Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 73

A large transport Magic Car quickly moved across the largest road in the Candra Empire’s southern province.


The tire rolled over a pit on the road and immediately shook the entire car.

Nasus who was sitting in the Magic Car was jolted from the seat before falling back down. Feeling the pain from his butt, he couldn’t help complaining, “What kind of broken roads are in this Candra Empire, it is too bumpy. My butt is about to split in half from this trip.”

Hafra who was sitting in the side seat was already used to it and couldn’t help smiling when he heard this, “Kid, if your butt isn’t in half, would it be in three parts? Alright, stop complaining. You’ll be coming here more in the future, so you should get used to it.”

“It’ll always be this broken road?” Nasus knitted his brows and shook his head, “I say, Uncle, didn’t you always say that the Candra Empire had more money than our Lampuri Kingdom? Why aren’t they willing to build a few roads? That way, not only is it more comfortable for us to come here, it’ll also be faster.”

“You think that this thing can be made with just money?” Hafra rolled his eyes at his nephew before looking at the bumpy road in front of him and giving a helpless sigh, “Although the Candra Empire has money, if they aren’t willing to build roads, there’s no other way.”

“This isn’t right. Even a small country like our Lampuri Kingdom is filled with roads, so why doesn’t a large country like the Candra Empire understand the benefits of roads? Why aren’t they willing to pave them?” Nasus was still confused.

“How would I know?” Hafra gave a laugh, “Perhaps the nobles of the Candra Empire like to sway while sitting in their horse carriages moving along these small roads.”

Nasus muttered something before he continued driving the large transport Magic Car forward.

Seeing that he was no longer complaining, Hafra also fell silent and began planning their trip.

Since the Candra Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom signed their contract, opening their market to the Lampuri Kingdom, in this half a month, this was his fourth time coming to the giant empire.

Although each trip was hard, all the things he had transported from the Lampuri Kingdom to the Candra Empire were easy to sell. He had already made quite a bit in half a month.

This time he had brought his nephew Nasus along, other than the fact that his nephew had passed the driver’s exam at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and could drive the large transport Magic Car, he also brought him to see the world and familiarize himself with how to do business over here. He wanted to train a good assistant for himself in the future.

As for the matters between the Candra Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom, of course a small merchant like him wouldn’t know anything. He only knew that after the Candra Empire had opened their markets to the Lampuri Kingdom, there were many products that he could sell in the Candra Empire. Not to mention that the tariffs were much lower compared to before, so it was very good business opportunity.

If the Candra Empire’s agreement with the Lampuri Kingdom didn’t change, he was certain that this trade would become even better and it would be much better than being a normal small merchant in the Lampuri Kingdom.

The only hindrance would be something happening in the Candra Empire.

As long as there was a small problem in this large empire, it was enough to completely destroy a small merchant like him without giving him a chance to resist at all.,

“I hope that her majesty can maintain a good relationship with the Candra Empire…..” After thinking this, Hafra began praying in his heart.

“Hey, uncle……” At this time, Nasus who had been silent for a bit suddenly spoke.

“Un? What is it?”

“I’ve never come to the Candra Empire before and felt that a large empire like this would have many things better than a small country like our Lampuri Kingdom, but after seeing it, I feel that……I feel that the Candra Empire is more disappointing compared to our Lampuri Kingdom?”

Seeing the confused look on Nasus’ face, Hafra couldn’t help laughing. He felt that this kid really was feeling the same thing he felt when he came to the Candra Empire.

“Tell me, what parts of the Candra Empire can’t compare to our Lampuri Kingdom in your opinion?” Hafra deliberately asked.

“Not to mention anything else, it’s the road in front of us.” Nasus pointed at the road in front and said without any courtesy, “This is a road that leads to the third largest city in the Candra Empire, Laru City. If this was in our Lampuri Kingdom, it would be a very wide road. But this road in front of us, not to mention how beat up it is, it’s very narrow. I think that it is only wide enough to let two large transport Magic Cars go side by side, it wouldn’t let another one pass.”

“Un, this road is indeed the biggest problem. What else? Is there anything else?” Hafra asked again.

“Anything else? Did you forget when we stopped at Ive City? Although it’s only a small city, there was only a single restaurant in the entire city, that is just too much! Moreover, there was nothing that was being sold there, they didn’t even have any fresh meat and the quality was so bad. If this was our Lampuri Kingdom, not to mention Karma City, even a small city would have a place where you can eat some meat.”

“What? You’re dissatisfied that you can’t eat meat? Kid, if you’re unhappy with not eating meat, don’t you think that you’ll break your family?” Hafra asked.

“Che, how can you go poor eating meat? Even one pound of pork is only two silver coins in Karma City, I can’t make my family go broke even if I ate a pound of pork a day.”

“Kid, did you forget how you starved when you were younger?” Hafra rolled his eyes, “Don’t forget, the reason why you could eat meat in the past two years is completely because the Lampuri Kingdom has enough grains that they could take out some of the extra to raise pigs. The Candra Empire having enough grains to feed their people is already good enough, how could they have extra to use to raise pigs?”

“Is that so?” Nasus scratched his head, “Anyway, it’s much worse than our Lampuri Kingdom. Moreover, when we went to find a faucet to wash our hands and get some water for our car, there was no running water in Ive City at all. I had to go to an old well to pump out water, it really was……”

“Isn’t it good for you to exercise a bit?” Hafra shook his head with a smile, “You, you’re completely used to the good life in our Lampuri Kingdom and not used to the backwards Candra Empire……”

Hafra was suddenly stunned.

What had he just said?


He actually used the word “backwards” so naturally to describe the Candra Empire?

This was one of the two empires!

Other than the Marlow Empire, this was the Candra Empire that the rest of the small countries on the continent could only look enviously at!

But thinking about it, Hafra felt that it wasn’t wrong.

Compared to the Lampuri Kingdom, after entering the Candra Empire, he felt that there were many things that weren’t convenient.

For example, the broken roads, the poor meals, and the water system that depended on manpower that Nasus mentioned earlier, or the things that he had kept inside, such as no Magic Communicators or everything else that made it seem backwards.

That’s right, it was backwards.

Compared to the Lampuri Kingdom, there were many parts of the Candra Empire that seemed backwards.

This was not a misconception, but it was a fact.

“Uncle, what’s wrong? Why are you in a daze?” Hearing that Hafra suddenly stopped talking, Nasus looked at him and saw that his uncle had his mouth open, looking like he was in a daze.

“Ah…...Ah, nothing, it’s nothing……”

Hafra waved his hand to show that there was no problem.

However, when he calmed down again, he couldn’t help feeling an absurd feeling.

The Candra Empire was backwards compared to the Lampuri Kingdom?

If this idea was put in any country on the continent, even the Lampuri Kingdom of several years ago, everyone would laugh at him.

Because this was basically a giant joke.

The Candra Empire was one of the two empires, so naturally it was much stronger in many places compared to a small country in the southwest corner of the continent like the Lampuri Kingdom.

The definition of backwards was impossible to be used on the Candra Empire.

But through Hafra’s recent trips to the Candra Empire, he could tell that the differences between the two countries were an indisputable fact.

The Candra Empire was backwards compared to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Hafra’s lips twitched and he had a strange expression as a trace of joy and pride filled his heart.

Without knowing it, the Lampuri Kingdom had become this powerful?

When he was facing those merchants from the Candra Empire before, he felt a bit inferior in his heart.

But after thinking this through, he suddenly found that there was now a sense of superiority in his heart.

How were those Candra Empire merchants qualified to look down on him, they were nothing more than a bunch of hicks that hadn’t seen the world yet!

This thought made Hafra instantly feel much better and he couldn’t help laughing.

Hearing the sudden laughter from Hafra, Nasus was confused as he looked at him. But he found that he had a very happy smile on his face and he was laughing that much, so it was clear that he was in a good mood.

Nasus couldn’t help feeling confused in his heart.

What was wrong with uncle? He was clearly talking about how living in the Candra Empire was less convenient, so why did uncle suddenly start laughing after thinking about it?

Could it be that uncle thought of something strange?

But even though Nasus racked his brain, he couldn’t think this through.

So he could only shake his head and look forward as he focused on driving the large transport Magic Car. They were quickly heading towards the outline of the city on the horizon.