

“That was in the name of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I went in place of sir chairman. Moreover, the Lord CIty Lord isn’t an individual, rather he is an official that represents the Rudson Kingdom and Nissi City.” Narvil said with a serious look.

“This……” Seeing how serious Narvil was, it didn’t seem like he was joking. Chairman Randolph was a bit worried.

He thought that he could take advantage of a meal to discuss something with Narvil, but Narvil not making any exceptions really was unexpected.

But Narvil suddenly revealed a smile, “Chairman Randolph, sir chairman has said before leaving that we can’t have meals, but we can still discuss matters……”

Chairman Randoloh’s eyes lit up. Looking around, he gently drew Narvil aside.

Narvil followed and came to a place hidden by the large hull of the Morning Sun.

Chairman Randolph hesitated a bit before saying, “Captain Narvil, after going back this time, you’ll come back again after some time, right?”

“Of course.” Narvil nodded, “The Rudson Kingdom has orders to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce which needs to be delivered, so we have an important task.”

“That…...Is it possible…..I’m saying if it’s possible, when you’re transporting your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s cargo, can you transport other cargo?” Chairman Randolph carefully asked.

Narvil looked at chairman Randolph with a ghost of a smile, “I can’t decide this, that is up to sir chairman.”

Seeing that Narvil didn’t completely reject him, chairman Randolph revealed a relaxed smile as he said, “Of course, this must be decided by chairman Xu. But captain Narvil, when you see chairman Xu, can you raise this to him? I hope that when your fleet comes to Nissi City, can you help me transport some goods to the Stantine Duchy?”

“I can help you pass this request to sir chairman, but I can’t guarantee that sir chairman will agree.”

Chairman Randolph quickly nodded, “No problem, no problem, it’s all good as long as you can pass this on for me. But captain Narvil, I hope that you can pass on a few more words from me. It’s that as long as chairman Xu agrees, I’m willing to pay the transport expenses for this cargo and it’ll definitely satisfy chairman Xu. What do you think?”

Narvil couldn’t help laughing, thinking that sir chairman really predicted everything.

Before setting off, Xu Yi had specially told Narvil about this and told him how he should deal with this.

So Narvil acted like he was considering it and after hesitating a bit, he gave a forced nod.

“Un…..I can pass this on to sir chairman, but chairman Randolph, if you change your method, I think that it will be more likely that sir chairman will agree to your request……”

“Un?” Chairman Randolph immediately heard the meaning in Narvil’s words and quickly said, “Captain Narvil, please tell me.”

Narvil gave a cough before looking around. Then he lowered his voice to say, “Chairman Randolph, you should know that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce mainly produces magic machines and these magic machines need a large amount of iron, as well as other metal ores. But you should also know that the Stantine Duchy is a small place and has limited minerals, so sir chairman is looking to buy more minerals from other places……”

Like he was being played, chairman Randolph as a company’s chairman could naturally hear the meaning in the words, so he said with a smile, “This is simple. Although I am a small person in Nissi City, there’s no problem getting some minerals.”

After saying this, chairman Randolph suddenly knit his brows as he thought of something.

“But captain Narvil, with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s close relationship to the Rudson Kingdom, if you need a large amount of minerals, I think that chairman Xu can directly propose buying it from our Rudson Kingdom to his majesty Teruc. Why would you need to do this?”

Narvil gave a sigh, “Sir chairman already proposed this to his majesty Teruc who has also approved this. But to share a secret with you, his majesty Teruc has reached an agreement to sell the mineral rights to five mines in the Rudson Kingdom to our company. But sir chairman doesn’t think this is enough, so he wants to find some more channels, do you understand?”

Chairman Randolph thought about it before his brows gradually relaxed.

Since his majesty Teruc is willing to sign this contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to sell the kingdom’s minerals, it meant that his majesty would limit transactions in this aspect.

Moreover, the Rudson Kingdom didn’t have any limitations on this business, so there shouldn’t be a problem in making private deals with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, this matter needed to be discrete, so chairman Randolph didn’t immediately agree. He told Narvil that he would seriously consider this and would give Narvil an answer in a few days.

Narvil already expected this. Anyway, his trip to Nissi City was just to find some paths and make contact with some merchants of Nissi City and the Rudson Kingdom, revealing this intention.

With the powerful shock of the three giant Magic Boats, there would be many people moved like chairman Randolph.

But to be honest, Narvil didn’t understand why sir chairman cared this much about mineral resources.

Although the Stantine Duchy wasn’t rich in mineral resources, it was enough to satisfy the needs of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and there was even a surplus.

But it seemed like sir chairman wasn’t satisfied at all. Not only did he want Narvil to explore large islands he found while sailing on the sea, he even had him perform this play after coming to Nissi City.

Other than Thunderbolt Island, there weren’t many small islands found and most of them didn’t have mineral resources on them.

“I don’t know if sir chairman will be disappointed after this report reaches him……”

Narvil shook his head and gave a sigh. After watching chairman Randolph leave in his Magic Sedan, he came out of the shadows.

When he wanted to turn and tell the sailors to go faster, he saw a very familiar Magic Sedan out of the corner of his eyes quickly driving into the harbour.

This white Magic Sedan stopped at the harbour beside the Morning Sun and when the door opened, Xu Yi appeared.

Narvil was stunned. When he wanted to head over to greet him, he saw the door open on the other side and a girl who was around ten years old came out.

Narvil immediately fell into a daze.

Sir chairman…...when did he get such an old illegitimate daughter?