Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 107

Hogan’s report landed in Xu Yi’s hands five days later.

Xu Yi carefully read the report and didn’t immediately respond.

It wasn’t just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who invested in the base at Stasom City, there were also the Lampuri Kingdom companies and the Marlow Empire nobles that Marquis Southgate had introduced to him. So when making any decision, it couldn’t be decided by Xu Yi alone.

Moreover, this matter involved the beastmen. For normal humans, it was clear that there shouldn’t be any problems declaring war on the beastmen, but Xu Yi always had the idea of cooperating with other races.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already had a good cooperation relationship with the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland. Those beastmen played a large role in the various departments of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so Xu Yi naturally didn’t have any prejudices against them.

Franklin proposed directly attacking and capturing the beastmen in the northern Marlow Empire, turning them into slaves, but Xu Yi didn’t approve of this.

Through his experience with the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland, the beastmen were a race that could be moved by benefits and they weren’t that different from humans.

If he could have some more contact with the beastmen in the northern Marlow Empire, it wasn’t impossible for them to be like the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland. They could also recruit these beastmen and increase the efficiency of the magic machine production base.

In this report, what Xu Yi cared about the most was the suggestion that Franklin had made to attack the beastmen tribes, even capturing them as slaves.

Xu Yi was very doubtful towards Franklin suddenly proposing this.

According to Xu Yi’s guesses, this idea shouldn’t be from Franklin, but rather Marquis Southgate or even the Marlow Empire behind him.

Different from the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empire hadn’t personally seen the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines being used on the frontline, so they weren’t too clear on it.

Although the Marlow Empire army headquarters had bought some military magic machines and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had slowly delivered it, the Marlow Empire’s army headquarters’ understanding of the military magic machines were still at a preliminary level.

If they tried to instigate the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to act, learning how the military magic machines can be used on the battlefield, it wouldn’t be that strange.

Of course, this was only Xu Yi’s guess and it might now be the idea of the Marlow Empire’s army headquarters.

But Xu Yi felt that this wasn’t impossible.

After all, by showing the Marlow Empire the might of the military magic machines, it would allow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to continue selling military magic machines to the Marlow Empire, while also making them treat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce more seriously.

So in short, it didn’t matter how they treated the beastmen tribes in the northern Marlow Empire.

After thinking this through, Xu Yi gathered the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and briefly discussed this matter. Then as his status as the chairman, he wrote a letter to all the people who invested in the magic machine production base in Stasom City. Finally, he wrote a personal letter to Marquis Southgate to explain his plans.

After doing all this, Xu Yi sent his final decision to Hogan.

While these instructions for Hogan were still on the way, Xu Yi had already left the Frestech Chamber of Commerce main base, heading to the Rudson Kingdom.

But this time he wasn’t going to meet King Teruc or any important people of the Rudson Kingdom to discuss official business.

Because this time he brought everyone in his family including Liz, Linda, Agnes, Tvisti, Freya, Sandy, and Harvey along to the Azshara Tribe in the Rudson Kingdom.

His youngest kid was too young, so they left him in the Stantine Duchy with Betty and Carol.

As for the main purpose of visiting the Azshara Tribe, it was on the invitation of elder Undine and the fact that Still was filming a film on the history of the elves with the Azshara Tribe, spending over half a month here without coming back. So Xu Yi brought his kids along to let her get together with them while also bringing the kids out to play.

Other than this, Agnes and Tvisti came from the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe, so coming together this time could be considered the first official contact between the Night Song Tribe, the Moon Shadow Tribe, and the Azshara Tribe. So when Agnes and Tvisti arrived at the Azshara Tribe, they received a warm welcome from elder Undine.

Of course, the one that received the warmest welcome from elder Undine was still Xu Yi.

After seeing each other, Xu Yi and elder Undine casually chatted about something before changing the topic to the small elf town.

“Elder Undine, I just came from there and found that the traffic in that town is much less compared to before.’ Xu Yi said in a slightly worried voice.

Elder Undine revealed a faint smile, “Yes, since the Candra Empire tried to invade the Rudson Kingdom, there were fewer humans that came to play in our elf town. There weren’t any guests at all a while back and it has gradually recovered, but it’s still worse than before.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and said in a helpless voice, “There’s no other way. Things like tourism are easily affected by general situations. The Rudson Kingdom isn’t stable, so naturally there aren’t that many people willing to travel here.”

“He, he, it’s a good thing that there was the aid that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave the Rudson Kingdom, or the Rudson Kingdom wouldn’t have been able to hold on. It would have been the same for our elf town.”

“This isn’t worth thanking.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Elder Undine, I proposed before to make even more small elf towns, turning them into a chain theme park, what do you think about that now?”

“It’s a good suggestion, but I feel that conditions aren’t right.” Elder Undine shook her head.

“Why?” Xu Yi was surprised.

“Because there aren’t that many humans who can accept us elves as easily as chairman Xu.” Elder Undine looked right at Xu Yi with a gentle, but serious look, “If we elves start spreading like this, it will be very hard to receive the approval of humans and it is likely to fail.”

“How will you know without trying?” Xu Yi knitted his brows.

“We don’t have the capital to give it a try.” Elder Undine said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, after you proposed this, I asked around in your human world for a price and found that it would cost at least seven hundred thousand gold coins to build another elf town. Although our tribe has made some money during this time, it is far from enough to invest in this.”

“Money isn’t a problem.” Xu Yi shook his head, “As long as you’re willing, you can take a loan from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I guarantee that we will give you our full support.”

“No.” Elder Undine shook her head, “We elves aren’t used to owing people things, especially humans.”

Xu Yi helplessly rolled his eyes, “Elder Undine, I thought that you would be an enlightened elven elder, how can you still have such an old concept? You have to know that back then the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe asked for a lot of help from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Elder Illusia and elder Lisanya didn’t hesitate when asking for this at all.”

“So they gave you Agnes and Tvisti, didn’t they?” Elder Undine revealed a faint smile, “Don’t argue it, if it wasn’t for this, do you think that we elves would accept coming with humans so easily?”

Xu Yi was speechless in front of this.

It seems like elder Undine had greatly misunderstood the meaning of Agnes and Tvisti marrying him.

But it wasn’t like it was without reason.

Agnes had been with him for a long time and they had slowly fallen in love before choosing to be together.

But Tvisti had been clearly sent to his side by elder Lisanya. Moreover, when he discussed marriage with her, elder Lisanya didn’t hesitate at all to agree, so it could be seen that her original thought was to let Tvisti get together with Xu Yi.

“Other than worrying about money, the most important issue is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Elder Undine added.

“Oh? What problem is there with our company?” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

“It isn’t that there’s a problem with your company, but rather…..your company still isn’t strong enough yet.” Elder Undine explained, “Chairman Xu, you are one of the few humans that I trust to a certain extent, so I can cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build these elf theme parks. However, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can only influence the surrounding countries and as for the other countries, your influence is far from enough.”

“So you think that it’s not safe to open these theme parks in other places?” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes. Your human society isn’t stable, so if we open these theme parks in other countries, there might be danger at any time.”

Xu Yi couldn’t respond to elder Undine’s words.

Indeed, humans were a very stable race.

It was like this on earth and it was the same on the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi had suffered quite a bit because of this, so of course he couldn’t refute this view from elder Undine.

Seeing that Xu Yi wasn’t saying a word, elder Undine revealed a strange smile and reached into her chest, pulling out a document for Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, this is the plan that I’ve drawn up for opening up an elf town in the Stantine Duchy, can you see if there are any problems. This is the first time I’ve written a plan in your human style, so I hope that you can look over it for me.”

Xu Yi looked at elder Undine in surprise, “Weren’t you worried that there would be danger in other countries?”

“The Stantine Duchy is completely controlled by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I’m not worried about this.” Elder Undine said with a smile.

“But you said that there was no money……”

“I can’t accept borrowing money from humans right now, but I can still accept using things to exchange for money.”

“Ah?” Xu Yi blinked his eyes in a daze, “Elder Undine, you…..want to sell things to me?”

“Yes. Our tribe has some special things and some secret knowledge that you humans don’t know about, I think that chairman Xu should be very interested in these.”