Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 63

Leslie put down the telescope in his hand and gave a satisfied nod.

The closest Magic Rocket had landed at least two hundred meter away from the Candra Empire’s royal fleet, so there weren't any substantial losses for them. He was very satisfied with this result and could be assured.

Even if Leslie didn’t care about the battle strength of the Candra Empire’s royal fleet, they did represent the Candra Empire’s royal army. If they really caused harm to the other side, it would be equal to declaring war on the Candra Empire.

No matter how bold Leslie was, he wouldn’t do such a wild thing.

“Sir Leslie, since we have already escaped, why did we fire the Magic Rockets to scare them? There was no effect and this would definitely anger the Candra Empire’s royal fleet. If we want to be active in these seas in the future, it won’t be easy.,”

The lookout beside him took the telescope from Leslie and looked into the distance, feeling a bit worried.

Leslie gave a laugh. He thought that if you want to ask me this, who should I ask?

If it was based on his idea and judgement, he clearly wouldn’t want any conflict with the Candra Empire’s royal fleet.

Since he wasn’t willing to let the other side search their ship, directly escaping was already a very good choice.

Since he had already escaped, they should just focus on running.

No matter how the Candra Empire’s royal fleet wanted to cause trouble, it wouldn’t be easy to find them on these broad seas.

Not to mention that with the difference in speed between them, even if they did meet, the Candra Empire’s royal fleet would never be able to catch them.

He believed that the Candra Empire’s royal fleet fellows weren’t fools. They would definitely give up the idea of chasing after seeing the difference in their speed.

But now that they had attacked the other side while escaping, even if it was only to give them a warning, doing this gave the entire matter a completely different meaning.

If the Candra Empire’s royal fleet searching the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet was considered normal business, with these Magic Rockets being fired out, this was openly attacking the Candra Empire’s royal fleet and was considered a challenge to the Candra Empire’s royal army.

The Candra Empire side definitely wouldn’t take this provocation and would investigate this.

What was worse was that Leslie had revealed his identity, so the other side knew that they were a guard fleet under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even if the Candra Empire couldn’t find them on the broad seas, it was no problem for them to find the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to the strange words Xu Yi said, this was called a monk can run, but the temple can’t.

So Leslie felt that their actions were completely unnecessary and could even be considered stupid.

But all of this had been…...incited by Xu Yi.

When they set off from the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi had specially talked to Leslie in private. He had told him that after entering the Candra Empire’s seas, he made arrangements for today’s matters.

Leslie had approved of Xu Yi’s wild idea then, but after really doing it today, he felt that this method was just too…..Un, too crazy…...

When thinking of the confident smile Xu Yi had when they left, Leslie gave a bitter laugh. He felt that he could understand that fellow’s thoughts less and less.

He didn’t know where this fellow had the confidence to do this. Wasn’t he worried that if he angered the Candra Empire, not only would they retaliate, it would be very likely that his idea of opening the large magic machine market in the Candra Empire would be destroyed?

When he was thinking about the long term plan Xu YI mentioned, the lookout beside him suddenly called out.

“Sir Leslie, look!”

Leslie looked at where the lookout was pointing and saw that in the distant blue sky, there was a shadow quickly flying over.

Seeing this familiar shadow, Leslie slowly let out a breath.

“This fellow, he’s finally here.”

Five minutes later, the Magic Airship landed on the medium Magic Ship that Leslie had been on.

The medium Magic Ship sunk a bit, but it still floated steadily on the ocean, letting Leslie’s nervous heart calm down a bit.

The door of the Magic Airship opened and Xu YI was the first one who came out.

When they saw Xu Yi, all the crew on the deck gave him a respectful bow.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became more and more influential in the surrounding countries, everyone in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce felt more and more respect for Xu Yi.

Although Leslie wasn’t like the normal staff members, when seeing Xu Yi come out of the Magic Airship with a confident smile on his face, he couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional.

When he had first seen Xu Yi, he was still a small company’s chairman and a small magician who didn’t have any fame. His status was far from being able to compare to Leslie’s.

But in about five years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had become a giant first class company that could affect the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms, and Xu Yi had become a powerful Great Magician.

This change was something that Leslie never would have imagined back then.

He also never thought that there would be a day when he would become Xu Yi’s subordinate, working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

These emotions didn’t affect the smile on Leslie’s face. He came forward to tap Xu Yi’s chest with his fist before saying with a smile, “Xu Yi, you came too late. If you came a bit earlier, you would have seen a good play.”

“Un?” Xu Yi revealed a confused look.

Leslie told him about running into the Candra Empire’s royal fleet just now.

After he finished, Xu Yi’s expression didn’t really change as he just asked, “You’re certain that no ship was damaged at all? You’re also certain that no one died?”

Leslie gave a shrug, “I’m not bad at discretion. Relax, I’m certain that they didn’t suffer any losses. But Xu Yi…..even if they didn’t suffer any losses, I’m certain that they will be angered by us doing this, which might be bad for our fleet and the entire company.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Angering them isn’t necessarily bad for us. If I said that this would make my plan easier, would you believe it?”

Leslie shook his head. He wanted to say he didn’t believe it, but seeing the mysterious smile on Xu Yi’s face, he swallowed his words.

Since Xu Yi started the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had done many crazy things, but the final results every time had shown that his decisions had been correct. No matter what, he would gain plenty of benefits for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But this time he angered one of the two empires of the Sines Continent, wasn’t he worried about playing with fire?

Xu Yi didn’t pay attention to Leslie’s thoughts. He asked him about the journey of the guard fleet, when he learned that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard fleet had become the overlord of the surrounding several hundred kilometers and that no pirates dared to challenge them, he felt assured.

“This is good, but it’s still not enough. Leslie, I hope that you can control the Candra Empire’s seas and the southeast seas of the Sines Continent in three months.” Xu Yi said.

Leslie slightly knit his brows, “That might be impossible. It would be no problem if it was just the pirates, but now that the Candra Empire’s royal fleet is also involved and because we have fully offended them, we will definitely be limited in our activity in the Candra Empire’s seas. We really can’t just fight with them……”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Actually, my specific request is that I want you to create a trade route that can pass by the Sines Continent’s southern seas. I want you to guarantee that we can go from the Stantine Duchy to the southeast seas safely, so we can transport our cargo to the southeast coast of the continent.”

Leslie’s brows raised, “What? Are you planning on spreading even further?”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Don’t forget, they were the ones who delivered themselves to us.”

Leslie couldn’t help shaking his head with a smile, “Alright, as long as the Candra Empire’s royal fleet doesn’t cause any mess, it shouldn’t be hard controlling the southern seas. Of course, I don’t have enough ships and manpower under me right now, it is very hard to control this large area with just them. I need you to give me some more men and ships.”

“We’re solving that problem right now, but Leslie, you should also know that it’s impossible to control the seas with just ships. The best method is to control a large portion of the islands like Thunderbolt Island and build a base that belongs to our company on each one. That way, not only can we control the seas, we can also make it easier to resupply out ships.”

“Un, this method is the safest.” Leslie nodded, “But it would cost an astronomical amount, so are you certain?”

Xu Yi revealed a toothy grin as he said with a laugh, “Leslie, don’t forget, there are endless resources on the seas. Although the investments are big, the income is also very big.”

Leslie couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

He had forgotten, this fellow Xu Yi was a very standard merchant, how could he do business that would suffer a loss?