Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 131

The war between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom attracted the attention of everyone on the continent.

Before the war began, there were many people who had made predictions on the ending of this war.

For most people, they slightly favoured the Lampuri Kingdom in the end, feeling that the Lampuri Kingdom had the better chance of winning.

When the two kingdoms truly began fighting, facts proved that their predictions were correct and it was the Lampuri Kingdom who had the advantage.

However, no one would have thought that the Lampuri Kingdom would have such an overwhelming advantage over the Sack Kingdom.

In the fight over the Muerto Mountains at the border between the two countries, the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army which was considered the strongest faced the Sack Kingdom’s strongest Hungry Wolf Regiment that were also equipped with many military magic machines.

Countless people were interested in this battle because this was the first time on the Sines Continent that two armies equipped with military magic machines were fighting, so it was worth referencing.

Before this, the Rudson Kingdom had already repelled the Candra Empire twice with the military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this had attracted the attention of importance of countless countries.

Then when the Sack Kingdom announced that they could produce their own military magic machines, they had demonstrated the power of their military magic machines when they invaded the Antila Kingdom.

So in this battle, everyone wanted to see if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines were better or the ones that the Sack Kingdom produced.

Most people thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines were a bit stronger since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had more time invested in it.

But when the two sides started fighting, the facts scared everyone.

The Sack Kingdom’s Hungry Wolf Regiment had only deadlocked the northern army in the Muerto Mountains for a short four days, then there was no suspense at all as the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army had attacked with a might that couldn’t be stopped.

In just half a month, the Lampuri Kingdom’s northern army was like an unstoppable vanguard, as they went all the way to the Sack Kingdom capital, Nordham City.

Although the vanguard was a small unit with several hundred soldiers, but they had pushed the enemy to their capital city without even suffering that much damage, which was without a doubt a great shame to the entire Sack Kingdom.

However, the Sack Kingdom could do nothing against this.

In a direct battle, the Hungry Wolf Regiment and the Polar Bear Regiment combined couldn’t stop the Lampuri Kingdom northern guards at all.

No matter how strong of a position they held, with the fierce Magic Cannons of the northern guards, they couldn’t last for even a single hour.

In the half a month that they had been at war, the Sack Kingdom had suffered up to thirty thousand casualties. Even equipped with a large amount of military magic machines that they were proud of, the Polar Bear Regiment that was said to even rival the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had been beaten until they lost most of their battle strength.

Seeing that the main force of the northern guards were killing their way to Nordham City and they couldn’t resist, the Sack Kingdom on the twenty sixth day of the war chose to offer peace to the Lampuri Kingdom. The Lampuri Kingdom had surprisingly agreed to this.

Then the two countries sent delegates that engaged in negotiations that lasted for over half a month.

Most people didn’t know the specifics, but according to the report that the Lampuri Kingdom had announced in the «Lampuri Weekly», the Sack Kingdom had paid a heavy price for the peace talks this time before the Lampuri Kingdom signed the ceasefire agreement.

The «Lampuri Weekly» didn’t disclose the details of this price, but based on the few things they did announce, it was already very shocking.

First, the Sack Kingdom would be giving seven cities in their southern province and southeast province to the Lampuri Kingdom.

These seven cities were close to the border of the two kingdoms and they formed a single line, taking up an area of over twenty thousand square kilometers, so it really wasn’t considered small.

The border of the two countries had been the Muerto Mountains, as both sides had relied on these mountains as a natural defense. However, now that the Sack Kingdom had ceded these seven southern cities to the Lampuri Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom had completely lost their natural southern defenses.

With the strength the Lampuri Kingdom’s army had demonstrated, it was equal to completely stripping the Sack Kingdom and making them bare their lands to the Lampuri Kingdom, without having any chance to resist.

Second, the Sack Kingdom would have to pay reparations worth twenty million gold coins to the Lampuri Kingdom.

This naturally wouldn’t all be in cash. The compensation that the Sack Kingdom would pay would include various minerals, lumber resources, herbs, and other resources that they would open to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Third, the Sack Kingdom would have to completely open themselves to the Lampuri Kingdom.

This meant that anyone from the Lampuri Kingdom wouldn’t be investigated when entering the Sack Kingdom, just like if they were entering the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, the Lampuri Kingdom had also eliminated the city gate tax of their cities, so the Sack Kingdom cities couldn’t collect this gate tax either.

This condition had a special line added to it in the «Lampuri Weekly», which was that just as the Sack Kingdom would completely open themselves to the Lampuri Kingdom, they would also completely open themselves to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was something that was very easy to understand.

Because everyone knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the Lampuri Kingdom’s most important supporter. The Lampuri Kingdom had gained many benefits from this war, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t be polite.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce only demanding the Sack Kingdom to completely open their lands to them was considered quite lax for everyone.

After the two sides signed the ceasefire agreement, the northern guards withdrew from the belly of the Sack Kingdom, but they didn’t completely return to the Lampuri Kingdom. They were stationed in the seven cities the Sack Kingdom had ceded to the Lampuri Kingdom.

They would supervise the exit of the Sack Kingdom’s management in these seven cities, while also waiting for the Lampuri Kingdom to send people to take over these seven cities.

Moreover, the garrison of the northern guards would be placed here in the future.

Because the border of the two countries was no longer the Muerto Mountains, but rather these seven cities.

After a month, a delegation from the Lampuri Kingdom went north and entered the Sack Kingdom’s capital, Nordham City three days later.

They represented her majesty Seveni to officially sign the peace treaty and cooperation contract with the Sack Kingdom.

They discussed some final details with this contract before finally signing it. They had stayed in Nordham City for around half a month.

When they entered Nordham City, a small group left the delegation and headed to the Sack Kingdom’s military magic machine development center to the west of Nordham City.

This small group was not a part of the Lampuri Kingdom’s delegate, but they were people sent by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Their goal was very clear, because in the ceasefire agreement the two countries signed, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce requested the Sack Kingdom to hand over a part of the researchers in the military magic machine development center, so they were here to collect them now.

Seeing these people wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Great Magician Mayev who was in charge of this development center naturally didn’t have a good expression.

“You want us to give you the people? Impossible!” Mayev stopped the other side without any courtesy and his tone was quite impolite.

“Great Magician Mayev, this is the ceasefire contract that your country has signed, you have no rights to stop us.”

The leader of this team was Miss Feywen who had been promoted from the magic machine development center’s manager to a vice manager from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters. She wasn’t worried at all when Great Magician Mayev stopped her and calmly stated the facts for Great Magician Mayev.

“That was signed by those b*stards at the parliament, it isn’t related to us at all!” Great Magician Mayev wouldn’t let them enter at all, “Our development center isn’t managed by the parliament, they have no power over us!”

Actually, the reason why Great Magician Mayev was this angry was mainly because of his hesitation from before.

When the Lampuri Kingdom fought with the Sack Kingdom, the army headquarters had asked the seven Great Magicians, including him, to make a move.

Great Magician Mayev had rejected on the basis that he was focused on his research, so he didn’t go help.

Then five other Great Magicians participated in the war against the Lampuri Kingdom, but based on the news that came back from the frontline, even with these five Great Magicians, they couldn’t face the Lampuri Kingdom’s army.

Even in one battle, when a Great Magician had tried to destroy a Magic Airship, he had been besieged by five Magic Airships and finally fell from the sky.

It was because of this Great Magician falling that the final resistance of the Sack Kingdom was destroyed, making the king and the parliament both agree on offering peace.

After learning that that Great Magician had died, Great Magician Mayev was a bit sad, while also happy.

He was very happy that he didn’t go to war, or if he had died, that really wasn’t something that could be taken back.

At the same time, he felt a bit of guilt because of this.

So when facing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who were the main culprits for killing that Great Magician, Great Magician Mayev was very angry.

However, Feywen didn’t care about him and shook her head before coldly saying, “Great Magician Mayev, I must remind you that although you can not listen to the decision of the Sack Kingdom’s parliament, you have no right to stop the choice of others.”

Great Magician Mayev was surprised, “What do you mean by this? Could it be that you’re saying that my subordinates will choose to go to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

Feywen had a calm faint smile as she pointed behind him, “You can just ask them for their opinions.”

Great Magician Mayev was surprised again. He turned around in a daze and he saw that a bunch of researchers had appeared behind him when he wasn’t aware.

These people had excited and hopeful looks as they looked at Feywen, there wasn’t any disgust or even hatred at all.