Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 42

If it was said that no one knew about the border conflict between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire because it was too small, after this battle happened by the border where both sides sent out thousands of soldiers, it was impossible to keep this hidden.

When this matter was revealed, it shocked everyone.

According to the information announced by the Rudson Kingdom, the Candra Empire’s third border guard’s fourth regiment arbitrarily entered the Rudson Kingdom’s orders. They refused to retreat after the Rudson Kingdom’s border guard gave them a warning and even took the initiative to attack the Rudson Kingdom’s border guard.

Then the Rudson Kingdom’s border guard was forced to fight back and after a fierce fight, the Rudson Kingdom’s border guards wiped out the Candra Empire’s third border guard’s fourth regiment.

The Candra Empire also confirmed this matter by announcing the same thing as the Rudson Kingdom. They acknowledged that their third border guard army’s fourth regiment had entered the Rudson Kingdom.

But the Candra Empire also claimed that their third border guard army’s fourth regiment had only entered because merchants of the Candra Empire had been blocked and injured by the Rudson Kingdom’s border guards for no reason. So they sent their border guards into the Rudson Kingdom to investigate, but the Rudson Kingdom’s army had been waiting in ambush and heavily injured them.

In short, the Candra Empire acknowledged this fight, but they claimed the Rudson Kingdom was the one who ambushed them and all their actions were justified.

As for the casualties, the Rudson Kingdom had stated they had wiped out the third border guard’s fourth regiment, while the Candra Empire stated they had suffered heavy casualties without publishing their number of casualties.

But no matter what the details were, through the statements of both sides, there was one powerful matter that was confirmed.

Just this one fact was enough to shock the entire continent.

Someone had actually dared to fight the army of the Candra Empire?

On the continent, only the Marlow Empire could be considered an equal for the Candra Empire, which other country dared to go against them?

This was simply seeking death!

There were many people who had deduced a shocking result from the announcements of the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire.

Everything had been planned by the Candra Empire!

The Candra Empire’s real goal was to annex the Rudson Kingdom!

And through this event, the Candra Empire now had an excuse to invade the Rudson Kingdom!

If it really was like this, the details of the event didn’t matter. What people really cared about was that after the Candra Empire had been silent for all these years, they were now opening their mouths to swallow the smaller countries of the continent.

There had been a twenty year peace on the continent since the last war between the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire, but now war might break out once again.

And the Rudson Kingdom would be the first sacrifice in this war…...

“Hei, those fellows are that certain that the Candra Empire will be able to swallow the Rudson Kingdom?” Xu Yi put down the newspapers in his hand and gave a laugh, “Have they thought that this time, the Candra Empire might not be able to swallow the Rudson Kingdom, they might even lose their teeth from biting down on it?”

The people in the conference room looked at each other in blank dismay.

After a pause, Heinz said with a dry laugh, “Xu Yi, you’re thinking too much. The difference between the Candra Empire and the Rudson Kingdom is like heaven and earth. Now that the Candra Empire had made up their minds to swallow the Rudson Kingdom, I feel that the Rudson Kingdom’s fate is already decided. There are no other possibilities.”

“So you all think that the Rudson Kingdom is definitely finished?” Xu Yi looked around as he asked this.

Including the CEO Kennard, all the other high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, including the magic research facility’s chief Evita all gave nods.

“This means that you all agree to the idea Kennard proposed, cutting off all contact with the Rudson Kingdom, especially providing them with the military magic machines?” Xu Yi asked.

This time, no one gave a certain nod.

Because based on Xu Yi’s expression, it seemed like he didn’t agree to Kennard’s proposal.

The conference was silent for a bit before Heinz gave a cough and decided to take the lead.

Out of the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce, only he could rely on his status as Xu Yi’s first partner and the second biggest shareholder of the company to question Xu Yi’s decisions. The others didn’t have the same confidence.

“Xu Yi, actually…...Kennard is just thinking about the company’s future. Think about it, the Candra Empire has made it clear they want to declare war on the Rudson Kingdom, so if we continue supporting the Rudson Kingdom, especially giving them military magic machines, wouldn’t we be putting ourselves on the side of the Candra Empire’s enemies? That really would mean completely offending the Candra Empire.”

“Un, that is right, so what about it?” Xu Yi said.

“What about it?” Heinz slightly knitted his brows, “Xu Yi, I don’t need to tell you about the consequences, right? First, let’s not mention that after completely offending the Candra Empire, our company will not be able to enter their market. If the Candra Empire really takes us as enemies, can you really not imagine the consequences?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I don’t think it’s that serious. In the end, that is all based on the premise that the Rudson Kingdom will lose in their war against the Candra Empire.”

Everyone thought that this was nonsense, but Xu Yi clearly didn’t agree, so they could only keep silent.

“If one looks at it from an investment perspective, if the Rudson Kingdom loses, our investment in them will all go to waste and we will have offended a super large customer, even bringing very serious consequences to ourselves. It could be said that losing is naturally scary. But I still want to say, are you all that certain that the Rudson Kingdom will lose?”

Kennard who had been silent the entire time couldn’t hold back anymore, “Sir chairman, could it be that you really think the Rudson Kingdom will win?”

“Why can’t they?” Xu Yi asked back with a smile, “I have the report on the results from the two countries in my hand. According to the report, in the battle, the Candra Empire’s third border guard’s fourth regiment was close to being wiped out, with only a hundred cavalry escaping. As for the Rudson Kingdom…...Can you guess their casualties?”

Everyone looked at each other before the household magic machine department’s manager Ankhto said, “Based on sir chairman’s words, it should be much less than the losses of the Candra Empire. Since the Candra Empire’s third border guard’s fourth regiment had three thousand people, the Rudson Kingdom should have…..had less than a thousand casualties?”

“No, too much.”

Everyone was stunned.

“It can’t be, right? It was only a few hundred?”

Xu Yi raised his right hand with a smile and his thumb and index finger came together to form a zero.

Of course, no one in this world could understand this hand gesture.

Seeing that everyone was confused, Xu Yi reacted and quickly explained, “According to the reports, the losses on the Rudson Kingdom’s side was…! This means that they didn’t suffer a single casualty!”

“How is that possible!”

“This is impossible!”

“Too much! How could it be zero?”

“Right, it’s impossible that not a single person was hurt, this is too fake!”


The entire room was filled with an uproar.

Xu Yi smiled as he watched everyone discuss this. After a while, Kennard knitted his brows and said, “Alright, sir chairman, even if the Rudson Kingdom’s casualties in this battle really are zero, I’m still strongly against this. In a war between two countries, what decides the results is not a single battle, but the comparative national strength between the two countries. The Candra Empire is countless times bigger than the Rudson Kingdom, so I don’t think that the Rudson Kingdom has any hope in winning this.”

Hearing Kennard’s words, everyone revealed a look of respect.

The Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire had been on the continent for over a thousand years, they had already deeply rooted as the most powerful in everyone’s minds.

This was something that for most of the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from the Lampuri Kingdom was imprinted very deeply in their minds.

The Lampuri Kingdom couldn’t even fight a small country like the Sack Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom was only a bit stronger than the Lampuri Kingdom, so they were still far from being able to compare to the Sack Kingdom. How could they even be compared to the Candra Empire?

Even if the Rudson Kingdom could win a few fights with luck, the national strength of the two countries were too far lacking. The Rudson Kingdom being defeated was the only ending.

This was something that everyone on the continent had agreed on.

The only one who didn’t agree was this sir chairman in front of them who always had a different opinion than everyone.

Seeing that everyone had a look of worry in their eyes, Xu Yi gave a sigh deep down.

It was impossible to convince them with just words. Although he could use his authority as the chairman to suppress this, this would easily affect the cohesiveness of the company which would not equate their gains.

“Alright, since you don’t believe in the Rudson Kingdom, then let’s not discuss this for now.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But I believe that it won’t take long before you all regret what you’ve said today.”