Magic Industry Empire - Volume 6 Chapter 74

Half an hour later, the large transport Magic Car slowly entered the west gate of Laru City.

Hafra jumped down from the passenger seat and ran over to where several soldiers were responsible for watching the gate, heading over to the leader of this troop with a smile.

“Hey, captain Wayne, good afternoon. You’re responsible for guarding the city gate on such a hot day, it really is hard on you.”

While he said this, his hand naturally reached out and took captain Wayne’s hand, as three gold coins easily shifted from his hand to captain Wayne’s hand.

Captain Wayne casually put away the three gold coins before revealing a friendly smile on his serious face.

“Ha, ha, this is work from the City Lord, how could I dare neglect it?” Captain Wayne waved his hand at the two subordinates behind him, “Go and investigate what’s in there. Move a bit faster, understand?”

“Reporting to the captain, there’s nothing suspicious there.”

“Un, good.” Captain Wayne gave a nod before turning to Hafra, “Since everything is good, just pay the city gate tax and go.”

Hafra thanked him and took out a small purse for captain Wayne.

Captain Wayne took it and didn’t even look as he directly tossed it to the clerk from the City Lord Manor responsible for recording the gate tax. Then he waved his hand and let Hafra enter the city.

Hafra thanked him again. When he was about to turn to his large transport Magic Car, he found that there were some fresh flowers hanging over the city gate. It was clearly cleaner near the city gate, much cleaner than the last times he had been here.

Just the last few times, the city gate always looked poor and dirty, but now it didn’t seem like it at all.

This surprised Hafra a bit. After thinking about it, he asked captain Wayne in a low voice, “Captain Wayne, it seems like someone important is about to arrive?”

Captain Wayne looked around before replying in a low voice, “People from the governor’s manor will be coming around for an inspection over the next few days, so we have to clean up. But this isn’t related to a small merchant like you, so just remember not to cause any trouble.”

“Of course, of course.” Hafra nodded. After thinking about it, he took out two more gold coins and handed it over to captain Wayne, “Captain Wayne, if anything happens in the next few days, I have to ask you to take care of me.”

Captain Wayne looked at the gold coins sparkling in his hands and knitted his brows before shaking his head, “I can’t really help you in terms of this.”

“No, no, no, you’re mistaken. I just want to know any official news ahead of time. This is a small matter, just consider it as brothers having some tea together.” Hafra insisted on handing it over.

Captain Wayne hesitated a bit before accepting the gold coins.

“Alright, go in. Come and see me if you need anything.”

Hafra thanked him with a smile before returning to the large transport Magic Car.

“Humph, I was just saying that the Candra Empire is inferior to our Lampuri Kingdom. Look, there’s another example right now. Our Lampuri Kingdom has already gotten rid of the city gate tax and the Candra Empire is still charging it.” When the large transport Magic Car passed through the city gates, Nasus who was driving complained again.

“There’s nothing to complain about here, we follow the customs of the place we go to.” Hafra shook his head. Although he denied Nasus’ complaint, he was also feeling a bit dissatisfied deep down.

The Lampuri Kingdom had gotten rid of the city gate tax system three years ago and the Candra Empire as one of the two empires was still charging the city gate tax.

Moreover, the Candra Empire charged differently for different cities, but not a single one of them was low.

With a car filled with cargo, he would have to pay at least five gold coins to enter the city each time.

In order to save money, he and Nasus hadn’t entered any cities unless they needed to stock up on supplies.

However, even like this, they had spent over twenty gold coins entering cities along the way.

Adding in the thirty gold coins tariff he had to pay to the Candra Empire, the tax he had paid was already over fifty gold coins.

If he couldn’t sell all his cargo, he would be suffering a loss on this trip.

But the experience of several times made him not worry. At least the people of Laru City welcomed his products very much, so he didn’t need to worry about not selling.

“Turn left ahead.” Hafra gave a reminder.

The large transport Magic Car found it very hard to turn on the streets of Laru City which weren’t that wide. After turning the corner, they entered a street that was filled with stores.

“Alright, just stop here. You can’t go in ahead of here.” Hafra added.

Nasus stopped the large transport Magic Car and Hafra jumped out. He easily went to a shop on the left side of Laru City’s business street.

After a while, Hafra walked out with several large men and a middle aged man.

These large men didn’t say a word as they went over to the Magic Car and started unloading the cargo. Their actions were very familiar, clearly not being their first time.

Nasus in the car saw the middle aged man beside Hafra and immediately jumped out of the car as he came forward while shouting, “Uncle!”

This middle aged man was Hafra’s big brother, who was also Nasus’ uncle, Prado

Twenty years ago, because of the famine in the Lampuri Kingdom, Prado who was already twenty didn’t want to cause problems for his family. He had begged for food along his journey out of the Lampuri Kingdom and finally settled in the Candra Empire’s Laru City by accident. After working hard for ten years, he had now opened a small shop, so his life wasn’t bad.

Six years ago, Prado, whose life had settled down, contacted his family members in the Lampuri Kingdom by letter and had returned to the Lampuri Kingdom to see them again.

They sent letters quite frequently, but because it was too far, they rarely saw each other.

Until the Lampuri Kingdom and the Candra Empire signed that agreement, opening the Candra Empire market to the Lampuri Kingdom. Hafra had an idea of selling the Lampuri Kingdom’s products in the Candra Empire, which truly established a relationship between them again.

“Un, good kid. When I went back this time, you hadn’t even reached my chest yet, but I never thought that you would be this tall in just a few years. Not to mention that you are quite strong, not bad, not bad……” Seeing Nasus’ healthy appearance, Prado gave a nod.

“Hei, hei, uncle, it’s already been six years, I’m already close to eighteen, so of course I would be tall.” Nasus scratched his head, feeling a bit awkward, “Then again, I’m eating meat all day, so of course I would grow fast.”

“Eating meat all day?” Prado was a bit surprised, “You can eat meat every day?”

“Yes.” Nasus pursed his lips, “I haven’t eaten any meat in the past two days, so my mouth feels a bit off.”

Prado looked at Nasus with a strange expression before turning to Hafra.

“Is the family business really that good?”

Hafra nodded with a smile, “Un, life in our Lampuri Kingdom is different compared to before. Big brother, you should come back and take a look when you have time, I’m sure you’ll be shocked.”

“Right, uncle, the Lampuri Kingdom is completely different from six years ago. It we compare it, I feel that there are parts of the Candra Empire that can’t……”

“Ke……” Hafra suddenly gave a strong cough and interrupted Nasus, “Big brother, what I just said was true. You should go back for a visit if you have time, mom and dad are already old and they can’t live that much long. They will be happy if you can go back to see them more. Then again, with the Magic Cars, it doesn’t take that long to make a trip, so it’s very convenient.”

“That’s right, we only spent two hours to come from the Lampuri Kingdom this time. It wasn’t like before, taking a month just to go all the way back.” Nasus cut in again.

This…..” Prado was in a bit of daze, as if he couldn’t accept what he was hearing from Hafra and Nasus.

But after thinking about it, it was like the familial love in his heart woke up and he gave a nod.

“Alright, since it’s like this, after we sell this batch of products this time, I’ll take a trip back with you to see mom and dad. Anyway, you always say that there are many opportunities in the Lampuri Kingdom, so I’ll go back for a visit and see if there are any opportunities there.”

Seeing that Prado agreed, Hafra and Nasus both revealed excited smiles.

Prado had left home for twenty years and only went back once six years ago, so the old parents at home missed him very much.

If he could go back this time, the old folks would definitely be very happy.

“Ha, ha, big brother, then we should try to quickly sell out this batch of goods and head home earlier!” Hafra said in a happy voice.

“That depends on what you brought this time. If the products aren’t good, they won’t be easy to sell.” Prado shook his head as he said this.

Hafra had a confident smile, “Relax, I always bring good things that will sell fast. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.”

Hafra pulled Prado to the back trunk after saying this and he took one of the cargo that the workers were unloading before opening it to reveal the product inside.

Prado looked at it and immediately took a cold breath.

“Gods! Hafra, where did you find the money to buy these good products?”

Hafra gave a laugh, “Big brother, if I told you that all of this didn’t even add up to a thousand gold coins, would you believe it?”

Prado looked at him in surprise with eyes filled with disbelief.