Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 125

When a piece of news came the next day, the confused Nielson and Mendiata finally realized where this favourable turn came from.

The news summarized was actually quite simple.

The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom had declared war on Kaki Duchy to the north and in just three days, they destroyed most of the Kaki Duchy’s army and directly captured Duke Kaki and his family.

The Kaki Duchy announced their country was destroyed.

This news shook all the people in the countries of the southeast corner.

Although the Kaki Duchy was in name a duchy, the amount of power that they had wasn’t worse than a normal kingdom.

Moreover, Duke Kaki had always spent money on building his army, so the Kaki Duchy was famous among the southeast countries for having the greatest battle strength, which the other countries didn’t dare provoke.

However, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom had declared war on the Kaki Duchy and had used only three days to destroy them, which was something that no one had expected.

It had to be known, it had only been less than three years since the appearance of the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

Although the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom with their thirteen companies had very strong economic power, making the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom look very rich.

Everyone thought that having money and being powerful were two different things.

Even if the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom had money, as well as the guards of the thirteen companies from before, it was still far from being able to compare to a kingdom’s army.

But this time the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom only sent five thousand people from the guards of five companies to easily defeat the Kaki Duchy, even directly taking care of the Kaki Duchy.

This kind of result shocked everyone in the southeast countries.

The ones that were most shocked and terrified by this were naturally the neighbouring countries of the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

The Aodor Duchy was one of those countries.

“Duke Aodor also wants to buy military magic machines from our company?” Nielsen leaned back in the chair and looked at Viscount Wilbur in front of him with a bit of teasing to the smile on his face.

This fellow was that arrogant in front of him two days ago, but now he was acting this submissive, even pasting his face on the table. It really made one emotional looking at him.

“Right, right, right, the duke heard that your company made military magic machines and cares about them very much. The duke feels that these military magic machines are very important to our Aodor Duchy, so he hoped to buy some from your noble company. Manager Nielson, please contact your company’s headquarters immediately. It would be best if they could bring the military magic machines we need on the next shipment.”

Seeing that Nielson was hesitating, Viscount Wilbur gritted his teeth, but he still continued with a smile, “Of course, the duke has said that as long as your company is willing to provide the military magic machines, we can discuss the price…..”

Nielson looked at Viscount Wilbur’s submissive appearance and he couldn’t help wanting to tease him. He revealed an awkward look and said with knitted brows, “But…..Lord Viscount, you should also know that even if our company’s transport fleet comes, it has to first anchor in the southern harbour of the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom. We won’t be able to hide this cargo from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom side.”

Viscount Wilbur’s expression changed and after thinking about it, he came a bit closer to Nielson and said in a low voice, “Manager Nielson, I am clear that your company is cooperating with the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom. As long as your company is willing, it won’t be found by the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, don’t you think?”

Nielson gave a laugh, “Lord Viscount, it isn’t impossible to do this, but the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom is one of our company’s most important partners. What reason do we have to hide this matter from an important business partner?”

Viscount Wilbur immediately fell silent.

He knew that even if the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom didn’t destroy the Kaki Duchy and increase their fame in the surrounding countries, even if this was before, their Aodor Duchy couldn’t compare to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

If they had to make a choice, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would choose the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom over their Aodor Duchy.

“Of course……” Nielson spoke again and drew out his words, “If the duke can show enough sincerity, we can still consider it……”

Viscount Wilbur’s eyes lit up. After thinking about it, he said with a strong nod, “Alright! Manager Nielson, I think that the duke will definitely want to personally discuss this with you. I wonder if you have time right now?”

“Of course, how could I not?” Nielson said with a smile, “If the duke calls me, I would have time no matter when it was.”

Viscount Wilbur was filled with joy.

“Great! Manager Nielson, please come with me right now to see the duke. When the duke learns that you are visiting him, he will definitely be happy!”

Nielson laughed in his heart.

Since he arrived in the Aodor Duchy, he had asked to see Duke Aodor many times, but he was always rejected. He kept sending Viscount Wilbur, who wasn’t considered that important in the Aodor Duchy to meet with him.

Now that the Aodor Duchy felt this danger, Duke Aodor lowered his status and came to request a meeting with him.

This difference in attitude was just too strong.

Thinking of this, Nielson couldn’t help giving a bitter laugh deep down.

He thought that he could use his own power and the higher quality of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines to open the market of the Aodor Duchy, even if he couldn’t take all of it

But he never thought that because of the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom’s actions, he would enjoy the passive benefits of the company.

Of course, this wasn’t something that was worth being averse to.

He could spend less time and effort to raise his status in the Aodor Duchy that no one cared about, so why wouldn’t he do it?


The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom attacking and occupying the Kaki Duchy was not something special on the continent.

After all, in less than half a month after this matter happened, there was an even bigger war that attracted everyone’s attention in the west part of the continent.

The Sack Kingdom used the excuse of border conflicts to suddenly declare war on the Antila Kingdom to the north.

In just a single week of fighting, the Sack Kingdom’s northern Polar Bear Regiment had been unstoppable as they routed the Antila Kingdom’s army seven times, invading five hundred kilometers into the Antila Kingdom.

During these seven battles, the battle strength of the Sack Kingdom’s Polar Bear Regiment had shocked everyone.

The battle strength of the Antila Kingdom’s army was considered not bad among the over a dozen countries in the west. While the Sack Kingdom attacked the Lampuri Kingdom many times over several centuries, they had never dared to provoke the Antila Kingdom.

But this time, the Polar Bear Regiment was able to easily defeat the Antila Kingdom’s army, even making them unable to fight back at all. This was something that was very shocking.

But it wasn’t that hard for people to understand.

Because according to the various reports, since the Sack Kingdom had made their public announcement, they had armed the Polar Bear Regiment with a large amount of military magic machines.

With the help of these military magic machines, the Polar Bear Regiment’s battle strength was greatly increased, which had allowed them to easily defeat the Antila Kingdom’s army.

This information proved that the military magic machines could greatly improve the battle strength of an army. On the other hand, it also gave everyone a shocking piece of news, which was that…..the Sack Kingdom really did have the ability to mass produce military magic machines!

It was very clear that it was impossible for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to provide this many military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, as well, the Sack Kingdom had announced that they could mass produce military magic machines not that long ago.

With these two together, it meant that the military magic machines used to equip the Polar Bear Regiment were all produced by the Sack Kingdom themselves!

Based on the situation after the Sack Kingdom made the announcement, this was indeed fact.

The Polar Bear Regiment was indeed equipped with the mass produced military magic machines of the Sack Kingdom, which was why they had such a strong battle strength.

Everything was unrelated to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Once this news was confirmed, it wasn’t exaggerated to say that a stir fell onto the continent.

If it was said that when the Sack Kingdom announced that they could mass produce military magic machines and even demonstrated them that everyone still only half believed them, after declaring war on the Antila Kingdom, all these doubts vanished into thin air.

There was nothing more persuasive than facts.

And the facts were that the Sack Kingdom didn’t have any help from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, using their own mass produced military magic machines to easily defeat the Antila Kingdom.

Such a strong fact was placed in front of everyone, so they had no choice but to believe.

So while the war between the Sack Kingdom and the Antila Kingdom was burning like wildfire, all the countries on the continent moved at the same time.

Everyone’s goal was simple and clear.

Since they couldn’t get their fill of military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, why couldn’t they try the Sack Kingdom?

However, while countless people and countries were moving, preparing to head to the Sack Kingdom, there was a sudden piece of news that suddenly stopped them.

The Lampuri Kingdom was declaring war on the Sack Kingdom.