Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 150

The “thing that we earned” that Duke Winnes mentioned was the military magic machine technology that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would transfer to the Winnes Duchy, which they would get once they had reached the level of a second grade magic machine industry.

Other than the research, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would also send some technical staff to help the Winnes Duchy digest this research material, allowing them to independently produce military magic machines.

Of course, with the Winnes Duchy’s current magic machine industry, they would at most be able to make low grade military magic machines like the Magic Repeating Crossbows and the small Magic Trebuchets.

What Garn Sauron had just said wasn’t wrong at all. Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave high grade military magic machine technology like the Magic Cannon to the Winnes Duchy, they wouldn’t be able to grasp it.

It had to be known that they could barely grasp the most basic foundations, so they were far from being at the level where they could produce Magic Cannons.

Not to mention anything, there weren’t even enough skilled production magic machine workers in the Winnes Duchy.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s fleet had another task in coming here. Working with the Winnes Duchy, they would be opening a magic machine industry vocational academy in the Winnes Duchy, helping them train as many skilled workers as they could as soon as possible.

Of course, these standards were all drawn by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Strictly speaking, there were several screw bolts on each magic machine and they all strictly followed the standards of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was something that Xu Yi had clearly stated when they were drawing up the cooperation contract.

For a qualified industrial system, the biggest problem was not having a single standard because this would lead to incompatibilities, which would create many problem that would waste more manpower and resources.

On earth, Xu Yi had suffered quite a bit from different standard, but he couldn’t change the industrial system that had already formed on earth. On the Sines Continent, he was the only leader of the magic machine industry, so of course he could stipulate these standards.

Or perhaps, it was that when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t have enough influence, although this was still a very important issue to Xu Yi, he couldn’t enforce this measure. There were even several magic machine companies that thought that they could create their own standard.

But the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s influence couldn’t be compared to, so Xu Yi naturally was able to implement this uniform standard.

Especially for a small country like the Winnes Duchy that was working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi wouldn’t let their domestic magic machine industry develop in a different manner.

Even if the standards that he set weren’t the best, as long as there was a single standard, it would be easier to revise in the future.

For the Winnes Duchy, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s conditions were strict and even inflexible, for a country like them that was building a brand new magic machine industry, it was better for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to have more strict requests. This was because it would save them quite a bit of effort.

Of course, the Winnes Duchy being this passionate and even respectfully following the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guidance in developing their magic machine industry was not just for the benefits it brought. The main reason was because of the military magic machines.

After obtaining the batch of high level military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Duke Winnes immediately sent these high level military magic machines to the guards of the Winnes Duchy with the help of the technical staff sent by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Then with the Magic Repeating Crossbows and the small Magic Trebuchets that they bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Winnes Duchy’s guards had increased their battle strength.

The Winnes Duchy that had an increase in battle strength quickly became restless.

When the spring breeze spread across every inch of the Winnes Duchy, this piece of land that wasn’t that wide had a trace of green that everyone could become excited about. The Winnes Duchy suddenly attacked another duchy to their northeast border, a duchy called the Samarant Duchy.

The Winnes Duchy equipped with the military magic machines far surpassed the army of the Samarant Duchy that still used swords and bows. In less than a single week, they had eliminated all resisting forces in the Samarant Duchy, even taking care of Duke Samarant and his last few loyal subordinates in Duke Samarant’s manor.

The Samarant Duchy had been destroyed.

At the same time, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom that was around a thousand kilometers to the east of the Samarant Duchy, six months after eliminating the Kaki Duchy, had started attacking the Tamiz Kingdom even further north.

Compared to only taking three days to eliminate the Kaki Duchy, this time the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom chose to fight a kingdom, so naturally it would take them much longer.

However, from when the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom dispatched their troops to when they destroyed the Tamiz Kingdom, they had only taken twenty three days.

When this news was spread, it created an even bigger stir than the Winnes Duchy taking only a week to destroy the Samarant Duchy.

The Tamiz Kingdom wasn’t considered that strong among the southeast countries, but it was still a kingdom in the end, it wasn’t on the same scale as a duchy.

The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom being able to easily destroy the Kaki Duchy wasn’t something strange, but to easily destroy the Tamiz Kingdom as well was shocking.

It had to be known, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom was a country with a strange structure, so the people of the southeast countries had never thought that they were that powerful.

Those merchants might have money, but it was impossible for this strange country to become strong with the personality of these merchants because they couldn’t centralize themselves.

Facts proved that the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom had not centralized themselves, which could be seen by the fact that it was only a few companies that had sent out forces to deal with the Kaki Duchy and the Tamiz Kingdom, it wasn’t the entire nation mobilizing their troops.

However, just this was enough to make people afraid of the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom’s power.

Just the guards of a few companies were enough to destroy a kingdom, then if those thirteen companies all came together, how terrifying would they be?

All the countries in the southeast corner of the continent started to panic.

They weren’t afraid of the Winnes Duchy, but they were deeply afraid of the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

With the military power the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom had displayed, as well as the powerful finances supporting them, if they were determined to continue invading other countries, there wasn’t a single country that could stop them.

The southeast corner of the Sines Continent could be considered peaceful, but it had suddenly become tense because of the actions of the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom and the Winnes Duchy.

But many people were confused why these countries had suddenly attacked this fiercely.

If it was just because they obtained a large amount of military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, why couldn’t they wait a bit longer until they were stronger to make a move?

Especially the Winnes Duchy, they had clearly just started working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and not even a year had passed yet, but they were this impatient in invading other countries. Could it be that they weren’t worried that other countries would become vigilant and might destroy them before they had built up their strength?

Anyway, in the strategic contracts that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had signed with the Winnes Duchy, it had never stated that they would support them in fighting wars with other countries.

Then again, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to support them, with their main base being several thousand kilometers away, how could they support them?

“Che, a bunch of naive fellows. They really think that just because it’s several thousand kilometers that we can’t help?”

Garn Sauron looked at the information in the few sheets of paper in his hands and his eyes filled with disdain.

This was his third time in the past month transporting goods to the Winnes Duchy. He had only stayed in the Winnes Duchy for three days and he had already gotten this much news.

This included the reactions of many different powers after the Winnes Duchy invaded the Samarant Duchy.

His vice captain Quincy Rachel on the side shook his head with a smile.

“There’s no other way, you can’t expect a bunch of hicks to know what kind of power our company has right now. Of course, it isn’t strange that they are thinking like this. Even if our company wanted to provide support, it would be hard with the distance of several thousand kilometers. Then again, this Winnes Duchy had attacked this suddenly, so sir chairman definitely isn’t happy and it would be a problem of if he would help them or not.”

“Why would sir chairman be unhappy? If it was me, sir chairman would be very happy after he learned about this.”

“Why?” Quincy Rachel asked in a surprised voice, “This Winnes Duchy isn’t focusing on developing their magic machine industry and are in a rush to invade other countries, sir chairman definitely won’t like this.”

“Look carefully……” Garn Sauron tapped on the spread map on the table, “The Winnes Duchy has carefully chosen their target this time, haven’t you noticed that? Although this Samarant Duchy is smaller than the Winnes Duchy and it may appear to be a poor duchy on the surface, if you look carefully, you will find that they have plenty of value.”