Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 100

Great Magician Yale in the sky noticed the powerful magic energy coming from these fire red glows and he was shocked.

If he wasn’t wrong, these terrifying fire red glows should be the glow of the Magic Shells.

If any of these Magic Shells fell on the Sacred Regiment, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Thinking of this, Great Magician Yale didn’t dare hesitate as he used all his magic power to send out several bolts of lightning from his hand, which were aimed right at the Magic Shells.

However, when the bolts of lightning reached these fire red glows, there was a faint light blue glow that appeared around them. They blocked all of the bolts of lightning and they couldn’t do anything to them.

Great Magician Yale was stunned.

Don’t look down on how normal these bolts of lightning look, they were the Eighth Grade Spell Thunderclap Fury. Each one of these bolts of lightning contained a terrifying might.

He thought that he could destroy these Magic Shells with this spell, but he never thought that the Magic Shells themselves would have defensive magic on them which could even resist a powerful Eighth Grade Spell!

However, he didn’t have time to be surprised or ponder this. Seeing that the Magic Shells were about to fall, Great Magician Yale didn’t dare hesitate at all as he released all his magic, creating a giant magic barrier in the sky that covered the Sacred Regiment soldiers underneath.

Great Magician Yale excelled in Wind Magic, so he released this Wind Magic Barrier that was strong enough to resist Ninth Grade Spells and even some weaker Forbidden Spells. He created a light green light barrier in the sky that caused the sky to turn light green.

The Sacred Regiment soldiers had been panicking when they saw the glow of the Magic Shells falling, but seeing Great Magician Yale release his magic barrier, they let out a sigh of relief.

However, that smile on their faces had just appeared when they found that after the fire red glows hit Great Magician Yale’s magic barrier, they didn’t slow down at all as they penetrated through the magic barrier and continued to fall.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong.”

With these fire red glows falling, it created several incomparably powerful explosions.

When the flames appeared, countless Sacred Regiment soldiers were also blown away and they fell into chaos.

Lagar’s eyes opened wide as he watched this chaos with incomparable shock. Then he suddenly looked at Great Magician Yale in the sky as his heart turned cold.

Great Magician Yale was considered their biggest advantage against the Rudson Kingdom army and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that might appear, but the facts proved that Great Magician Yale couldn’t actually protect them. Then how was the Sacred Regiment supposed to fight the enemy?

Great Magician Yale in the sky was even more shocked than Lagar.

This magic barrier was something he had developed himself, a High Grade Wind Magic Barrier that he had been proud of. He never thought that he couldn’t stop these Magic Cannons, they hadn’t even been able to hinder them at all.

Thinking of how his bolts of lightning had been easily taken care of by those Magic Shells, Great Magician Yale’s heart turned cold again.

If it was fighting between magicians, he could think of another way to deal with them.

But now his primary mission was to support and protect the Sacred Regiment under him and he actually couldn’t do that, so wasn’t there no meaning for him to be here?

Great Magician Yale couldn’t help looking down and seeing the chaotic and tragic scene, he couldn’t help feeling shame.

Turning over, he met the gaze of Lagar who was looking up.

The two looked at each other and immediately understood what the other person was thinking.

Lagar gritted his teeth before loudly calling his adjutant and giving him an order, “Reorganize the army and retreat!”

The adjutant was surprised, “Retreat? Lord Count, are you……telling us to retreat?”

They had just entered the Rudson Kingdom and they hadn’t completed their mission yet, they hadn’t even met the enemy yet, but the commander was already giving the order to retreat? This was just too much, right!

“Stop wasting words!” Lagar angrily grabbed the collar of his adjutant and roared out with fierce eyes, “Immediately send down the orders and have the entire army retreat! Do you understand?”

The adjutant’s heart turned cold and he quickly nodded before turning to pass down that order.

But as soon as he turned, before he could even take two steps, there were several dozen more fire red glows that appeared in the sky from both sides.

Great Magician Yale who hadn’t recovered from the last attack took a while before he noticed this attack.

In his shock, Great Magician Yale didn’t have time to think as he activated all his magic, using all the protective magic that he had grasped.

There were various layers of light that appeared above the Sacred Regiment, dying in the sky in different colours, making it look very pretty.

However… wasn’t any use.

Those several dozen fire red glows were like before, penetrating these magnificent looking magic barriers without any issues and then falling on the Sacred Regiment.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

With a series of fierce explosions, each one created a burst of flame that also created large holes in the Sacred Regiment.

After these explosions, the Sacred Regiment’s formation that had barely been kept had been blown away.

In fact, there were only several thousand soldiers that had been blown up in the explosions and they couldn’t affect the Sacred Regiment at all.

But this enemy could attack them without even seeing them and the key thing was that the incomparably powerful Great Magician couldn’t stop them. The morale of the Sacred Regiment had been seriously attacked and all the soldiers had hearts that were filled with fear.

Lagar’s mouth was opened wide. Seeing the corpse that had been mangled beyond recognition under him, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

This corpse was the adjutant that he had just sent to pass down the orders.

A Magic Shell had fallen on the road in front of him and he had been blown up in front of Lagar.

If this Magic Shell had been slightly closer and had landed on Lagar, he was certain that he would have died without leaving a corpse.

Thinking of this, Lagar’s heart was ice cold.

When he heard that the Shining Regiment had been close to annihilated and even the commander Count Antsol had been killed, he kept ridiculing Count Antsol in his heart.

Even if he couldn’t win, couldn’t he escape?

However, after entering the battlefield himself, he found that Count Antsol was the same as him, he must have wanted to run right away.

But facing this incomparably strange attack, how could he run?


There was a sudden gust of wind as Great Magician Yale had landed beside Lagar.

“Count Lagar, give the order to retreat.” Great Magician Yale didn’t have a single trace of the calm look from before as he had eyes filled with anxiety. There was even a bit of panic that couldn’t be hidden on his face.

Lagar looked at him and he felt a bit pleased.

This Great Magician Yale had always been aloof since they had met, but now that he saw that his magic wasn’t useful, he was even more afraid than him.

“Un, we must retreat……” Lagar nodded, not denying Great Magician Yale’s suggestion, “Your excellency Great Magician, please help me with something. Please use voice amplifying magic to transmit the order.”

Great Magician Yale saw the chaotic situation around him and knew that it would be hard to pass down the order to every part of the army, so he gave a nod. He flew into the sky again and used his magic to increase his voice.

“The Lord Count’s orders are for a full retreat!”

Lagar underneath him almost fell over.

Did he give this kind of order?

As expected, after hearing Great Magician Yale’s voice, the Sacred Regiment’s soldiers that had been in chaos were surprised before they all turned and ran off in that direction.

Lagar was stunned by the soldiers running away like a wave as his heart was filled with regret.

He really shouldn’t have had Great Magician Yale who didn’t have the least bit of military knowledge give this retreat order.

What the soldiers were doing now wasn’t considered a tactical retreat, but rather they were running away!

This was the worst scenario for a battlefield. It meant that the soldiers had lost all sense of organization and even lost their sanity, they wouldn’t listen to any orders anymore.

Seeing the panic that most of the soldiers had, Lagar gave a bitter laugh deep down.

Was this still the Sacred Regiment that he was proud of?

But he didn’t have a right to blame his soldiers because even he as the commander had lost all reasoning under this strange attack. He had even gone against protocol by having Great Magician Yale pass down this order to retreat.

Great Magician Yale saw the soldiers running away under him and didn’t really care about them.

After thinking for a bit, he flew to the magicians under him that could only fly in the sky in a panic since they didn’t know what to do. After saying a few things to them, he turned to fly back to Lagar’s side.

“Count Lagar, I’ll cover your retreat.”

Lagar looked at him and gave a nod.

The two of them were very clear that without the protection of Great Magician Yale, it was unknown if Lagar would be able to retreat safely even if he was the commander.

If the commander Lagar were to die here, Great Magician Yale as the highest ranking magician here would definitely be held accountable to a certain degree by the army headquarters.

As long as the two of them could survive, even if the Sacred Regiment was wiped out, there would still be a chance.

After Lagar agreed, Great Magician Yale took Lagar’s arm and activated his magic as a black crack in space appeared in front of the two of them.

Great Magician Yale used his magic to create a magic barrier around Lagar before bringing him into the spatial crack.

After a while, the two of them appeared in a flat area that was around two to three kilometers away from the battlefield.

Turning around to look at the distant sky, they saw countless blurry fire red glows flying out before falling onto the battlefield they had just been on.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong!”

Hearing these non stop explosions, Lagar and Great Magician Yale had sunken expressions.

The two of them had safely escaped, but as for how many of the Sacred Regiment would be able to escape, that would be hard to tell……