Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 62

“The ships in front, we are the Candra Empire’s third royal fleet, we are ordering you to stop and accept our inspection! If you resist, the consequences are your own fault!”

Leslie knit his brows even deeper.

It wasn’t because the tone of the other side was impolite, but because the other side was still five hundred meters out and their voice could still ring clearly through the air.

To achieve this effect, it was clear they had a magician with sound amplifying magic on the other boat.

Unless they were the same as them, equipped with the Magic Loudspeaker technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Taking the loudspeaker from the crew member beside him, Leslie cleared his throat before testing the sound of the loudspeaker. Then he raised his voice to say, “The fleet on the other side, you have already entered our range. Please stop your action of moving forward, otherwise you will suffer our counter attack. This is your warning.”

The commander of the Candra Empire third royal fleet Candor standing on the deck of the first ship was a bit surprised before being filled with rage.

These fellows, they simply didn’t know what was good for them!

He had led the Candra Empire’s third fleet's first army out and represented the will of the Candra Empire royal army, but the fellow on the other side dared to be this impudent. He even dared to say…..he would counter attack?

He dared!

Candor gave a cold snort and raised a brow to the vice commander in charge of shouting to the other side.

The vice commander gave a nod to show he understood before he continued to raise his voice in the Magic Array set by the magician, “The people of the other side, not that this is our final warning. You will stop to accept the inspection. If you dare resist, we will immediately attack!”

Leslie couldn’t help shaking his head. He thought that these fellows calling themselves the Candra Empire’s third royal fleet didn’t plan on reasoning with them at all.

But since they had over come here with over a hundred ships, it was clear they weren’t planning on reasoning.

Of course, it seemed right when he thought about it.

The Candra Empire’s royal fleet was in charge of the seas around the Candra Empire. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet that was an unknown fleet had been moving across their territory, even if they were sweeping across all the pirates, destroying several dozen pirate groups, this was a slap to the face for the Candra Empire’s royal fleet.

No matter how many islands there were in the sea, this was the Candra Empire's royal fleet’s matter, no one else could manage them.

If this mysterious fleet that had appeared was another pirate group, that would be easy to handle. The royal fleet didn’t even need to give a warning and they could just directly attack.

But based on the information, this mysterious fleet had only targeted pirates after appearing in this area. They had never attacked normal fishing vessels or merchant vessels, it was like they were only targeting pirates.

Moreover, based on the news they received, this mysterious fleet seemed like it was connected to a certain company from a small country.

Although the Candra Empire didn’t put this small country and company in their eyes, as one of the two empires of the continent, they still wanted their reputation.

So after the Candra Empire’s third royal fleet found this mysterious fleet, they would first try to discuss in a normal manner.

They brought the entire third fleet out, so they weren’t worried about anything happening.

Through the information obtained through various channels, this mysterious fleet was very powerful. The pirates in this area couldn’t resist their attacks at all.

Candor didn’t believe this at first and had treated it as a rumour, feeling that these pirates had exaggerated the strength of their enemies because of their own failures.

But seeing the twenty ships that were even bigger than the Candra Empire’s royal fleet’s ships and how they released a metallic glow, seeming like giant metal ships that floated on the sea, he was shocked.

This boat that was completely made of metal had already surpassed his knowledge.

To him, no matter what metal it was, it would have a terrifying weight. The weight of such a ship must be even greater, but now it was floating on the sea, this was simply unbelievable!

As for how this ship sailed on the sea and how people said that it was incredibly fast, Candor couldn’t understand at all.

But that didn’t affect Candor’s confidence.

He had led the entire third fleet out, with thirty eight Thunderclap Grade Giant Warships, one hundred and thirty seven Maelstrom Grade Medium Warships, as well as over ten thousand soldiers.

Not to mention twenty of these ships, even if they had twice the numbers, he was confident in taking care of the other side.


To Leslie, the hundred ships that Candor confidently led was no different from a pile of wood scraps.

in these two months, he had easily defeated countless pirates and had experience fighting on the seas.

Even if the boats of the pirates couldn’t compare to those of the Candra Empire’s fleet, being much weaker in terms of quality and battle strength, through these many battles, Leslie knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet that he led used a completely different method of fighting.

Compared to the traditional method of combat of shooting arrows and then boarding each other, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet’s method of fighting was countless times more advanced.

Unless the other side was also equipped with military magic machines like Magic Cannons, Leslie wasn’t worried that the other side would be able to threaten them at all.

Thinking of this, Leslie was very calm as he thought about it. He revealed a smile and didn’t care about the warning of the other side as he raised the Magic Loudspeaker in his hand.

“Hello Candra Empire’s royal fleet, please allow us to identify ourselves. We are the guard fleet for the Stantine Duchy’s Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we are only passing in these seas, we do not have any intentions of attacking the Candra Empire. Because of the strict rules of sailing, please forgive us, but we cannot let you come aboard our vessel to investigate.”

Leslie’s words were already considered quite passive, it was clear that he didn’t want to fight the Candra Empire’s royal fleet.

However, there was another meaning when Candor heard this.

“Humph! You’re not willing to let us search? Dole, warn them one final time and if they don’t listen, don’t be polite!”

The vice commander named Dole nodded. When he was about to speak, he suddenly found that the twenty iron monsters on the other side had trembled, as they began to slowly retreat.

Candor’s expression immediately sunk.

“They actually want to escape? That is just wishful thinking! Send down my orders, immediately attack!

The vice commander Dole’s expression changed slightly. He thought that the other side never showed any hostility and they had clearly identified themselves. They were a fleet guard that was under normal company and if they attacked like this, it would have some effect on the reputation of the Candra Empire’s royal fleet.

When he was about to convince Candor otherwise, Dole saw that his commander was stunned like he had seen a ghost.

Following his eyes, Dole saw a scene that had completely shocked him.

In the beginning, those twenty boats had only slowly retreated, but in the blink of an eye, when he turned back, he found that the twenty boats didn’t need to turn at all and had quickly sailed off.

Those twenty boats had created twenty giant waves on the calm seas and in just a few breaths, they were already several hundred meters away.

Dole was stunned as he watched those twenty ships quickly sailing away. Although the commander had ordered him to attack, the other side was already over a thousand meters away and were out of the range of their arrows, so how would they attack?

Moreover, based on the terrifying speed of the other side, it would be impossible for them to catch them.

Candor looked at the twenty ships creating giant waves in shock for a bit before finally reacting. He angrily shouting, “What are you in a daze for! Chase for me! We definitely can’t let them escape!”

Dole gave a bitter laugh in his heart, but he still sent down the commander’s orders.

But to pass this order down to a hundred ships was not an easy thing.

After all the ships of the Candra Empire’s third royal fleet had received this order, they slowly began to move. At this time, Dole suddenly found that there were several bright spots on the ocean.

These bright spots were like stars in the sky at first, but when they came close, they turned into flames flying on the ocean.

Dole remembered some of the rumours of this mysterious fleet and was shocked. When he wanted to call out, he saw the flames in the sky dip down, falling two hundred meters away from the ship that he and the commander were on.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

Countless deafening explosions rang out. There were already waves on the sea because of the other side’s escape, but now there were countless water columns that filled the sky.

These water columns reached up to twenty meters in the air, as if there were giant fountain streams at the bottom of the sea.

Along with these explosions, waves that were several meters tall spread all over. It reached them in just a bit and the Thunderclap Grade Giant Warship under them shook from the waves.

The smaller Maelstrom Ships were jolted by the waves and several of them were close to capsizing.

Dole turned his head to look at Candor with a bit of lingering fear, but he only saw the dark look on the commander’s face and eyes that were filled with endless rage.

This attack was clearly from that fleet and had been a warning for them.

The Candra Empire’s royal fleet had been established all these years and had been invincible on these seas all this time, when had they ever been humiliated like this?

However, Candor was clear that the other side had shown mercy. Otherwise, if those powerful attacks had landed on their fleet or even their ship, the consequences could be imagined.

After being silent for a bit, Candor’s fist hit the railing of the ship as he squeezed out several words through the gap in his teeth.

“Good, Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet, I will remember you!”