Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 175


After the incomparably bright white lights exploded, there was a mushroom cloud that appeared. Even being ten kilometers away, Xu Yi and everyone around him could feel the clear vibrations in the air.

After a while, the giant explosion sound reached them.

Even if it was ten kilometers away, this sound was still deafening.

Xu Yi waited for a bit before putting down the glowing glass lens that was at his nose and said to Akali beside him, “Expand the chaotic magic space range and search for signs of life and magic at the site of the explosion, determine if Levin Hasko is dead or not.”

Everyone looked at the mushroom cloud that slowly rose in the distance in a daze, but after Xu Yi said it again, Akali turned over in a daze to look at Xu Yi.

“Sir…...Sir chairman, you… said that that Arch Magus… dead?”

Hearing this question, everyone looked at Xu Yi with the same stunned expression.

Seeing their reactions, Xu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

These fellows still weren’t willing to believe that an Arch Magus could die?

But it was right when he thought about it. Arch Magi had always been experts that were like gods on the continent and in the minds of normal people, other than dying of old age, there was no other reason they would die.

“Wouldn’t you know if you scanned for signs of life and magic?” Xu Yi snappily said.

“Ah? Oh……”

Even if it was Akali who was normally lively, she was stunned at this time.

Hearing Xu Yi give this order again, she turned to the panel in front of her in a dace and pressed two buttons.

An illusion came from this panel and it showed them the area where Xu Yi had brought Levin Hasko for their duel before.

Everyone came around and they were all focused on this illusion.

There were two ripples that went one after another going slowly from left to right, showing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Life Survey Array and Magic Fluctuation Survey Array were working.

Everyone kept watching those two ripples, following it from the far left of the screen to the far right.

After the first ripple that represented the life search swept through, there weren't any dots on the screen that represented signs of life.

After the second ripple that represented the magic fluctuation search swept through, other than some messy lines on the screen, there wasn’t a single dot that appeared.

Based on these two scans, they were certain that in this region, there wasn’t a living person left.

Of course, the place where that terrifying explosion was, it was clear that no one could live through that.

However, everyone still wasn’t willing to believe and urged Akali to search two more times, but there were no changes.

Akali looked up at Xu Yi with a look of disbelief.

“Sir chairman…...could…..could it be…...could it be that that Arch Magus… really dead?”

“What? You can’t accept that an Arch Magus can die?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Everyone nodded.

“This isn’t unacceptable.” Xu Yi gave a shrug with a relaxed look, “Arch Magi are still people in the end, they aren’t gods. When receiving an attack that goes beyond the scope that he can take, it isn’t strange for him to die.”

“But……” Akali couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva and not knowing what to say.

Although she had been involved in the plan against the Arch Magus the entire time and she had controlled how everything would work, even pressing the button to launch that final attack against Levin Hasko, even now she still couldn’t accept that the other side would really die.

That was an Arch Magus!

Gods, what kind of people were Arch Magi? They were the very peak of all magicians! The people closest to gods!

Although it wasn’t as if there weren’t any Arch Magi that fell, the last time that an Arch Magus fell was nearly a thousand years ago!

As the Great Magus disappeared from the continent, the Arch Magus were the ones at the top. Not to mention them falling, there wouldn’t even be anyone other than an Arch Magus that would want to fight them, alright!

However, this time, other than Xu Yi, not a single one of them was a Great Magician. Even Xu Yi hadn’t truly made a move, but they had killed an Arch Magus?

This was simply too unbelievable!

Seeing the looks of disbelief on the faces of the people around him, Xu Yi helplessly shook his head.

He was someone who transmigrated from earth, so he wasn’t like the locals of the Sines Continent, thinking that Arch Magi were people that no one could offend.

Although that final blow was indeed very powerful, Xu Yi felt that compared to the ultimate weapons of earth, the nuclear bombs, it was still far lacking.

Levin Hasko was a powerful Arch Magus, but he couldn’t even withstand this kind of attack which made Xu Yi a bit disappointed.

Of course, this result had already been confirmed with countless experiments, so there was no surprise.

Akali and the others had participated in this experiment with Arch Magus Camilla, but they were never willing to accept this fact since it had challenged their normal thoughts too much.

Turning to look at the mushroom cloud that was already disappearing in the distance, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

This time he had succeeded in killing Levin Hasko, this Arch Magus. Not only did it simply prevent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s base from being destroyed, it represented something much more important.

For everyone on the Sines Continent, Arch Magi were the top people who couldn’t be challenged. If a country had an Arch Magus, it was equal to a country on earth who had a nuke.

However, now that Xu Yi had crushed that myth with facts, showing everyone that Arch Magi aren’t that terrifying, it was equal to completely subverting the cemented thoughts in the minds of people.

Xu Yi could imagine once this news was spread, what kind of uproar it would cause.

For example, the fellows in front of him, it would take them a long time just to digest this news…...

When he thought about the influence of this and how to handle it, Xu Yi felt magic fluctuations from beside him.

Xu Yi and Akali’s group who were in a daze focused at the same time before relaxing again.

From the black hole that was releasing the magic fluctuations, Arch Magus Camilla appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing everyone’s serious expression, Arch Magus Camilla waved his hand before asking Xu Yi, “What’s the situation?”

Xu Yi asked back, “Grandfather, why are you back? Where’s that other Arch Magus? Did you decide it with him?”

Arch Magus Camilla knitted his brows, “When we were in the middle of fighting, he suddenly ran and I couldn’t stop him. Did something happen here? Why do you all look like this?”

Xu Yi turned back to look at Akali and the others who still hadn’t reacted and gave a shrug, “it’s nothing, it’s just that these fellows find it a bit hard to accept that an Arch Magus has died.”

“Died?” Arch Magus Camilla came to Xu Yi’s side with a speed that didn’t match his age and grabbed his collar, “Did you say that he died?”

Xu Yi looked at Arch Magus Camilla with a surprised gaze. He thought that his reaction was greater than Akali’s group. Perhaps it was because he was also an Arch Magus that he had some sympathy for him.

“Un, he should be dead.”

“He really died? Are you joking? Where’s the corpse?” Arch Magus Camilla kept asking.

“Alright, I’m only 90% sure that he’s dead. As for the corpse……” Xu Yi spread his hands, “It should be blown to pieces, so there shouldn’t be any corpse.”

Arch Magus Camilla looked up at where the explosion had been and with a thought, he already disappeared from this space.

After a while, he appeared again and there was a strange ring in his hand.

“What is this thing?” Seeing Arch Magus Camilla look at ring with a complicated look, Xu Yi asked this in a curious voice.

Arch Magus Camilla gave a sigh, “This should be the famous Doomsday Elf Ring, which is said to be one of the treasures of the elf royal family, which Levin Hasko was said to have had. Such a previous treasure, Levin Hasko definitely wouldn’t throw it away, so…..he should really be dead……”

“Oh……” Xu Yi casually said before the final bit of worry in his heart also disappeared.

He wasn’t an Arch Magus in the end, so he didn’t know what kind of special life saving methods they would have. However, now that even Arch Magus Camilla said that Levin Hasko was dead, he could feel assured.

Arch Magus Camilla gave a sigh before giving the Doomsday Elf Ring in his hand to Xu Yi.

“You can take this ring. The Doomsday Elf Ring is said to contain a big secret of the elves and it is a very powerful magic item, it can help you increase your magic level if you keep it. Other than that, the existence of this ring would make it more credible if you spread the news that Levin Hasko is dead.”

Hearing Arch Magus Camilla’s final words, Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“Don’t look at me like that, I know what you are thinking kid.” Arch Magus Camilla turned to look at the area of the explosion in the distance with a bit of sadness in his eyes, “From this day forth, the position of magicians will experience an earth shaking change. This world…...already no longer belongs to magicians……”

“Isn’t this a good thing?” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Magicians will still be special, but people will no longer need to feel awe, just respect. The value and status of magicians won’t change, it’s just that…..the area will change.”

Arch Magus Camilla took a deep look at Xu Yi and gave a slight nod, “I hope so.”