Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 22

The hot sun finally disappeared over the horizon and darkness filled the sky bit by bit, also bringing along a cool breeze, making the hot and dry Lawuca City finally become much more comfortable.

With the dark sky and the cool weather, people came out of their houses, but they only stayed in the shade in groups under the trees near their houses before. However, tonight the people of Lawuca City were gathered in the small square by the east gate, all waiting for something.

“Hey, Xuni, you’re also here.”

“Of course I came, today is the most important third episode. I can’t wait to see if the elven prince died in the end. Linka, do you think he will die?”

“Pei! That crow mouth, how could he die! He is that handsome!”


“Yo, old Kodo, aren’t you unwilling to come out with your Magic Air Conditioner, why are you willing to come all the way here?”

“What? I can’t come? Today is the third episode, if I don’t come and see it, how would I know what happened after? Speaking of this, Ritz, do you think that general Lokaf is an idiot? It’s clearly a trap, but he still brought his men in. When we suffered in the war against the elves, was it because of this idiot……”


“Oh, dear Kardashian, I waited for a long time and you’re finally here. Come, please sit down, where did we stop last time?”

“Hey, dear Sephora, I’m really happy to see you again. Last time? I remember that we were discussing if the necklace on the elven princess was the legendary Moon God’s Blessing. You said that it looked different compared to the legends, but I don’t think that it’s all that important…..”


Lawuca City was a small city in the eastern Lampuri Kingdom. There were less than twenty thousand people in this city and there were currently four thousand people gathered in this small square. The square was completely filled without leaving a single gap.

There were even young people on the edges of the square who were also staring at the empty space by the city wall. They were talking about the same thing as the people in the square, with heated discussions and even arguments breaking out.

Although the discussion in the dense crowd was different, they were all focused on the same time. This was the third episode of the «Sines Love and Hate».

This «Sines Love and Hate» is the newest series from the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, focused on the race wars from three thousand years ago.

The plot of the story was about a sequence of events during the war between humans and elves, mainly focusing on the love story of a human girl and an elven prince.

The main story line was the love story between this elven prince and the human girl, describing how the human girl had fallen in love with the elven prince, but because of the conflict between the two races, there were various things that stopped them from being together.

Although this series had only released two episodes, because of the splendid story, telling the love story between elves and humans that people loved to hear about, countless people loved it when it was released.

Moreover, the Illusion Film was a rare thing in itself. Without the appearance of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, the people of the Sines Continent had never heard of this novel thing before. So every time the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had a showing, all the people of Lawuca City came out and it became very lively.

Still who was on Lawuca City’s wall looked down at the crowd in the square and turned to ask the subordinate beside her, “How are the preparations?”

“They’re all prepared, miss chairman.” The subordinate respectfully said, “There’s still ten minutes before the broadcast, do you think……”

“Go.” Still waved her hand and the subordinate understood. Several people waiting on the side headed off the wall and went into the square.

It would be eight in ten minutes, which was when the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had announced would be the showing time for the third episode of «Sines Love and Hate».

Broadcasting on time was something that Still always focused on.

Up to now, the New moon Chamber of Commerce had set up over seventy three public broadcast areas in a total of fifty seven cities in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Stantine Duchy, and the Rudson Kingdom. Each place would set a show time in advance and all seventy three places would broadcast at the same time.

Because Lawuca City was the newest city for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, Still had personally come to inspect the work done here.

Right now she could see that the staff here were doing well, there weren’t any mistakes at all.

“Hey, dear chairman Still, it’s about to start broadcasting, you aren’t going down to watch?” A delicate laugh came from behind her.

Still slightly knitted her brows before quickly relaxing it and turning around with a smile, “I believe that my subordinates will do well, so I don’t need to go myself. Madame Welluci, why aren’t you going down to watch? Could it be that you aren’t interested in this film?”

This person called Madame Walluci was a woman who wasn’t forty yet. She was wearing a long red skirt with a bright flower on her head, looking quite beautiful. She swayed as she walked, giving off a very charming appearance.

Hearing Still’s question, she used the small fan in her hand to cover her mouth and gave another laugh before saying, “There’s so many people gathered down there and it’s burning people to death, I’m not willing to go down.”

Still’s lips couldn’t help twitching. She wanted to turn to leave and not look at this woman in front of her again.

This Madame Welluci always relied on her status as the wife of the City Lord, so she always had an arrogant appearance that made others feel disgusted.

It was a good thing that she didn’t show this in front of Still, so Still could barely accept this.

“The third episode is an important part of the story, if you don’t watch it, you won’t understand the future developments. Don’t you think that it would be a pity?” Still kept her temper in check as she said this with a smile.

“No, of course I will watch it, but to let me be with all these people, especially those stinky men and the commoners, I can’t accept that.” Madame Welluci didn’t hide her disdain for the people in the square, “Chairman Still, can’t you think of a way for me and the other nobles to have our own watching area?”

Still looked at her and shook her head, “I’m sorry, our company currently doesn’t have the ability to prepare so many viewing areas, so we can’t satisfy your request. But if you don’t want to watch with others, I do have a solution.”

“Oh? What solution?” Madame Welluci asked in an excited voice.

“Our company’s viewing areas are based on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Illusion Projectors, but they are just at a bigger scale. If you’re willing, you can purchase a personal Magic Illusion Projector from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and buy the discs from us to watch these movies even from your home.”

After saying this, Still couldn’t help revealing a smile of self ridicule.

In the last half a year, she had been trying to increase the sales of the household Magic Illusion Projector. She even worked with the Azshara Tribe to develop the memory box that worked with the Magic Illusion Projector. She had said this so many times that it became very smooth, to the point where she could even say it without pausing without even thinking about it.

“Household Magic Illusion Projector?” Madame Welluci’s eyes opened wide as she said in an exaggerated manner, “This is my first time hearing about this. Chairman Still, if I buy it, would I be the first person in Lawuca City?”

Still revealed a faint smile, how could she not know what Madame Welluci was thinking. She said with a nod, “Yes.”

“That’s great.” Madame Welluci gave another fake laugh, “The Madame Still, I’ve decided to buy one of those household Magic…..Magic……”

“Magic Illusion Projector and the attached memory box.” Still reminded her.

“Right, right, right, that. Chairman Still, money isn’t a problem, I hope that you can send that thing to my personal manor as soon as possible. I want to show a personal showing in my manor, oh, ho, ho, ho, ho……”

Still forced down the urge to cover her ears and continued, “Madame Welluci, I have to remind you that because we guaranteed public showings first, the memory boxes will not be able to follow up with the «Sines Love and Hate». So if you want to see the third episode as soon as possible, the best choice would be to watch it in the square, there is no other choice.”

Madame Welluci’s expression froze and she couldn’t help saying in a loud voice, “Based on what! I’ve spent all that money and I have to watch it later than those lowly peasants? Chairman Still, don’t you think that this is too unreasonable?”

Hearing the phrase “lowly peasants”, Still’s expression immediately became cold. She wanted to curse her out, but she still endured it and patiently explained, “I really am sorry, because of the technology, it’s hard to satisfy your requests. But although we cannot let you watch these films as soon as possible now, wouldn’t you be able to watch it in a more relaxed environment?”

Madame Welluci’s expression changed several times before she gave a strong snort and said with a dark look, “Alright, but no matter what, you should deliver the projector thing you were talking about to my manor as soon as possible. We’ll do it like this.”

After throwing these words behind, Madame Welluci turned to leave without even saying goodbye to Still.

Seeing Madame Welluci walking off the wall, Still gave a sigh. A few gold coins really were hard to earn.

She didn’t experience this before, she just knew that it must have been hard for Xu Yi, but after becoming the New Moon Chamber of Commerce’s chairman and racking her brain to think of a way for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to develop, she realized just how hard it was for Xu Yi to build the Frestech Chamber of Commerce out of nothing.

However, this was the path that she chose. Xu Yi had urged her against this several times, but he couldn’t change her mind, so she had to take all these difficulties.

Still let out a sigh and turned to look at the square under the wall. Her eyes fell down onto a young couple where a two to three year old child was sitting on the father’s neck and she quickly thought of what Akali had told her when she went to the magic research facility with Still that day.

“Danger?” Still shook her head.

She had already known Xu Yi for over eight years and had been together for close to seven years. She knew what kind of person Xu Yi was and didn’t worry about the problems that Akali had been worried about.

But to be together like these two people, it was indeed a problem.

Still slightly knitted her brows and watched the young couple and their child laughing together in the square while falling into deep thought.