Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 70

When Xu Yi left the steel pipe factory of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, he had regained his calm.

But there were countless questions in his mind at this moment.

He hadn’t known Freeman for a short period of time and knew he was a serious person, so he wouldn’t speak nonsense.

Although the news from Freeman were from the small gossip papers, Freeman had said that this news was something that everyone recognized and had a certain amount of credibility.

If this news was just a rumour, it would be fine.

But if it was true…...

Xu Yi’s expression became incomparably complicated and strange.

This matter…...was just too nonsensical, alright?

Seveni had always been single!

There were many speculations in the Lampuri Kingdom about Seveni’s marriage. There were many people that hoped their majesty would settle down and give birth to a child, giving a successor to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Because before Seveni took the throne, the Lampuri Kingdom had experienced two turmoils. Everyone in the kingdom didn’t want to see another problem with the issue of succession.

Even if King Eric had left a son, it was impossible for him to take the throne. Naturally the most suitable choice was the child that her majesty Seveni gave birth to.

If Seveni decided to get married and announced her choice to everyone, the entire Lampuri Kingdom would dance with joy.

But now Seveni hadn’t decided on her marriage and there was already news that she was pregnant, it would be hard to predict what the Lampuri Kingdom’s reaction would be.

Even if the people of the Sines Continent were open and the noble circle was even more chaotic.

On the surface, everyone tried to maintain tradition and tried their best not to break it.

The nobles had chaotic lives after getting married, but this was not suited for the royal family.

As the rulers of a kingdom, the royal family had great power while also being greatly limited.

Even if Seveni was only a princess, this news would have been very troublesome. Not to mention that she was the noble queen now, the most powerful person in the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

Now that there was news that she had been pregnant before getting married, this was simply an explosion.

Xu Yi could imagine that once this news was confirmed, the entire Lampuri Kingdom and even the surrounding kingdoms would all be shocked.

The question that countless people would be concerned with was the second question on Xu Yi’s mind.

If Seveni really was pregnant, who was the father of the child in her stomach?

This was something that Xu Yi couldn’t think through.

He thought that he understood Seveni and had a deep understanding of her personality, she definitely wouldn’t easily like any man, but she would be very firm once she did like a person.

With how Seveni had the absolute power to control the Lampuri Kingdom, if she really did like some man, she could openly admit it.

Xu Yi believed that there wouldn’t be any normal man who would reject Seveni’s confession.

Not mentioning Seveni’s noble status, just based on her appearance that was only slightly worse than Still’s and her gentle character, this was something that all men dreamed about.

Of course, to Xu Yi, her status as a queen was rather a kind of hindrance.

Since it was like this, why did Seveni hide this and secretly get pregnant?

She was the queen, did she plan on continuing to hide herself away?

Xu Yi couldn’t understand Seveni’s reasons for doing this at all. So when he saw Still, he couldn’t help mentioning the questions he had been thinking about.

A woman having a child and not being willing to reveal the identity of the father?” Still looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look before revealing a smile, “What? You’ve finally heard the news about her majesty?”

Xu Yi was stunned, “You knew?”

“Of course.” Still revealed a faint smile, “Don’t forget, I’m not like you, I’m in the Lampuri Kingdom regularly.”

“Un.” Xu Yi nodded, “So you also knew about this for a long time like Freeman?”

Because of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce’s main business, whether it was their other race labour contracts or the entertainment of the New Moon Troupe, they would be mainly based on the Lampuri Kingdom. So Still was normally in the Lampuri Kingdom, she came here much more than Xu Yi.

“You heard it from Freeman?” Still looked at Xu Yi in surprise before slightly knitting her brows, “He doesn’t seem like someone who likes to gossip, so why would he mention this rumour to you?”

“Eh…..It’s probably because I mentioned Seveni to him and he thought of this rumour, so he told me?”

Still thought about it before shaking her head, “Perhaps……”

“Still, do you think that this rumour is true……”

“There’s no credibility about it.” Still shook her head, but when Xu Yi had just let out a sigh of relief, her next words almost made Xu Yi jump up, “Because this matter is true, there is nothing credible about it.”

“Really? It’s actually true?” Xu Yi grabbed Still’s shoulder in shock with a look of disbelief, “How is this possible! Seveni is actually really pregnant? Who’s the father of the child? You wouldn’t be joking, right?”

Still turned to look at Xu Yi’s hands tightly holding her shoulder. Because Xu Yi had used too much force, she felt a bit of pain, so she slightly knit her brows.

But when she saw Xu Yi’s expression, she revealed a faint smile.

“Hey, Xu Yi, why are you this excited? Even if Seveni is really pregnant, you don’t need to be this excited, right?”

“Un? Ah…...Oh…..Un…...Right, right……”

Xu Yi was stunned and after a while, he muttered to himself as he let go.

After a while, he changed to a serious expression and asked Still, “How are you certain that it’s true?”

Still rubbed her shoulder and gave Xu Yi a smile with a deep meaning.

“I saw it myself. Of course, her majesty Seveni naturally knew that I could see it, so she was willing to see me. It was basically her telling me about it.”

Xu Yi’s mind thought of Seveni calling Still and the appearance of Seveni with a large stomach, but he felt like it was too inconceivable.

“That…...Did she tell you anything else?” Xu Yi asked.

“Anything else? You’re asking about the father of the child? It’s a pity, but her majesty Seveni didn’t talk about it and I didn’t ask. According to my guesses, she called me there to disclose this information and she wanted me to tell you about it.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Why? If she wanted to tell me about this, she could just contact me. Why does she need to do something this troublesome?”

Still looked at Xu Yi as she revealed a tempting smile. She gave a sigh and shook her head before standing up.

“I don’t want to discuss this. Her majesty doing this means she must have her own ideas. As for what they are, they aren’t related to me.”

Xu Yi looked at Still who walked out of the theater box in a daze.

He had sharp senses and he could tell that Still was a bit strange. It was clear by her tone that she was a bit unhappy.

Xu YI thought about it before hitting his head.

Damn! He was talking about another woman being pregnant in front of Still and he looked this nervous, of course she would be unhappy.

Not to mention that the other person was Seveni who had a good relationship with Xu Yi.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi quickly stood up and followed Still. He took her hand and kissed her on the lips.

“Still, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Still looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Why are you apologizing?”

“It’s nothing, I was just apologizing for being careless.” Xu Yi said.

Still stopped and looked at Xu Yi for a while. She then suddenly revealed a complicated smile that was a bit helpless before raising her hands to take Xu Yi’s face, giving him a deep kiss.

After a while, those two were slightly panting as they separated. Still’s smile had recovered its normal glow and she softly patted Xu Yi as she said with a smile, “If you really feel sorry, then you should go on stage and demonstrate it. This is an important step for our New Moon Troupe and if you mess up, I won’t forgive you for an entire lifetime.”

Xu Yi laughed and forcefully hit his chest as he said in a confident voice, “Relax, with me here, I will definitely leave the deepest impression on everyone and guarantee that they won’t be able to forget it even if they want to.”

Still revealed a smile and took Xu Yi’s hand again.

“Then let’s go.”

The two went down the hall holding hands. They passed by several staff members in uniform before passing through two curtains to arrive in the center of an incomparably large hall.

Looking around, all the important people of Banta City, the surrounding cities, and many important people from the Lampuri Kingdom, as well as the Rudson Kingdom, the Drake Duchy, the Mirando Duchy, and other countries were all here. This incomparably large Banta Theater that had been finished three months ago was completely filled.

When Xu Yi and Still came out, everyone turned over to look at them with eyes filled with expectation.

This was a press conference jointly sponsored by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, they would be announcing the new product jointly developed by these two countries.

As for this mysterious new product, Xu Yi had only said one thing to the newspapers on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“With it, your lives will become much more colourful.”