Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 47

General McHale wanted to know the answer to this question more than anyone.

The army headquarters had claimed that the Rudson Kingdom was truly bold to go against the Candra Empire.  Although everyone didn’t think there was a need to place importance on this small country and they could send anyone out to deal with it, he insisted on being sent with these three regiments that were in charge of invading the Rudson Kingdom.

The reason was that one of the regiments was one that he had led before and it now belonged to his former subordinate.  Also, his wife’s little brother had been assigned as the leader of the cavalry there, so he wanted to use this fight to get some merits for his old subordinates and his wife’s little brother, making it easier for them to be promoted.

But he never would have thought that a small Rudson Kingdom would actually turn all of this over and finally repel the army of the Candra Empire.

What angered him even more was that because he wanted to get the biggest merit for his wife’s little brother, he had arranged the cavalry unit under him to be in the vanguard.  In the end, in the first battle, his wife’s little brother’s cavalry unit was wiped out by the Rudson Kingdom’s army.  Even his wife’s little brother shared the same fate and couldn’t escape.

Although he never liked his wife’s glib little brother, he was still his wife’s blood related little brother.  Now that he had died because he had been placed in the vanguard by him, he could imagine how sad and angry his wife will be after learning of this.

General McHale who was aware of this vented all his anger on general Cook who was in charge of this operation.

“You trash!  You had fifty thousand elites, but you couldn’t beat twenty thousand people from the Rudson Kingdom, even suffering heavy casualties.  Do you still have the face to stand here?  If I were you, I would have already committed suicide to apologize!”

General Cook looked at general McHale with a cold look on his face, not saying a word.

Although the two of them were both generals, general Mchale had received a medal from the emperor himself.  He was acknowledged as one of the five great generals who had the greatest rank in the army headquarters, holding a high position in the empire.  It was not something that he who only led a single army could compare to.

So even if he didn’t accept this, he could only maintain his silence and not say a thing.

General McHale angrily scolded him for twenty minutes before finally panting to a stop.  However, he then took out an official document from his chest that he threw at general Cook.

“Because of your failure, the army headquarters has relieved you of your command and I will take full responsibility for this operation.  As for you…..wait to be held accountable by the army headquarters!”

General Cook opened the official document to look at and found that the content was as he had expected before putting it on the side.

“Sir McHale, I can’t deny the failure this time, but I must remind you that the battle strength of the Rudson Kingdom’s army is far beyond what you can imagine.  I hope that you can be more careful.”

General McHale gave a snort, “What?  You want to find an excuse for yourself?  It’s a trivial Rudson Kingdom, how powerful could they be?  You created this result as the commander, do you really think you can find an excuse for yourself?”

“I’m not trying to find an excuse, this Rudson Kingdom’s army really is a bit strange.  They……”

General McHale impatiently waved his hand, “Alright, stop wasting words, there’s nothing for you here.”

General Cook’s face turned red and wanted to say a few more things, but seeing the impatient look on general McHale’s face, his heart turned cold.  He couldn’t help giving a cold snort before walking out.

“Trash!”  General McHale watched him leave and spat this out.  Then he started looking over the reports that general Cook had left on the table.

After reading for a bit, general McHale couldn’t help knitting his brows.

Based on the combat reports, the Rudson Kingdom’s army really was a bit strange.

Because in the combat reports, whenever both sides fought, the Rudson Kingdom would attack with a dense rain of arrows.  Then when they actually clashed, the Rudson Kingdom would always have more mobility than them, which made it hard for the Candra Empire’s soldiers to hit them.  At the same time, they used these very strange longer distance attacks that were very powerful.

This caused both sides to never have proper contact and the Candra Empire suffered heavy casualties before being defeated.

“What kind of a joke is this!”  General McHale threw the report on the table, “How could there be such a strange army?  That Cook, doesn’t he even know how to make excuses?”

General McHale could understand that situation described in these reports, so he was just too lazy to pay attention to anything in the reports and decided to follow his own ideas.

He had brought the true third regiment of the empire’s army this time.  Although they were also fifty thousand in numbers, whether it was their equipment or their training, they far surpassed the fifty thousand soldiers led by general Cook.  Naturally they also had a higher battle strength.

This trash Cook had led a bunch of trash to attack the Rudson Kingdom, but that didn’t affect general McHale’s confidence in easily defeating the Rudson Kingdom.

When he was considering what strategy to use, a guard suddenly walked in.

“Sir, the navy’s deputy chief of staff sir Russell is here to see you.”

“Russell?”  General McHale was surprised, “Didn’t he set off with the fleet?  With this timing, he should be at the southern coast of the Rudson Kingdom, so why did he suddenly run back here?”

Thinking about it, general McHale waved his hand, “Let him come in.”


After a while, Russell was brought in by the guard.

“Sir Russell, why are you here?  Could it be that something happened on your navy’s side?”  Seeing Russell, general McHale gave a laugh that was filled with taunting.

There had always been contradictions between the army and the navy because of budgets.  The army was more well respected than the navy, so they had a higher budget.  When they faced naval officers, the army officers had a sense of superiority and general McHale was not an exception.

Russell didn’t seem like he wanted to joke around at all as he gave a nod with a calm look.

“Yes, your excellency McHale, I’ve come this time to tell you that the navy has been completely defeated.  We cannot enter the Rudson Kingdom’s sea area, so we can’t mount a landing as per the plan.”

General McHale was stunned before breaking out in laughter that was filled with taunting.

“Ha, I thought that your navy was confident in attacking this time and would bring some pleasant surprise, but I never thought that you can’t even touch the Rudson Kingdom’s navy before coming back!  This is simply your shame!”

Russell was silent for a bit before giving a sigh and saying with a serious look, “Your excellency McHale, I’m not here to discuss meaningless matters with you.  I came here to remind you that you can’t underestimate the Rudson Kingdom.  They have the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their strength far surpasses your imagination already.”

“Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”  General McHale was surprised again and after thinking for a bit, he reacted, “I seem to have heard this name before, isn’t it the company that made the Magic Air Conditioners?  What?  This small company is very powerful?  We can’t beat them just because the Rudson Kingdom has their support?”

“I’m not certain, but… should be careful.”  Russell shook his head, “Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is supporting the Rudson Kingdom, their armies are equipped with the various military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produces.  The might of those military magic machines are completely different from the weapons we possess, so when facing them, you have to be careful.”

“Military magic machines?”  General McHale knitted his brows, “What are these things?  Do you have information on them?”

Russell helplessly spread his hands, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is very strict with information on their military magic machines, I can’t get any specific information.  But our royal fleet has purchased three guard ships made of iron from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and there are some military magic machines on them.  With the might of those military magic machines, we can infer the might of the other military magic machines.”

Seeing that Russell was this serious, general McHale put down a bit of the disdain in his heart, but he still didn’t really care.

Perhaps there was something unique about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines, but they are only a small company without any fame.  Adding in the fact that the Rudson Kingdom was only a small kingdom, how could they be any threat to the powerful Candra Empire?

After saying a few things to Russell out of courtesy, general McHale used the excuse that he was going to a strategy meeting to show Russell the door.

Russell could clearly see that general McHale didn’t take his words to heart and wanted to say a few things, but after thinking about it, he gave up that idea.

After leaving general McHale’s command tent, Russell saw some people near the tent.  He narrowed his eyes which had a slight chill to them.

This fellow McHale didn’t take the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the military magic machines he mentioned seriously, so Russell knew that his operation this time wouldn’t go smoothly.

This would be a hit to McHale and the third regiment that he led, but considering it from the angle of the royal army, this wasn’t a bad thing.

When the royal fleet wanted to purchase the three guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they suffered all kinds of hindrances.  If it wasn’t for the commanders of the navy supporting this, it would have been impossible to pass.

The reason was that the royal army didn’t attach any importance to the analysis report Russell handed in on the guard ships.  They didn’t care about it at all and weren’t willing to spend any money on buying them.

This time, the royal army had looked down on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and their military magic machines, so they would suffer a loss, which was also a chance to make them attach importance to this.

Compared to the royal fleet, the royal army was more favoured by the army headquarters.

If the army suffered a loss, it would be too much if the headquarters didn’t treat this seriously…...