Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 68

A week later, Xu Yi left the Marlow Empire as scheduled.

There was a small delegation from the Marlow Empire’s army that came with him, which included Viscount Eitro from the logistics department that he had met before.

This delegate followed Xu Yi to the Stantine Duchy, inspecting the various military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before making the decision to buy them or not.

With the speed of the Magic Airship, this group only took a single day to cross the two thousand kilometers between the Marlow Empire and the Stantine Duchy to reach the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters.

When they stepped off the Magic Airship, Viscount Eitro who was in charge of this delegation let out a long sigh as his eyes filled with shock.

The people from the Marlow Empire’s army headquarters were the same. They revealed the saame surprised look like they were shocked by what they had seen.

Xu Yi wasn’t surprised to see this. Almost all the people who came from other countries would show this kind of expression when they arrived in the Stantine Duchy, so he was already used to it.

“Everyone, you must be tired from this long journey. Please rest up in the dwelling that our company has prepared for everyone and let’s discuss business tomorrow, alright?” Xu Yi suggested.

The people from the Marlow Empire army headquarters looked at each other and all nodded.

Although they were riding in the Magic Airship the entire time, so the trip was quite comfortable, it did take a long time, so it was false if it was said that they weren’t tired at all.

Eitro, who was the leader of the delegate, didn't have any objections either and gave a nod in agreement.

But after the arrangement for the others were taken care of, he grabbed Xu Yi’s arm and said with an excited look, “Chairman Xu, how about you first take me to see the off road Magic Cars that you mentioned before?”

Xu Yi looked at him in surprise, “There’s no need for such a rush, right? Moreover, this new kind of Magic Car hasn’t been developed yet, so you can’t see anything now.”

“Even if it isn’t fully developed, there are parts that are, right?” Eitro didn’t give up, “Let me take a look. After seeing that information, the entire logistics department is very interested in this thing. I can guarantee that as long as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can finish developing this, our logistics department will make a large order. So…..Chairman Xu, can’t you give some preferential treatment to an important guest like us?”

Xu Yi looked at Eitro speechlessly, thinking could this fellow be a hidden fan of motor vehicles?

After thinking about it, Xu Yi thought that it wouldn’t matter much, so he nodded in agreement.

The two took Xu Yi’s personal Magic Sedan and headed to the Magic Car development center to the north of the base at lightning speed.

When they came out of the door, there was a pure black Magic Sedan that quickly came out and it suddenly stepped on the brakes when it saw Xu Yi’s Magic Sedan coming over.

After it stopped, the front of the car was only half a meter away from Xu Yi’s Magic Sedan which was a terrifying scene.

Eitro sitting in the passenger seat had a pale face in fear. However, Xu Yi was calm like nothing had happened and didn’t seem surprised at all. He rolled his eyes and stuck his head out the window as he called, “Grandfather, can you drive a bit slower!”

There was a head with white hair that came out of the opposite Magic Sedan that looked at Xu Yi before giving a cold snort, “What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I’ll hit people?”

“I’m not worried about you hitting people, but you’re this old already, this is very terrifying, alright?” Xu Yi snappily said.

“Ha? Could it be that you were scared? What a joke.” Arch Magus Camilla’s head sticking out had a look of disdain. After looking to the side, his eyes fell onto Eitro beside Xu Yi and revealed a look of understanding, “So there’s a guest. What? Where did they come from?”

“It’s a guest from the Marlow Empire. This is their first time here, I don’t want to scare him like this.” Xu Yi explained.

“From the Marlow Empire?” Arch Magus Camilla took another look at Eitro before suddenly saying, “Hey, you can have this kid Xu Yi bring you here, your status in the Marlow Empire shouldn’t be low, right? Do you know Arch Magus Alaster? How has he been recently?”

“Arch Magus Alaster?” Eitro looked at Arch Magus Camilla in surprise before suddenly thinking of something. His expression instantly became more respectful, “Is your…..excellency Arch Magus Camilla?”

“Un, I’m Camilla. If you know me, you should know about Arch Magus Alaster. Tell me, how has he been recently?” Arch Magus Camilla kept asking.

After knowing that the other side was the most respected Arch Magus Camilla of the Stantine Duchy, Eitro immediately came out of vehicle and came over to give Arch Magus Camilla a respectful bow before replying, “My status isn’t enough to know the honoured Arch Magus Alaster, but I’ve heard that Arch Magus Alaster has been focused on some research recently, so there hasn’t been any news.”

“Un…...That fellow is always like this, this isn’t strange.” Arch Magus Camilla was silent for a bit before waving his hand at Eitro, “Alright, you can go take care of your business with Xu Yi, I won’t bother you.”

After saying this, Arch Magus Camilla got back into his Magic Sedan and instantly disappeared into the distance.

Eitro watched that Magic Sedan disappear in a daze and he stayed like that until Xu Yi drove the Magic Sedan up beside him and indicated for him to get in.”

“Chairman Xu, Arch Magus Camilal seems to like driving Magic Sedans a lot?” Eitro asked after getting in.

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “He doesn’t just love driving the Magic Sedan, he likes driving the Magic Speed Boats and the Magic Airships as well. What? Do you find it strange?”

“No, it’s not strange. Only…...Only the things that a respected Arch Magus like him likes, it really is a bit unexpected.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh. If he knew that Arch Magus Camilla liked to participate in the races, wouldn’t you be even more surprised?

But compared to Eitro’s questions, Xu Yi cared more about how Arch Magus Camilla had asked about Arch Magus Alaster.

Based on Arch Magus Camilla’s tone, it seemed like he had a good private relationship with Arch Magus Alaster, otherwise he wouldn’t have mentioned it in front of Eitro like that.

“If grandfather can pull this Arch Magus Alaster over to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that would be good……”

Xu Yi had this thought before revealing a smile of self ridicule and shaking his head.

Arch Magi were the most important people in the Marlow Empire, how could they come to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? This was nothing more than wishful thinking.

After starting the Magic Sedan again, Xu Yi brought Eitro to the Magic Car development center and arrived at a small hill in the north.

This small hill had some clear differences from the surrounding ones, like they were specially made.

On the small hill, there were five large transport Magic Cars that were currently slowly driving along the hill.

The gradient of the hills were different and there were pits in the ground. There were even stones of varying sizes scattered around, looking very hard to pass.

Eitro looked over and was certain that in this environment, if there wasn’t a special road paved, normal horse carriages definitely couldn’t pass through it.

However, although the five Magic Cars were moving slowly along the hill, looking a bit hard, they were still moving forward bit by bit.

Eitro’s eyes lit up, “Chairman Xu, these are the off road vehicles?”

“Un…..They are still being tested, so what you see isn’t complete. When the fourth generation driving system is complete, they will be able to drive much faster across these roads.” Xu Yi explained.

“No, no, this is already enough!” Eitro said in an excited voice, “Chairman Xu, they haven’t loaded any cargo yet?”

“We haven’t entered the carrying capacity limit testing yet, so not right now.”

“Then if they were loaded up with cargo, how much would it take before it wouldn’t be able to move forward anymore?” Eitro asked.

“According to the data, our lowest requirement is that it isn’t affected by at least five tons.” Xu Yi replied, “Of course, the limit of these large transport Magic Cars are only twenty tons on flat land, so this hasn’t been achieved yet.”

“Five tons isn’t already enough!” The excitement in Eitro’s eyes wasn't hidden at all, “Chairman Xu, please sell these five ton Magic Cars to me. I will bring them back to the empire immediately and use them to shut the mouths of certain people.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help thinking that this Eitro really was direct.

It was a pity that he was only a normal part of the Marlow Empire’s army, so he couldn’t decide much.

But thinking about it, although he seemed like a normal minister on the surface, he could still lead this delegation and make the decision for the Marlow Empire’s army’s logistics department. It could be seen that his position wasn’t that low.

If he could build a connection with him, he believed that it would be easier selling to the Marlow Empire army.

However, after Xu Yi paused for a bit, he shook his head, “I’m very sorry, the five ton Magic Cars are still an experiment, they aren’t planning on being sold right now.”

“Is that so?” Eitro was a bit disappointed, “Without a real example, it would be a bit hard to convince them.”

“If you want proof, it doesn’t mean having the product, right?” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and made an inviting gesture to Eitro, “Viscount Eitro, if you’re interested, please come with me. I will show you a demonstration video for the new off road transport Magic Cars. After seeing this video, I believe that you will have a better understanding of their abilities.”

“Demonstration video?” Eitro was a bit confused.

“Alright, it should be considered a Magic Illusion Film. You should understand a bit more like this.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Magic Illusion Film?” Eitro was still confused.