Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 172

The countless fireballs and beams of light landed on Levin Hasko’s magic barrier without surprise, turning into explosions that almost lit up the entire sky.

Inside the flames, there was a cold voice.

“Chairman Xu, didn’t you say that you wanted to challenge me alone? I thought that since you could become a Great Magician at such a young age, you would have some abilities, but I never thought that you would be trash that would rely on external force to challenge me! You really have disappointed me!”

Although the Magic Shells and Magic Beams kept shooting at Levin Hasko without stopping and explosions filled the air, his voice was able to penetrate through the sounds of the explosions, not being affected by them at all.

Xu Yi looked at the sky that was lit up and slightly knitted his brows. He raised the Magic Communicator on his left wrist again and said, “Continue monitoring his magic fluctuations. If there is any change, prepare to use the spatial disturbance. Pay attention, the other side is very sensitive to changes in magic, so he can easily move four to five meters in an instant.”

“Understood.” There was a voice that was kept low on the other side, “Sir chairman, you have to be careful. We need some time to collect data from him.”

“No problem.” Xu Yi lowered his wrist and took a deep breath. He focused his magic and created a magic channel with spatial magic which also allowed him to clearly send his voice through.

“Senior Hasko, you just said that you were very interested in my level of magic, but I’m not interested in studying magic like normal magicians and I focus on studying magic machines. I believe that you should have heard this before, right?”

“Humph, what about it?”

“Look, the normal magic machines can’t demonstrate the might of the magic machines I research, so I transferred our company’s strongest military magic machines to give you a demonstration. What do you think?”

Levin Hasko in the explosions was silent for a bit before a soft sigh came out.

“I must admit that the military magic machines you’ve developed are very interesting. Although they aren’t worth mentioning to me, each attack has the might of a Sixth or even a Seventh Grade Magician, which is equal to countless Sixth or Seventh Grade Magicians as helpers. If it was against normal people or normal armies, it would be effective, but Xu Yi, did you forget something……”


With a loud sound, the explosions around Levin Hasko were suddenly stopped by a blue light that was visible to the eye.

The Magic Shells and Magic Beams could still reach Levin Hasko before. But now that he had opened up his magic barrier, the Magic Shells and Magic Beams were kept a full hundred meters away from him.

Although there were still explosions, but it didn’t look as threatening as before even though it looked even more beautiful.

Levin Hasko’s cold laugh came from inside the magic barrier.

“Xu Yi, I admit that your small tricks are useful in dealing with lower grade magicians or even against Great Magicians, but don’t you forget, I am an Arch Magus! To be honest, you want to break my magic barrier with attacks of this level of attack? That is far from enough!”

Xu Yi looked at the magic barrier that didn’t give way. Levin Hasko was able to block these Magic Shells and Magic Beams just with his powerful magic. He couldn’t help shaking his head.

Of course he knew that it was impossible to break an Arch Magus’ magic barrier with this kind of attack, but this wasn’t his goal to begin with. Rather, what he wanted to do was collect data.

“Xu Yi, two minutes have already passed, you still have three minutes left.” Levin Hasko’s voice rang out again.

But this time his voice wasn’t filled with taunting like before, there was a bit of a slur and wasn’t as clear as before.

Xu Yi looked at Levin Hasko in the distance and after thinking for a bit, he raised his right hand and gathered all his magic.

The clear sky was suddenly filled with thick clouds and electricity appeared among them, looking very powerful.

Levin Hasko looked up and revealed an interested smile.

“Wild Thunder Snake Dance? Ha, that is more like it. No matter what you are the youngest Great Magician in the history of the continent, if you couldn’t even release a single Forbidden Spell, that would be too much. Although this Wild Thunder Snake Dance is only a basic Wind Forbidden Spell, you could make it take shape in such a short period of time, so that means your grasp of it isn’t bad. You are worthy of the title Great Magician.”

Xu Yi didn’t say a thing, looking like he was focused on his spell while also saying into the Magic Communicator on his wrist, “When the magic falls, open up the spatial disruption.”

“Sir chairman, we need forty seconds to release the spatial disruption, please hold on during this time.” Evita’s voice came from the Magic Communicator.

Based on her voice, one could tell that Evita was clearly worried.

“Forty seconds?” Xu Yi looked at the clouds in the sky and nodded, “Alright, I’ll restrain him.”

After saying this, Xu Yi looked at Levin Hasko in the distance and said in a clear voice, “Senior Hasko, this is the Forbidden Spell that I am most confident with out of the three Forbidden Spells I know, please have a look.”

As soon as his voice fell, Xu Yi released his magic. There was a strong churning in the clouds in the sky as an exceptionally thick bolt of lightning fell from the clouds, slamming into Levin Hasko’s magic barrier.

“Chi la! Peng!”

The lightning turned into countless snakes after hitting the magic barrier as the sound of the bolt of lightning hitting the magic barrier was heard.

Such terrifying lightning, such a terrifying sound, it was even scarier than natural lightning during thunderstorms.

However, there was only a blue twinkle that came from Levin Hasko’s magic barrier and nothing else happened.

But Levin Hasko inside the magic barrier revealed a serious look for the first time.

He looked at the clouds in the sky and narrowed his eyes as he muttered to himself, “Hei, this kid can actually cast the Wild Thunder Snake Dance so well, it’s no wonder he could become a Great Magician at such a young age. His talent for magic really is shocking. Based on this, in less than ten years, he might be able to break through to become an Arch Magus.”

Thinking this, there was a trace of killing intent that appeared in Levin Hasko’s eyes.

He would kill Xu Yi no matter what today. If he could escape and hide away to practice, when he became an Arch Magus, he might not be his match.

Turning to look at Xu Yi in the distance who was focused on releasing the Wild Thunder Snake Dance, Levin Hasko had made a decision.

Once the five minutes he had said were up, he would immediately make a move and kill this fellow.

Although he did feel a bit of pity from making a Great Magician with this kind of promise fall.

Who told this fellow to challenge the silent authority of all the magicians on the Sines Continent?

A talented magician wasn’t terrifying, the order that the magicians of the continent had observed for thousands of years was terrifying.

“Chi la la la la la.”

After the first bolt of lightning, the clouds in the sky kept churning as countless bolts of lighting fell like rain. They filled the sky like strips of light that completely dyed the sky white.

Each bolt of lightning fell down on Levin Hasko’s magic barrier without missing, causing a flash of blue light.

Levin Hasko suddenly found that opening up a magic barrier of several hundred meters was a bit rash.

This would force him to face all the attacks of the Wild Thunder Snake Dance.

However, the Wild Thunder Snake Dance was a Forbidden Spell in the end. Even if he didn’t put a single Forbidden Spell in his eyes as an Arch Magus, forcefully taking it was a bit hard for him.

But no matter what, he wasn’t willing to pull back his magic barrier in front of Xu Yi because that was too embarrassing.

Carefully sensing how much magic it would take to maintain this magic barrier, Levin Hasko felt assured.

Although the might of this Wild Thunder Snake Dance Xu Yi released was stronger than he imagined, it still wasn’t enough to pose any threat to him.

“I really can’t underestimate this kid.” Levin Hasko muttered in his heart as he finally became serious. He took back the focus he had on Xu Yi and focused on maintaining his magic barrier.

There was still two minutes left of the five minutes that he promised Xu Yi.

No matter how shocking this kid’s talent was, it was impossible for him to maintain this powerful Wild Thunder Snake Dance for two full minutes.

This meant that once his spell stopped, Levin Hasko could easily kill him.

However, Levin Hasko watched the wild explosions of the countless bolts of lightning and suddenly felt a powerful and strange magic fluctuation from far away.

With how powerful this magic fluctuation was, even he as an Arch Magus couldn’t help being surprised.

When he looked in the direction of that magic fluctuation, he was surprised to find that Xu Yi…..was actually gone!