Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 170

After looking for a bit, the High Grade Magician who had spoken before suddenly asked Logan about the surrounding factories, “Are the ones that you introduced all normal household magic machine factories? Where are the military magic machine factories?”

Logan and Sarah were surprised, even the other magicians in the car looked at him in surprise.

An important thing like the military magic machines would definitely be a secret for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could it be in such an obvious place?

Moreover, what was this fellow suddenly asking this for?

Logan slightly knitted his brows. After pausing for a bit, he said with a forced out smile, “The military magic machine factories are in a different place, they aren’t here.”

“Oh? Is that so?” That magician then asked, “Can you bring me to see them?”

Logan knitted his brows even more and slowly shook his head, “I’m sorry. The military magic machine factories are in a secret location for our company and without authorization, people aren’t allowed to go there.”

“Alright, I understand.” That magician didn’t keep asking and turned to look out the glass. He pointed at a shiny cylinder in the distance that was letting out smoke and asked, “What is that place?”

Logan looked at where he was pointing, “Oh, that is one of our company’s steel mill. The steel mills are used for……”

Logan wanted to explain the use of the steel mill, but that magician’s finger pointed in the direction of the steel pill suddenly released a bright glow.

The other magicians in the same care were shocked and they all looked at his finger with terrified looks.

After a while, there was a sea of flames that filled the sky above the steel mill in the distance. In the smoke, there was an incomparably large fireball that appeared and fell like a meteor, slamming down on the steel mill.

The several dozen meter tall steel mill was hit by the fireball and exploded, causing countless terrifying shockwaves to spread in all directions.


The giant sound and powerful shockwaves were heading in the direction of the large passenger Magic Car that Logan’s group was in, but then there was an invisible barrier that cut it in half.

After the smoke disappeared, Logan looked at where the steel mill was and found that there was only flat ground. There wasn’t a single trace of the steel mill left.

Logan turned back in a daze to look at that magician’s glowing fingertip. He opened his mouth, but he was so shocked that he couldn’t say a single thing.

The other magicians in the car also looked at this magician in shock, as their eyes filled with terror.

Although they were only Low Grade Magicians, they had a basic understanding of magic.

That earth shaking spell that destroyed the grand looking steel mill wasn’t a normal spell, but rather a certain Fire Forbidden Spell.

To be able to use a Forbidden Spell, one had to be at least a peak Ninth Grade Magician or even a Great Magician.

And this magician had been so relaxed in releasing this spell, just like taking a single breath and not wasting any effort. He must be stronger than a normal Great Magician, even possibly being… Arch Magus!

When the word Arch Magus appeared in the minds of these magicians, all of these people couldn’t help stop breathing.

Arch Magus? That was an expert that was at the peak of all magicians on the continent!

Why would an Arch Magus suddenly come here?

Why would he suddenly use a Forbidden Spell to destroy one of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s steel mill?

While everyone had gazes of doubt, there was a sharp cry that suddenly rang out in the car.

Everyone turned in a daze to see that Sarah was already on the ground, covering her head. She was shaking while sobbing, looking like she was panicking.

Logan was awakened by Sarah’s scream. After looking at Sarah, his face quickly recovered his calm from before and he turned to that magician from before as he asked, “Your excellency, just who are you?”

The magician looked at Logan and there was a look of praise that appeared in his eyes as he gave a nod, “Not bad, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s subordinates have this kind of courage and wisdom, it’s no wonder you can develop so well in just a few years. But it’s a pity that your chairman doesn’t understand the depths of heaven and earth.”

After saying this, he patted the shoulder of his companion and the two stood up before waving his hand at Logan, “Young man, I can see that you’re not bad, so you should hurry and leave while you still have the chance. Don’t be buried with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

After saying this, he didn’t care about their reactions as the two of them flickered together. When they appeared again, they were already flying in the sky.

“Camilla, come out and receive the guests. With such a loud move, I don’t believe that you can’t hear me.”

A clear voice rang out in the sky, it was the magician who had just made a move.

As soon as his voice fell, there were several spatial vortexes that appeared in the air before several figures appeared.

Arch Magus Camilla looked at the steel mill that was in a sea of flames and turned to angrily look at the magician as he asked, “Who are you? Why would you suddenly do this?”

Xu Yi beside Arch Magus Camilla had a calmer look. He just looked at the steel mill before landing on the ground, listening to the reports of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s staff.

That magician looked down at Xu Yi who was managing things on the ground and asked in an interested voice, “That is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu Yi? He really is young. He could become a Great Magician at his age, I have to say that he really is talented when it comes to magic. I think…..that as long as he has enough time, he should be able to become an Arch Magus? He might even have a chance of challenging the border and becoming a Great Magus that no one has reached in a thousand years.”

His companion beside him gave a cold snort, “It’s a pity that he will die today and will have no chance to become a Great Magus.”

“Right, it’s a pity that he will die today.” That Arch Magus gave a long sigh, “Ai, if possible, I want to see this kind of talented magician continue on the path of magic and see where he ends up. But…..who told him to seek the path of death?”

As soon as he said this, he pointed at Xu Yi on the ground.

There was a thin black line that came from his finger, already reaching Xu Yi’s back.

That black line was about to reach Xu Yi’s back when there was a strange spatial fluctuation that appeared. It created a small black hole that swallowed the black line and disappeared.

This process didn’t even last a second and Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff standing with Xu Yi didn’t even notice a thing. Xu Yi acted like he didn’t notice it as he didn’t look back at all, talking to the staff members still.

The magician and his companion looked at each other before revealing surprised looks.

That thin black line that he shot out looked normal, but it was the spatial distortion magic that he had developed himself that he was most proud of, which was also the strongest magic that he could control.

But against this normal looking, but actually terrifying magic, Xu Yi acted like it didn’t exist which was really surprising to him.

“It seems like chairman Xu’s level of magic isn’t boasted.” That magician turned to look at Arch Magus Camilla and his expression became serious.

He could tell that Arch Magus Camilla didn’t make a move at all.

This meant that Xu Yi had relied on his own power to deflect the Spatial Distortion Beam.

To completely resist his magic like this, it meant that Xu Yi had a deep understanding of spatial magic. This meant that as a Great Magician, he wasn’t like this “fake” Great Magicians that everyone praised.

Arch Magus Camilla stared at them and narrowed his eyes even more.

When that magician acted, he was certain that this fellow he was facing wasn’t a Ninth Grade Magician, or even a Great Magician. He was without a doubt an Arch Magus who was at the same level as him.

But he felt that this was right after thinking about it.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already proved that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards could kill Great Magicians, there was no need to mention that Arch Magus Camilla was also here. If it was a Great Magician, they wouldn’t come here to cause trouble because that was seeking their own death.

So since the other side dared to come and make a move, it meant that they would be a powerful magician at the Arch Magus rank.

The problem was that other than this Arch Magus, there was a company beside him who never made a move. Was he also an Arch Magus?

It was fine if it was a single Arch Magus, but it really would be troublesome if there were two Arch Magi.

Like he could see the doubt in Arch Magus Camilla’s heart, that magician said with a faint smile, “Right, I forgot to introduce myself. Hello, Camilla, this is our first time meeting. I am Levin Hasko and the one beside me is my companion Sarandal Clay. I think that… should have heard of our names before.”

Hearing these two names, the eyes of Arch Magus Camilla instantly shrank.