Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 52

No matter how Xu Yi wanted to spread the car races on the Sines Continent, because the Magic Sedan was far from being popular and had a bad foundation, the car races didn’t attract the attention of many people.

Compared to the spring bicycle race and the bicycle racing circuit that would be beginning afterwards, there was far less attention given to this.

Even if the bicycle races received the attention of many people, that was only limited to their personal interests and those who were interested in cycling.

Most of the people that had come to this competition were only here to participate.

However, now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other seven companies announced that they would choose members from this race for their teams, countless people saw this as a springboard.

This spring race was much more competitive compared to before, there were even many people who had been injured going all out.

It was a good thing that Xu Yi had given the City Lord Count Will advice beforehand, so Banta City had prepared for this, allowing the competition to go smoothly.

It was also because in this competition and the ones being held after, the ones that won would be receiving five thousand gold coins as prize money. It caused countless people to feel greedy as they all thought that this would become a springboard for themselves.

This also increased the sales volume of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s bicycles.

Each year in spring, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s bicycle sales number would see their greatest influx. Because of the influence of the competitions, the Frestech Brand bicycles had almost doubled in sales volume in the surrounding countries!

In just the month of April, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold thirty four thousand bicycles.

For the thirty four thousand bicycles, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a shocking profit of four hundred thousand gold coins.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The other seven companies that held the tournament with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce also saw large increases in their sales numbers.

According to what people thought, since those seven companies were qualified to host the tournament with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it meant that they had received the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s approval.

Since it was like this, even if the bicycles they produced couldn’t compare to the Frestech Brand, they also had their own good points.

Adding in the fact that the prices of their bicycles were lower than that of the Frestech Brand, naturally many people went over to them.

But this phenomenon also had another follow up.

After learning that the sales of these seven companies increased because they cooperated with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on this bicycle race, the other bicycle companies couldn’t sit still. They went looking for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and handed in applications in hopes of joining the tournament.

Xu Yi was already prepared for this, quickly giving out the qualifications needed to join the tournament.

According to these regulations, the bicycle circuit would expand to twelve companies within the next three years, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would strictly verify the companies that wanted to participate.

During this verification, the most important thing was if the bicycles those companies produced met the standard.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce stated that only companies that met this standard would be considered by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even those seven companies that were already a part of the tournament would be verified each year.

If they couldn’t meet the standard, they would be forced out.

Next, the companies that participated must have a complete and professional plan for their race team.

Other than having a professional team to participate in the races, they had to have various staff that would work with them, as well a complete management team and the most important research team.

The standards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced were very wide and complicated, being very strict on many details.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced this through the «Banta Times», even a person who knew nothing about bicycles knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very strict on the companies that wanted to participate. Moreover, there was a professional feel that people couldn’t help respect.

For those companies that wanted to participate, the strict requirements the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave was a challenge to them, but also a chance for them.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had such high standards, if they could obtain the rights to participate, wouldn’t that prove the strength of their company to everyone?

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that if a company couldn’t qualify for the tournament, no one would be willing to buy their bicycles.

This was simply a death sentence for these companies.

If one looked at it from a perspective angle, the tournament led by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce controlled the life and death of these bicycle companies.

“This isn’t right.”

Still looked away from the «Frestech Bicycle Circuit Regulations» and looked up at Xu Yi with slightly knit brows.

“These standards are indeed strict, but this marks a clear dividing line. Doesn’t this mean that the companies that can’t pass this line won’t be able to sell bicycles? There is only death for those companies.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “If they can’t meet the standard, there’s nothing wrong with a company to die like that.”

“But if this company dies, we will only let the stronger companies become stronger and there will only be a few companies that control the entire industry. There won’t be any room for the small companies to survive, wouldn’t this be bad for the industry?”

Xu Yi couldn’t help giving Still a thumbs up to show his admiration.

Still never had experience in this aspect, but she could see this development trend which showed that her eyes were outstanding.

“It’s the waves lashing the beach, only by filtering can true gold be filtered out of the sand. Those companies that aren’t qualified will be eliminated and there will only be elites left, which will be easier to promote the development of the bicycle industry. This isn’t just for bicycles, it’s the same for the other industries.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Still tilted her head and looked at Xu Yi for a bit before saying with a faint smile, “Hey, Xu Yi, this is one of your experiments, right? You will definitely be doing this for other industries, right?”

Xu Y smiled without replying.

Still had already been married to Xu Yi for many years, how could she not see through Xu Yi’s thoughts. She shook her head and said with a smile, “There are times when I really don’t know what is in your head. Why do you think things that are always different from other people? Other people would be thinking about how much money they would make, but you’re thinking about such far things.”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “That is because our goals are different. With a further goal, naturally I would see further than them.”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “Giving you a bit of praise and it goes to your head. Alright, great chairman Xu, there’s definitely no problem with the things you want to do. I don’t have any ideas about your plans, but I am a bit worried. Its that according to what you said, there would only be the most elite companies left, but what if there are problems with those companies?”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Don’t say that I’m too cruel, but I’ve already prepared for this. I’ll give those companies that can’t qualify a bit of space and help them work hard to reach the standard. If they still can’t develop with my help, you can’t blame me.”

“Un, good, you really have thought of everything, I have no problems.” Still nodded. She put down the thick rules for the tournaments and looked around in her own bag before revealing a sly smile to Xu Yi.

“Close your eyes.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and obediently closed his eyes.

This kind of game was something that he and Still played frequently, it maintained the love between this couple.

He heard Still took out several things and put them on the table.

After a while, Still’s voice sounded.

“Alright, you can open them.”

When Xu Yi opened his eyes to look at the table, he saw that there was a round thing on the table that was like a frisbee.

“What is this?” Xu Yi asked in a doubtful voice.

“This is a very mysterious thing, just wait and see.”

Still revealed a proud look as she gave Xu Yi a wink. Then she pressed down on this round thing and a purple glow appeared from her hand.

With the magic, there was a purple glow that appeared around the round thing.

It was clear that there was a Magic Array on this round thing that had been triggered by Still’s magic.

But this was Xu Yi’s first time seeing a purple glowing array. Xu Yi couldn’t place an element with this colour, so he didn’t know what this Magic Array was.

Suddenly, there was a clear laughter that filled the room.

Xu Yi was stunned.

There was only Still and him in the room, but the sound was very piercing when that laughter suddenly rang out.

When he wanted to look, there was a faint light that came from the disk before two clear figures appeared.

Xu Yi looked to see that the figures were the two most popular members of the New Moon Troupe. It was the fox race singer Avril, as well as a famous elf girl from the Moon Shadow Tribe, Brownia.

The two girls were smiling in the light. Not only was the sound clear, even the smallest features of their faces could be seen like the two of them were currently present.

The two were talking to each other as if Xu Yi and Still weren’t there.

Xu Yi looked at Avril and Brownia floating in the air and a look of shock couldn’t help appearing on his face.

“This…...When did high end technology like hologram projections appear on the Sines Continent?”