Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 28

“Captain, do you think this fellow is an idiot? He actually blocked our attack, does he think that a Great Magician is invincible?”

In one of the Magic Airships, a Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard looked at Great Magician Randy in the air with a look of disbelief.

Hart who was in charge of this Magic Airship gave a laugh, “It’s clear that this fellow doesn’t know the might of the fellow under our feet. Alright, everyone receive your orders, continue attacking. Don’t let the other side’s Great Magician make a move, we will buy time for our sir chairman and Great Magician Juna.”


There were voices of agreement that came from a large version of the Magic Communicator in the Magic Airship’s cabin.

After a while, the same light blue lights appeared in front of the ten Magic Airships before turning dark blue. It became brighter and brighter, as it condensed ten balls of light.

Great Magician Randy in the air slightly knitted his brows.

He could feel powerful magic fluctuations from these ten balls of light. It was clear that these ten balls of light were the same kind of magic attack.

But he didn’t care at all. Compared to these ten Magic Airships in front of him, what he should care about more was the Great Magician that had snuck into the dungeon.

“I’ll just quickly take care of these flies. If that fellow is able to save the people, I won’t be able to explain to the duchess.”

Great Magician Randy made his decision when the ten balls of light flew out from the Magic Airships.

These ten balls of light were incredibly fast. As soon as they left the Magic Airship, they were already in front of Great Magician Randy.

It was a good thing that Great Magician Randy had just released his barrier, so he didn’t panic at all. He coldly looked at the ten Magic Airships and raised his right hand, preparing to attack them.


“Hong, hong, hong, hong……”

However, when the first ball of light hit the barrier, Great Magician Randy immediately noticed that something was wrong.

The might of this ball of light was actually the same as the attack from before, it was equal to a spell from a peak Ninth Grade Magician.

There was only one before, but now there were ten of them!

With a series of explosions, although Great Magician Randy didn’t receive any damage from being behind his barrier, his face was a bit pale.

Even if he was a Great Magician, to block ten attacks from Ninth Grade Magicians with his magic barrier was not an easy thing to do.

In order to block these ten attacks, the magic that he had consumed definitely wasn’t negligible.

After the light of those magic attacks disappeared, when Great Magician Randy looked at those ten Magic Airships again, the disdain in his eyes was gone.

Although he still didn't know what these ten flying iron monsters were, based on their use, they were like the legendary Magic Battleships of the elven race. They could fly in the air and attack with magic.

Of course, it was impossible for them to be the same since the legends from the race wars stated that even a human Arch Magus wouldn’t be able to block an elven Magic Battleship.

But even if they only had a tenth of the elven Magic Battleships’ might, ten ships added together couldn’t be underestimated.

Great Magician Randy took a deep breath and began to take this seriously. He activated the magic in his body and disappeared from that spot.

This was the advantage of Great Magicians over normal magicians, one could use Spatial Magic once they became a Great Magician.

Being able to use Spatial Magic meant that they could move anywhere in space, which would without a doubt give him the greatest initiative on a battlefield.

However, when Great Magician Randy disappeared, the ten Magic Airships started to separate from each other.

“Hei, this fellow is using teleportation, does he think we can’t take care of him?” The guard beside Hart gave another laugh filled with disdain, “We’ve fought with Great Magician Juna over a hundred times, how could we not know how to deal with him?”

Hart beside him ignored this and looked at the red dot on the platform in front of him before suddenly shouting, “Number 4, ascend immediately! The rest, all of you aim at a 3 o’clock direction on my order! Three…..Two…..One! Everyone fire!”

A Magic Airship suddenly started ascending as the other nine Magic Airships condensed the balls of light again. After a while, they shot them below the Magic Airship that had just ascended.

There was nothing there before, but after the nine balls of light came over, Great Magician Randy appeared.

Great Magician Randy appeared out of space and didn’t see the Magic Airship that was there. There were nine balls of light that suddenly flew at him, causing him to feel shocked. He quickly used all his magic and released his magic barrier.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong……”

With a scattering of light, Great Magician Randy who was inside the magic barrier had an even paler face and there was a sliver of blood that came out the side of his mouth.

Because he was in a rush this time, he didn’t prepare himself, so his magic barrier wasn’t perfect.

Although he wouldn’t be seriously injured from the might of the nine balls of light, because his barrier couldn’t completely block the nine balls of light, his internal organs had been shocked by the explosion.

However, what shocked and unsettled him the most was that he couldn’t understand, how did the other side know where he would appear and attack beforehand?

But reality didn’t give him time to consider this. After he had blocked the nine balls of light, the number 4 ship in the air shot a ball of light down at him, falling right onto Great Magician Randy’s head.

Great Magician Randy’s expression changed. He no longer used his magic barrier to block it as he disappeared, using Spatial Magic to avoid it.

But it was no different from before. When Great Magician Randy appeared, the Magic Airship he expected to be there was already gone and there were nine different balls of light that shot at him.

It was a good thing that he was prepared ahead of time and released his magic barrier the moment he appeared, so he wasn’t hurt like before.

However, after using Spatial Magic Twice and blocking these balls of light, he had already used half of his magic.

Seeing the Magic Airships already scattering in the distance, Great Magician Randy’s eyes were filled with doubt.

Just what are these things? Forget the fact that they could attack with the might of a Ninth Grade Spell, why could they tell where he would appear each time?

After two rounds of balls of light, Great Magician Randy hesitated. He no longer dared to resist it and dodged.

Seeing Great Magician Randy’s movements, Hart in the Magic Airship suddenly raised his brows.

“Yo, this fellow finally knows to dodge. Everyone listen, from now one, we’ll use the second attack plan.”

Although Great Magician Randy could easily dodge the balls of light with his speed, his heart was filled with humiliation.

He was a powerful Great Magician! Other than meeting another Great Magician at the same rank, when had he ever backed down!

Now he was in such a bad situation because of these ten iron toys, this was simply shaming him!

After glaring at the ten Magic Airships, Great Magician Randy secretly made his decision. No matter what the reaction of the duchess, he would destroy these things!

However, when Great Magician Randy raised his hand and wanted to gather his magic to use the Wind Magic that he excelled in, the ten Magic Airships in the distance suddenly released a bunch of balls of red light together.

Great Magician Randy was instantly stunned.

Although this ball of red light was much smaller than the other balls of light from before, with how dense it was, it blotted out the sky. When he looked over, he could tell that there were at least over a hundred of them.

Moreover, these balls of light were much faster than the ones from before. They didn’t give Great Magician Randy any time to react before they were already in front of him.

Although Great Magician Randy already used the Wind Magic he excelled in to dodge, he still couldn’t dodge all these balls of light that filled the sky. In the end, he had to use his magic barrier and block over ten balls of light.

As he expected, these balls of light were smaller, so they were weaker than the ones from before, only being at the level of a Seventh Grade Spell.

However, with so many of them, after taking over ten hits, it took up quite a bit of his magic.

What made Great Magician Randy even more surprised was that after the ten Magic Airships launched this wave of attacks, they didn’t stop at all as they send out another hundred balls of light, without giving him any chance to catch his breath.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong……”

Countless explosions filled the air. Great Magician Randy had to keep his magic barrier up while he dodged the balls of light that filled the air. Not to mention fighting back, he didn’t even have a chance to catch his breath.

Sensing that his magic was constantly being drained, Great Magician Randy began to feel anxious.

In this situation, he wasn’t able to fight back at all and the only thing he could do was use Spatial Magic to fight back, but facts proved that he couldn’t do that.

This meant that he had no chance to fight back, so he could only take the attacks passively.

After thinking this through, Great Magician Randy’s heart was filled with shame, but he also knew that staying like this was useless.

After dodging another round of balls of light and using his magic barrier to block balls of light that he couldn’t dodge, Great Magician Randy took another deep breath before gathering his magic, disappearing from the spot.

After a while, his figure had appeared in the air again, but he was already over a kilometer away from where he was before.

This time he didn’t use Spatial Magic to attack the ten Magic Airships, rather he used it to run away.