Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 44

There was no need for good vision, Russell could tell with a single look that this was the guard fleet from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

There was no other reason, it was that on these endless seas, other than the three guard ships that the Candra Empire’s navy had, there was only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with these iron monsters.

Seeing these ten ships approaching, Russell slightly knitted his brows.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet suddenly appearing here created a bad premonition in his heart.

Not long after, the ten ships were already not far away from them and began decreasing their speed.

“Sir Russell, what do these fellows want to do?” Commander Tom, who was in charge of the third fleet standing beside Russell, knitted his brows as he asked this.

“I don’t know…..Let’s first stop and take a look.” Russell shook his head as he said this.

“Stop?” Tom was stunned, “Sir Russell, we are in the middle of a mission, how can we stop? If these fellows don’t move, then we should just take care of them.”

Russell looked at him, “Are you confident in taking care of them?”

Tom’s expression froze and he couldn’t say a thing.

When the Candra Empire navy was unaware of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard ship before, they thought that the Candra Empire navy was still the strongest in the world and that no one in this world would dare to block their navy on the endless seas.

But after having experienced the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet, they realized that there was a fleet that could surpass their imaginations.

The most important thing was that after the Candra Empire navy ordered three guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, in their internal training exercises, these three ships were countless times stronger than the other ships. It even created a new understanding in the navy.

The guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t follow the traditional concept of ships, so when comparing it, it was like a fully armed adult fighting a child. It could be said that there was no chance of winning at all.

In their exercises, just with three guard ships, they had easily defeated a fleet that was composed of several dozen traditional ships. They had even won in a manner where the other side couldn’t fight back at all.

Now there were more than ten of these ships in front of them and they were operated by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards. How could Tom be confident in beating them?

“Alright, let’s stop first. I don’t think that they will really dare make a move against us, perhaps it’s just a coincidence.”

Although Russell said this, he didn’t think this in his heart.

Although the endless seas were broad, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet had appeared as soon as the Candra Empire’s navy entered the Rudson Kingdom’s sea area, this was too much of a coincidence.

After a while, the fleets of both sides stopped with two kilometers between them. Then Russell came up to the deck and the Magic Communicator there had a voice coming out of it.

“Is the other side the Candra Empire’s navy? I am the previous Frestech Chamber of Commerce's commander Leslie. Is there someone on your ship that I’m familiar with?”

Russell and Tom looked at each other before Russell gave a cough and replied, “Sir Leslie, hello, I am Russell.”

“Oh? Sir Russell is there? That’s great.” Leslie’s voice had a trace of pleasant surprise in it, “Sir Russell, it isn’t convenient talking like this, can we talk face to face?”

Russell slightly knitted his brows, “We are on a mission, I can’t find the time to talk to you face to face.”

Leslie gave a laugh, “Sir Russell, the matter that I want to discuss is related to you mission this time.”

Russell knitted his brows and Tom took over, “Sir Leslie, I’m sorry, we are undertaking an important task. I have to ask you to lead your subordinates out of the way and not waste our time.”

“If I don’t?”

Tom’s brows jumped up and he shouted, “Sir Leslie, what is the meaning of this? Do you know that if you intentionally block us like this, it is equal to declaring war on us? Are you sure what the consequences of this are?”

“I do, so I came here.” Leslie’s tone was very casual.

Tom was filled with rage and wanted to keep talking, but Russell stopped him.

“Sir Leslie, what do you mean by this?” Russell asked in a deep voice.

“I just said it, I won’t let you go over.”

Hearing the same calm voice that Leslie had, Russell was also a bit angry. His face became darker as he asked, “Leslie, do you really know what you are doing? You are stopping our empire’s navy from undertaking our mission, I can take this as you declaring war on our navy, on our empire! I’ll give you another chance, please leave immediately. Based on our relationship, I can ignore what happened this time.”

Leslie’s frank laugh came from the communicator and there was no other response.

“Sir Russell, let’s ignore them and charge through, I don’t believe that they will move against us.” Tom on the side advised, “If we delay any longer, it will affect the operation.”

Russell knitted his brows in thought for a bit before giving a slow nod.

“Go, let’s ignore them.”

Tom agreed before giving the order.

After a while, the Candra Empire’s navy’s fleet began moving again.

However, when the three guard ships in front had only moved ten meters, there were red lights that suddenly filled the air.

Seeing these red lights, Russell and Tom were both shocked.

If they didn’t make a mistake, that was the glow of the Magic Cannon on the guard ships!

“Dodge it!”

When Tom shouted this in time. The red light flew through the air and passed through the two kilometer gap between both sides.

However, that red light didn’t fall on the guard ships and after flying in that arc that wasn’t considered too big, it fell right into the ocean in front of them.


There was a loud side before a large column of water flew into the air.

The calm sea was filled with fierce waves. The Candra Empire navy ships that were less than a hundred meters away continued to sway in the ocean.

Tom and Russell watched as the water fell down, like a giant stone falling into the ocean as it created strong waves again.

“He…...He’s crazy!” Tom couldn’t help cursing in a loud voice.

Russell took a deep breath and didn’t hesitate to press down the button of the Magic Communicator.

As soon as the green light that showed that the call connected came on, Russell immediately roared out in an angry voice, “Leslie, are you crazy? You actually dare to move against us? Are you declaring war on our Candra Empire?”

Leslie’s slightly lazy voice came from the communicator.

“Ah? Declaring war? No, no, no, sir Russell, you’re mistaken. I don’t have any intention of declaring war, it’s just that my responsibility won’t let me let you pass.”

“Responsibility?” Russell was stunned, “How is this related to your responsibility?”

“Of course it’s related. I signed a coastal defense pact with the Rudson Kingdom three months ago. The Rudson Kingdom entrusted me and my fleet to defend the sea area of the Rudson Kingdom, ensuring that no one invades them. Therefore…..Sir Russell, you wouldn’t want to tell me that the Candra Empire’s navy is just here for a cruise, right?”

“Coastal defense pact?” This was a word that Russell was hearing for the first time, but it didn’t stop him from understanding what Leslie meant, “This means that you are now the Rudson Kingdom’s navy?”

“No, it can’t be considered this. We are just being hired and the Rudson Kingdom doesn’t have the right to manage us.” Leslie replied.

“This isn’t important!” Russell angrily waved his hand and said in a sharp voice, “I am only asking, Leslie, you doing this, is this because of chairman Xu? Is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce fully supporting the Rudson Kingdom and going against our Candra Empire?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you all. Actually…...Sir Russell, half a year ago, I’ve already left the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The guard ships under me were bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they are my personal property. Me and my subordinates aren’t related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all, so you shouldn’t misunderstand.”


Russell and Tom were stunned.

Leslie had been the commander of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard fleet before. When they bought the guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they sailed the south seas with the guard fleet, as well as entering the Candra Empire’s naval harbours, they had met several times, so they were familiar with each other.

But this was their first time hearing that Leslie had already left the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

“Right, there is something else to say. I have already created a company that is responsible for transport and guard work on the sea, called the Leslie Chamber of Commerce. This time, the Rudson Kingdom has signed a coastal defense pact with our Leslie Chamber of Commerce for, un…..The price isn’t that high, it’s just eight hundred thousand gold coins per year. Sir Russell, don’t you think that this price is very fair? If your Candra Empire has a demand for this, you can come and contact me. Since we’re such close friends, I can give you a 10% discount. Other than this, I can give you other benefits……”

Russell didn’t continue to listen to Leslie’s meaningless words. He looked at the other side’s guard ships blocking the way and after thinking about it, he said to Tom, “Let’s retreat first. We’ll make a decision after reporting on the situation here.”

Tom was stunned as he said, “Sir Russell, if we leave like this, we’ll ruin the plan of the army headquarters. The army headquarters will definitely punish us.”

“If we don’t retreat, are you planning on really fighting them?”

Tom looked at the ten guard ships and swallowed a mouthful of saliva before shaking his head with a bitter smile.

Although there were only ten ships on the other side and they had over a hundred ships, he wasn’t confident in this fight at all.

But if they retreated without even daring tno fight, wasn’t that any different from escaping?

Russell could guess Tom’s thoughts from his expression. He patted his shoulder and said with a sigh, “Alright, don’t be that unwilling. There’s no meaning in a fight that we can’t win. I’ll write the report to headquarters after we go back, you don’t need to worry.”

Tom then gave a sigh of relief.

With sir Russell, the deputy chief of staff standing in front, he didn’t need to worry of being punished for escaping without even fighting.

However, when he turned to look at the guard ships in the distance, he was still unwilling.

“Sir Russell, could it be that our respected royal fleet can only escape when we meet them in the future?”

Russell fell silent, not being able to say a single word.

If it was possible, of course he would want to say in a powerful voice to Tom that as long as the royal fleet was equipped with the same level of advanced guard ships, they would be able to easily defeat these guard ships.

But the fact was it was already hard enough for them to get three guard ships. To get even more powerful guard ships was basically impossible.

Tom was aware of the problems of the royal fleet and seeing that Russell was silent, he immediately understood.

The two of them looked at each other and let out a deep breath at the same time.

After being silent for a bit, Tom gave the order to retreat.

The over a hundred Candra Empire navy ships had come all this way and the only thing they could do now was retreat.