Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 55

Still said that Xu Yi’s idea was good was naturally because countless people were paying attention to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If this series of documentaries was released, it would definitely attract the attention of these people.

Everyone wanted to know about this unknown small company from the Stantine Duchy, which was a country that was so small that everyone ignored it. They wanted to know what were the military magic machines and wanted to know how the Rudson Kingdom had relied on their support to defeat the Candra Empire’s invasion twice.

The ones that cared the most was naturally the Candra Empire who had been defeated twice.

There was less than a week before the new year and most people were preparing to welcome in the new year. A delegation from the Candra Empire went through the Norton Duchy and the Mirando Duchy to arrive in the Lampuri Kingdom’s capital, Anvilmar City.

Since they were recommended by the Candra Empire’s ambassador, this delegation smoothly received an audience with Queen Seveni.

The mission on the surface was to represent the Candra Empire’s emperor to wish Queen Seveni a new year, while also bringing some cooperation projects for the Lampuri Kingdom from the Candra Empire.

From the surface, the Candra Empire would send this delegation each year, so it wasn’t strange.

Because the Lampuri Kingdom and the Candra Empire had contact between them, so they were quite close. It was normal to send delegates to maintain contact between both sides and to create some trade between the countries.

In the delegate the Candra Empire sent each year, there would be some Candra Empire companies. They came to create some trade agreements with the Lampuri Kingdom companies, which would strengthen both sides.

But before this, the Candra Empire was just too much stronger than the Lampuri Kingdom, so the delegate was just sent to show their attitude and maintain their relationship, there weren’t any actual trade deals between the two sides. The companies that came with the delegates were only companies without any fame in the Candra Empire.

But this year was different.

This time, the Candra Empire’s delegate was not just much bigger than before, the people who came were of higher class.

In the past, the Candra Empire would just send a normal official and no more than ten small company representatives. They would just come to create some superficial trade deals with the Lampuri Kingdom.

But the delegate this time was led by the Candra Empire’s department of commerce’s chief Marquis Descartes and the representatives from the companies were from the famous large companies of the Candra Empire. This even included a representative from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce which was the largest company on the continent. This was an unprecedented scale.

Because before the delegate came, the Candra Empire’s ambassador to the Lampuri Kingdom had already mentioned this, Seveni was only a bit surprised and already prepared. They had prepared a banquet in the palace to welcome this delegate.

This banquet had a happy mood, but after the banquet, the Candra Empire’s delegate leader Marquis Descartes met Seveni alone and there were sparks that appeared.

“Your majesty, this is our empire’s goodwill to your kingdom, why aren’t you willing to accept this?” Marquis Descartes said in a deep voice.

Seveni narrowed her eyes and really wanted to give a cold laugh.

This Marquis Descartes was polite to her in the beginning, but when they reached the specifics, he immediately revealed his high position as being from the Candra Empire and his tone became commanding. It was like he was giving an order from the heavens that had to be followed.

Of course, if the proposal was favourable to the Lampuri Kingdom, Seveni was too lazy to care about his tone, but this fellow represented the Candra Empire’s department of commerce to request Seveni to give the Candra Empire all their current magic machine technology. How could Seveni accept this?

Even if Marquis Descartes said that the Candra Empire would give the Lampuri Kingdom compensation, for example establishing an alliance with the Lampuri Kingdom and guaranteeing that the Lampuri Kingdom would be the leading country in the southwest corner of the continent…..

At the same time, he also promised some benefits for Seveni.

For example, the Candra Empire would open a trade route for the Lampuri Kingdom, specifically allowing the Lampuri Kingdom’s products to enter the Candra Empire. He even said that for most products, especially the magic machine related products, they would waive the tariffs on these.

Or for example, the Candra Empire would open up all their products to be exported to the Lampuri Kingdom. Among them were the products that the Candra Empire was abundant in and the Lampuri Kingdom lacked, they would even cut the price and ensure that the Lampuri Kingdom would have first rights to buy them…..

If it was before, if a small country like the Lampuri Kingdom could receive this importance from the Candra Empire which was one of the two empires on the continent, they would have been happy to accept this kind of support.

Especially when the Lampuri Kingdom was always suppressed by the Sack Kingdom. If they could be acknowledged by the Candra Empire as an ally, it would be the best protective charm against the Sack Kingdom.

But for the current Lampuri Kingdom…..not only were these conditions not enticing at all, Seveni could easily tell that the goal of the Candra Empire was all the various magic machine technology the Lampuri Kingdom possessed.

This had no benefits for them and could even harm the basic magic machine industry that was forming in the Lampuri Kingdom, so how could Seveni possibly agree to this?

However, Seveni stated that she would need to seriously consider this which was actually a tacit rejection. Marquis Descartes revealed a look of disbelief, like he couldn’t understand why Seveni wouldn’t accept these conditions that normal people dreamed of.

Seveni was silent for a bit before calmly replying, “Marquis Descartes, I’m very grateful for the goodwill the Candra Empire is showing us, but about the Candra Empire’s wish that we would give them all our magic machine related technology. I’m very sorry, but I can’t accept this.”

“Why?” Marquis Descartes asked with knitted brows, “Isn’t this just a few words for your majesty? Or could it be that you can’t control the small companies in your kingdom?”

Marquis Descartes’ words were very rude, as if he was expressing his doubt over Seveni’s control over the Lampuri Kingdom.

“Marquis Descartes, as the chief of the Candra Empire’s department of commerce, does your words mean that you can control all the companies in the Candra Empire?” Seveni gave a soft snort and said without any courtesy, “If it is like this, I must express my sympathy for the companies of the Candra Empire.”

Marquis Descartes was surprised. He knew that he had made a mistake with his words, but he wasn’t planning on retreating because of this. He stared at Seveni and kept asking, “Your majesty, I believe that as long as you’re willing, this isn’t a problem.”

“No, I just said it, I can’t decide this.” Seveni waved her hand, “The magic machine technology that you mentioned before, the core parts of them are controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The magic machine related companies of our Lampuri Kingdom are only receiving authorization from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Strictly speaking, they have no rights to transfer this technology.”

Marquis Descartes knitted his brows, “Since you’ve grasped the technology, why can’t you transfer them? Could it be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can do something to them?”

Seveni finally couldn’t help giving a soft cold laugh, “Marquis Descartes, have you heard of patents?”

“Patents?” Marquis Descartes thought for a bit before slowly shaking his head, “What does that mean?”

Seveni gave him a rough explanation of the patents before adding, “These patents were authorized by the Magicians Guild headquarters and are protected by them. If any company goes against the rules for the use of these patents, they will be punished by the Magicians Guild headquarters.”

Hearing that these “patents” were related to the Magicians Guild headquarters, Marquis Descartes couldn’t help knitting his brows.

The Candra Empire was one of the two empires on the continent and other than having scruples about the Marlow Empire, there was only one other place that could make them have scruples. It was the Magicians Guild that spread all over the continent and influenced all the magicians on the continent.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, the Candra Empire wouldn’t challenge the authority of the Magicians Guild which wouldn’t have any benefits for them.

Seeing the difficult look on Marquis Descartes’ face, Seveni revealed a faint smile and suggested, “Marquis Descartes, if your Candra Empire is really interested in the magic machine technology, how about you directly negotiate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”


Marquis Descartes couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

If possible, he would want to negotiate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But based on the information from before, it was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce secretly supported the Rudson Kingdom with military magic machines that the Candra Empire’s army failed. So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been sentenced to death in the minds of many people in the Candra Empire.

The Candra empire was discussing how to take care of this damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so how could they negotiate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?

He had personally led this delegation to cooperate with the Lampuri Kingdom in terms of magic machines, even having the parliament approve several beneficial conditions for the Lampuri Kingdom. It was just to have another way of understanding the magic machines.

Of course, it would be best if they could obtain information on the military magic machines which would make it easier for the empire in the future.

But the Lampuri Kingdom wasn’t willing to cooperate at all which made it hard for him.

But the Lampuri Kingdom’s stance wasn’t a surprise for him because the Lampuri Kingdom had previously rejected the Candra Empire’s request for them to stop importing goods to the Rudson Kingdom.

Marquis Descartes looked at the smiling Queen Seveni and he gave a sigh in his heart.

“It seems like…...we still have to use the second plan from before……”