Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 141

Great Magician Ferguson already couldn’t remember how many times he came to the Stantine Duchy, to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main base.

He only remembered that every time he came here, he would find that there was a big change here like it was a new place.

For example, he had seen several large buildings before, but they had been surrounded by grassland and there weren’t any signs of humans. But now they were surrounded by a dense number of buildings that had traces of humans all over, looking quite lively.

It was only a developing Frestech City when he came here the first time, but in just a short two to three years of development, it had actually become such a large city. This really was shocking.

What surprised Great Magician Ferguson the most wasn’t the fact that this city was even bigger than the Candra Empire’s Wimbledon City when it came to scale, but rather that this city on the inside and outside was completely different from every traditional city on the continent.

Whether it was the street lamps on both sides of the road or the smooth road underneath him, they were all different from the usual cities.

And compared to seeing the city being filled with the luxurious and tall horse carriages of nobles that normal people wouldn’t even dare think of dreaming of, where most people had dirty clothes and looked ragged, the people of Frestech City all had beautifully crafted clothes and were filled with rigor, looking quite healthy.

The entire city had a powerful energy from head to toe, making people unable to stop themselves from moving faster in the streets.

Although Great Magician Ferguson was already close to sixty years old, he always felt that his mentality was quite young. Compared to the other spiritless cities on the continent, he rather liked the Frestech City that was more filled with life.

The several times he came here, he had seen the great changes each time and even Great Magician Ferguson couldn’t help thinking about moving here.

He even felt that if he lived here, he would be overall younger.

Compared to staying in the gloomy Magicians Guild headquarters all day, this place suited him much better.

However…...he naturally couldn’t do that.

Not only could he do this, his goal this time might destroy everything that had enamoured him about this place.

Thinking of this, Great Magician Ferguson’s good mood suddenly disappeared and his expression sunk quite a bit.

“Your excellency Great Magician, welcome.” A voice that was filled with energy suddenly came from in front of Great Magician Ferguson, making his dark mood disappear a bit.

Great Magician Ferguson looked up and saw a young girl with a round face in front of him, reaching her hand out.

“Yi? Vice chief Evita, why are you here? Where’s chairman Xu?” Great Magician Ferguson asked in a surprised voice.

“Sir chairman had to leave the company a few days ago, so he gave me a special order to welcome your excellency Great Magician.” Akali said with a smile.

Seeing the bright smile on Akali’s face, Great Magician Ferguson’s expression sank a bit more.

When he came here before each time, no matter what the reason was, Xu Yi always came to greet him. This time he had sent notice ahead of time through the Stantine Duchy’s Magicians Guild branch and Xu Yi had left a few days ago, it was clear that he didn’t plan on meeting him.

“This Xu Yi, how bold! Does he really plan on going against our Magicians Guild like this?”

Great Magician Ferguson was unhappy in his heart. Seeing that Akali’s gaze wasn’t that kind, he narrowed his eyes and asked, “Vice chief Akali, if chairman Xu isn’t here, is CEO Kennard also not here?”

“CEO Kennard?” Akali was a bit confused, “Your excellency Great Magician, you came on behalf of the Magicians Guild and Kennard isn’t a magician, so why would you want to see him?”

“He is your company’s CEO and since chairman Xu isn’t here, he is the highest ranking person in your company. I came to see your Frestech Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Magicians Guild, so of course I need to see your highest ranking person.” Great Magician Ferguson said in a deep voice.

“There’s no need, right?” Akali shook her head, “Sir chairman said before leaving that the person sent by the Magicians Guild would talk about something related to magicians. Among the magicians in our company, other than Arch Magus Camilla and chief Evita, I have the highest position, so I’m the most suited to meet you. Your excellency Great Magician, may I ask why you’ve come this time?”

“You…..” Hearing Akali’s casual words, Great Magician Ferguson immediately knitted his brows and filled with rage.

If these really were Xu Yi’s instructions, it meant that he simply didn’t put the Magicians Guild in his eyes at all!

With his status as one of the elders of the Magicians Guild headquarters and the fact that he came on behalf of the Magicians Guild, even if it was in the Marlow Empire or the Candra Empire, it would be the highest ranking person who came forward. However, in this small Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was Akali who didn’t have a high position and was only a Seventh Grade Magician who came forward. This wasn’t giving him or the Magicians Guild headquarters any face!

But he was an experienced person and quickly forced himself to calm down. He coldly looked at Akali and gave a cold snort, “Then you’re planning on making me discuss this matter with you here?”

Akali gave a clap, “Aiya, that was my mistake. Your excellency Great Magician, I’m sorry, please come with me.”

Great Magician Ferguson’s face sunk as he followed behind Akali. He went into the Magic Sedan that Akali drove and after a while, he entered the office the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up in Frestech City.

Akali brought Great Magician Ferguson into a meeting room and after personally making him some tea, she looked at him with a serious look like she was ready to respectfully listen to him.

Great Magician Ferguson looked around the room and found that other than Akali, there were only three staff members that he hadn’t seen before and no one else present.

Moreover, these three staff members were busying themselves with some strange looking machine, not caring about him at all.

This stance was simply too negligent!

It was hard for Great Magician Ferguson to suppress the anger that appeared in his heart again. After forcing down a mouthful of tea, he asked Akali in a deep voice, “Vice chief Akali, you said that your chairman Xu had you come greet me today, then did he say that you can represent the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

“Of course not.” Akali waved her hand with a smile, “I’m just responsible for welcoming you, why would I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

Great Magician Ferguson’s heart filled with even more rage and his face turned dark as he continued, “If it’s like this, what meaning is there in me talking to you?”

Akali gave a shrug, “Sir chairman said that the Magicians Guild wouldn’t have any good intentions, so he just wanted me to listen and not give any opinions…...Ah……” Akali suddenly covered her mouth and blinked a few times before carefully saying, “This…..Your excellency Great Magician, you…...You shouldn’t misunderstand, I didn’t mean that……”

Great Magician Ferguson’s face turned livid and the veins popped out on the hand holding the cup of tea. It took him a lot of effort to suppress the idea of throwing the cup of tea at her.

The Magicians Guild wouldn’t have any good intentions?

Just listen and not give any opinions?

How wild!

This was simply too arrogant!

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce, do they even put the Magicians Guild in their eyes!

Great Magician Ferguson’s hands trembled for a while before he slowly calmed the anger in his heart. He looked at Akali for a while before saying word for word, “Vice chief Akali, please help me tell chairman Xu that my trip this time to represent the Magicians Guild headquarters to give your Frestech Chamber of Commerce a final warning. We hope that you will immediately close the Magic Machine Patent Protection Union and the Magicians Association. All things related to magic are managed by the Magicians Guild and no one else can interfere, do you understand?”

Akali looked at Great Magician Ferguson for a while before suddenly understanding something and asking, “It’s just this?”

Great Magician Ferguson knitted his brows, “It’s just this. What? You still don’t understand?”

“No, I understand.” Akali quickly nodded, “Then other than this? There’s nothing else?”

Great Magician Ferguson looked at Akali with a confused look. This was clearly a smart girl, why was she playing the fool here?

After thinking for a bit, Great Magician Ferguson gave a nod, “Just this for now. If your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can accomplish these two requests, the headquarters has decided to not hold grudges against your company and can even cooperate on patents and the matter of the Low Grade Magicians again. If your Frestech Chamber of Commerce still wants to act out, you will get the consequences you deserve.”

Akali also nodded and then she didn’t say anything else.

Great Magician Ferguson was confused as he looked at her, “Vice chief Akali, do you really understand my meaning?”

“What is there not to understand?” Akali looked at Great Magician Ferguson with a confused look, “Isn’t this what your guild has said many times? I got it and then?”

“And then?” Great Magician Ferguson couldn’t help getting angry, “Vice chief Akali, why do I feel…..that you don’t seem to understand the severity of this? Do you really understand what the warning I bring represents?”

“It’s very serious?” Akali had a confused look and after thinking for a bit, she shook her head, “No, I don’t think that this is serious at all. Sir chairman already said that the matters of the Magicians Guild are small matters, the real important matters are the other……”

After saying this, Akali seemed to have realized her mistake and covered her mouth. She awkwardly looked at Great Magician Ferguson and after blinking a few times, she looked around herself.

Great Magician Ferguson was already fuming at this point. Even if he had a good temper, he couldn’t take it anymore and stood up as he angrily looked at Akali.

“Good! Good! Good! Your chairman Xu and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce really are bold, I want to see how long you can last like this!”

After throwing this down, Great Magician Ferguson flicked his sleeve and left without even turning back.

Akali was like she had received a sign to stand still, watching him quickly disappear.

After Great Magician Ferguson was gone, Akali turned to the three staff members tinkering with the strange machine and asked, “Did you record it?”

One of them nodded at Akali with a smile, “Got it.”

“Good.” Akali turned to look in the direction Great Magician Ferguson had left in before sticking out her tongue, “Humph, if it wasn’t for sir chairman’s orders, who would wnat to act this play out with you……”