Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 157

“Candra Empire…...They really did something unexpected……”

Xu Yi looked at the official document from the Candra Empire parliament in his hand and there was a surprise that couldn’t be hidden that appeared in his eyes.

This official document didn’t come from the official channel of the Candra Empire, but all the markings on the official document matched that of the Candra Empire, so it was impossible that this was fake.

This meant that this official document represented the will of the Candra Empire and there was no fabrication.

However, the content of the official document had surprised Xu Yi a bit.

Because in this official document, there was the Candra Empire’s first official proposal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to see if they could cooperate.

This compared to the previous vague attitude of the Candra Empire towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a very big change.

Although they didn’t openly cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like the Marlow Empire, this official document was filled with sincerity.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent their guards to Larul Town in the Candra Empire to exterminate the bandits, Xu Yi was prepared for all the responses that the Candra Empire might have. He never expected that the Candra Empire would react in a way that he completely didn’t expect.

A few days ago, the Candra Empire’s government took the initiative to announce that the military action taking by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards in Larul Town was a cooperation with the Candra Empire government.

This event was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce demonstrating to the Candra Empire the uses of the military magic machines in attacking the bandits. The Candra Empire was very satisfied and also had high praise for the excellent display of use of the military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

The Candra Empire government also stated that through this mission, the Candra Empire’s army and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had a deeper understanding of each other. Both sides would cooperate even further when it came to the new method of fighting with military magic machines. The Candra Empire army was also much more interested in the military magic machines…...

In short, the Candra Empire had completely swept away the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards acting on their own. Not only did they not blame the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards for freely entering the Candra Empire, they also didn’t blame them for taking this military action inside the Candra Empire. Rather they covered up desperately for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, while also showing that both sides had a good relationship.

This reaction really was too surprising.

Xu Yi thought that the Candra Empire as an established empire of the continent would always be arrogant. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards heading into their territory and causing trouble this time would definitely anger them.

The Candra Empire not declaring war on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already surprising enough, but now they were even looking to cooperate. This simply made Xu Yi felt like he was in another world.

“This isn’t strange. The Candra Empire was able to last on the continent for this long and has always been one of the strongest empires, so they know how to adapt to different situations and have their own uniqueness.” Arch Magus Camilla didn’t react with disdain towards Xu Yi, “If the people of the Candra Empire are all idiots, they would have been destroyed countless times by other countries.”

“But isn’t this shameful for them? Can they really swallow this anger?” Xu Yi still didn’t dare believe it.

“What can they do if they don’t?” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes at Xu Yi, “Could it be that they could send their armies to declare war on our company? Unless they are crazy, how could it be possible that they can’t see the difference in battle strength between these two armies? Kid, don’t think that I can’t see it, you had no fear in provoking the Candra Empire this time, right?”

“Ha……” Xu Yi laughed into the sky, “I was just using this mission to secretly send a warning to the fellows that want to make a move against our company. If they want to move against us, they have to see if they are good enough.”

“This means……” Arch Magus Camilla thought for a bit before suddenly clapping his hand, “I think that this should be described as the Candra Empire being shot while lying down, right?”

[TL Note: This is an online Chinese idiom which means feeling helpless.]

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

“Getting shot while lying down” was a phrase that he had only used a few times when talking to Still, he never thought that Arch Magus Camilla would also learn it.

“It’s not right to call it that because I chose to act inside of the Candra Empire this time, I wanted to give the Candra Empire a warning.” Xu Yi gave a laugh, “I want them to know that the military magic machines of our company is this strong and if they can’t see this, then they can’t blame me.”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi with a bit of surprise, “Hey, kid, didn’t you always shout about peaceful development and to make everyone gradually accept the change brought by the magic machines? Why did you suddenly become so radical?”

Xu Yi tapped on the thick pile of reports from the company on the table in front of him and his expression turned cold.

“I always felt that if people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. Everyone could see the benefits brought by the magic machines and I wouldn’t need to do anything, they would just slowly develop on the continent. But now I can see that…..for some fellows, if you speak of peace with them, they will think that you are easy to bully. Humph! If they must make me angry, I will properly teach them a lesson so they know to be good.”

Arch Magus Camilla gave a sigh and shook his head, “Then what do you want to do next? Actually, it isn’t just a single person or a single organization that wants to deal with our company.”

“I understand.” Xu Yi nodded before saying in a deep voice, “Since the Candra Empire understands, then I won’t have to waste more effort with them. As for those people who still don’t understand…..the actions taken in the Candra Empire aren’t the first and they won’t be the last.”

Seeing the sharp look that Xu Yi had in his eyes, Arch Magus Camilla revealed a bitter smile.

He never thought that this kid would have a day when he would be forced to be serious.

Those fellows that don’t know anything about Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they might really feel fear this time.


Finland Island was an island that was approximately less than twenty kilometers off the southern shore of the Candra Empire, with a total area of around ten hectares. It could be considered a large island in the surrounding sea area.

The vegetation on the island was dense and there weren't many other resources, so although it was close to the shore, it was in a very remote place. It was also just off the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s sea route, so it was always very deserted.

But for the Blue Beard Pirates, Finland Island was a very good hideout.

Since the damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce worked with the Candra Empire navy to clean out the Candra Empire’s southern seas, as well as wiping out the surrounding pirates, piracy on the seas had been dead. They were very scattered and there weren’t many pirates left.

The Blue Beard Pirates could stay intact because captain Blue Beard had already expected this. He had already pulled out of the Candra Empire’s southern seas and came to this remote island that didn’t have any special resources.

By catching fish, as well as relying on the fruits and prey on the island, the Blue Beard Pirates had been able to last here for a long time.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire navy eased up on their hunting, Blue Beard even led some people to the shore to become robbers.

These days for the Blue Beard Pirates that had been able to move through the waters unhindered wasn’t considered good, but they could still live on.

However, this peaceful lives for the pirates had suddenly stopped when Blue Beard led his subordinates to the shore one time.

This time, Blue Beard and his subordinates had bumped into a bunch of magicians.

In front of these powerful magicians, naturally they couldn’t resist at all.

But what surprised them was that these magicians didn’t kill them, but rather they left a magic mark on each of them and made them swear an oath of loyalty.

So Blue Beard and his two hundred remaining subordinates had strangely become the subordinates of these magicians.

What was even stranger was that after these magicians took them in, it was like they had forgotten about them as they had vanished for a long time.

Until Blue Beard had almost forgotten about this matter when another magician came looking for them, ordering them to prepare to head out to sea.

Blue Beard and all his subordinates were very confused.

These magicians had noble statuses, why did they suddenly come here to be pirates?

However, they couldn’t go against the orders of these magicians at all, so they could only follow the powerful magicians out to sea as they went back to their old profession that they had almost forgotten about.

But when they saw who they were attacking, Blue Beard almost urinated himself out of fear.

Gods! He wouldn’t forget the unique flag of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce even if he was beaten to death!

Blue Beard knew that pirates like them definitely weren’t a match for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet.

But when he urged the magicians to retreat, they had ignored him and had chosen to act personally.

There was no suspense when it came to the ending.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s fleet was terrifying, with twenty High Grade Magicians being led by a Great Magician, they had annihilated them in the end.

After attacking the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s fleet three times with these powerful magicians, there was no fear towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet left in Blue Beard.

He believed that being led by this powerful Great Magician and working with these twenty High Grade Magicians, there was no one that could match them!

The only fear that he had left was that he still didn’t know what the goal of these mysterious and powerful magicians were.

Why did they target the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s fleet?

Could it be that they had some grudge with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?

It was a pity that no matter how much doubt he had, Blue Beard still chose not to question these magicians.

He knew that the more he knew, the faster he would die.

Of course, even if he didn’t know anything, he couldn’t avoid being silenced by these magicians in the end.

He believed that the magicians must be doing something that couldn’t be revealed and he as a trivial pirate was no different from an ant in the eyes of the powerful magicians.

In order to keep their secrets, he could only die in the end.

With this kind of thought, when Blue Beard went out with the magicians to steal, he had already made his preparations.

As long as there was a chance, he would immediately leave these magicians.

As long as he could escape into the seas, with his many years of experience on the seas, he had a 40% chance of living.

Although it was less than half, it was still better than dying at the sides of these mysterious magicians.

Blue Beard who had come up with this secret plan commanded his subordinates to sail the several dozen broken wooden ships and several steel ships they had stolen from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It didn’t take long before they met another fleet on these endless seas.

This fleet was made completely of giant steel ships and there was a flag that had half a wing fluttering on the deck.

There was no doubt this was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s fleet.