Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 103

Gerald didn’t know that Narolov was in this kind of danger, but when he noticed that the Scarlet Sun Regiment’s ten Magic Cars on the right flank were blown into the sky and he saw that the soldiers were being thrown around like straw, he knew that the situation was bad.

The Rudson Kingdom fellows weren’t just waiting for them to attack, rather they had laid down traps in the surrounding area and were waiting for them to charge to their deaths.

Gerald looked at the much closer Rudson Kingdom army and there was a bit of hesitation in his heart.

Since the enemy had placed traps on their two flanks, it was very likely that there were traps in front of them. If he were to continue forward with the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment, they might run right over those traps.

But after Gerald looked at the distance between them and the Rudson Kingdom army, the vigilance in his heart became helplessness.

Although they had advanced quite a bit in those few minutes, they still weren’t in the striking range of the Magic Cannons.

If they stopped here out of fear of the traps, then the Rudson Kingdom army would use their longer range Magic Cannons to wildly blow them up.

Retreat was even worse because this would be equal to losing and they would be attacked while retreating.

If the Rudson Kingdom army chased them, the consequences would be hard to imagine.

Thinking this through, Gerald could only feel pain in his heart.

Because the Rudson Kingdom’s Magic Cannons had a longer range of one kilometers compared to their Magic Cannons, he had fallen into this difficult position.

It was impossible to retreat, it was even more impossible to stop, and going forward meant possibly running over traps.

“Damn, it would be better if those fellows had developed Magic Cannons with a longer range……”

Gerald cursed in a low voice before shaking his head and getting the magician beside him to amplify his voice with magic again.

“Brothers! Charge with me! Speed up!”

After shouting this, Gerald patted the shoulder of the driver beside him and indicated for him to go faster.

At this time, he suddenly regretted not bringing his beloved warhorse with him. If he did, he could have led the charge as usual and would have greatly increased the morale of his subordinates.

However, he knew that if he had been riding his warhorse, just based on the sounds of the Magic Cannons, it would have scared his warhorse and it wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

Not to mention that the Magic Shells were incomparably powerful and any random explosion would completely destroy a range of ten meters.

He could wear his silver armour and ride his horse through the arrows of the enemies before, but facing these powerful Magic Shells, if he dared to ride a horse, he might have died without leaving a corpse if one of them landed on him.

In the end, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made these military magic machines, the traditional method of war had already been eliminated.

This was something that Gerald as part of the new faction was very clear on.

So although he wasn’t willing, he had been vigorously promoting the military magic machines among the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment. He worked hard to learn and train with these military magic machines so that they could catch up to this new trend.

But now that they were on a battlefield, he realized just how weak he was.

They hadn’t even clashed with the Rudson Kingdom army, but just based on the longer range of their Magic Cannons, the enemy had caused several thousand casualties with the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.

But he had no other way, he could only lead his soldiers with low morale forward.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

There was another round of Magic Shells that fell and the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment was in a panic.

A Magic Shell fell right beside the large transport Magic Car that Gerald was sitting in and the strong shockwave from it caused the Magic Car to start lurching, making people feel like they had been thrown to the side.

It was a good thing that it was able to return to normal and continue forward.

Three kilometers and two kilometers, it was only a difference of one kilometer. Not to mention a large transport Magic Car being able to clear this in one to two minutes, one could clear that distance even in around three to four minutes by running.

However, this short distance was like a moat for the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.

Each step forward would mean a Magic Shell falling, sweeping away many soldiers of the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.

The Scarlet Sun Regiment that was on the two flanks wasn’t that much better off.

It was unknown how many traps the Rudson Kingdom army had placed on the flanks, but as the Scarlet Sun Regiment’s large transport Magic Cars continued forward at high speeds, there would be explosions that rang out from time to time.

The large transport Magic Cars would be blown away and the Scarlet Sun Regiment soldiers would die in the explosions.

The most important thing was that after the first trap, the Scarlet Sun Regiment had lost the command of their commander Narolov.

Although the vice commander was still giving orders, he didn’t have any other methods. Seeing that the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment was still charging forth, he could only work with Gerald and give the order to continue forward.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

The explosions kept ringing out from the two flanks. The Rudson Kingdom’s northern army commander Fenrir raised his telescope to observe the situation and although his expression was serious, there was a trace of a smile on his lips.

“Chief Furio, it seems like those Candra Empire people already don’t have any other tricks.”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard’s elf team leader Furio was standing atop a large transport Magic Car beside him and he didn’t echo those words. After looking with rapt attention for a while, he said to Fenrir, “They are about to enter their own striking distance. Commander Fenrir, you can start the second battle plan.”

“Alright.” Fenrir nodded with a faint smile before bending down to give a few orders to the officers.

After a while, after a single round of shots from the northern army’s Magic Cannons, they packed up and got into the Magic Cars as they began to uniformly withdraw.

“Chief Furio, we’ll leave it to you now.” Fenrir took Furio’s hands and seriously grasped them, “The future of our Rudson Kingdom will depend on this one battle.”

Furio wasn’t used to Fenrir’s sudden close contact and his serious tone.

But after being with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was already used to dealing with humans. Hearing this, he revealed a smile and said with a nod, “Please be assured, we will buy enough time for you.”


Fenrir gave a strong nod.

Furio jumped off the large transport Magic Car and then the northern army’s troops all got into large transport Magic Cars and Armoured Magic Vehicles as they started to retreat like a flood.

Furio turned to look at the approaching Candra Empire army’s troops that he could even clearly see the faces of and quickly took two steps, entering a strange looking Magic Car.

Gerald was surprised to see the Rudson Kingdom army retreating and he felt confused.

Although they were about to enter their own striking distance, was there a need for the Rudson Kingdom fellows to run away like this?

Did they not know that retreating meant showing their backs and he could chase after them, paying them back for this grudge?

“Charge for me! Don’t let them run!”

Gerald couldn’t think of a reason why, so he followed his most basic judgement and waved his arm, giving the order to chase.

However, the Rudson Kingdom army’s retreat was planned and it went very smoothly. Before he could enter the striking range, most of the other side had already retreated, leaving only a few scattered troops on the plains.

Gerald raised his telescope to take a look and as far as he could see, it seemed like they didn’t leave the large transport Magic Cars, the Armoured Magic Cars, nor were they dumb enough to leave behind the Magic Cannon firing squad. Rather they had left behind square shaped vehicles that looked flat with a sturdy steel pipe sticking out the front of it. It looked very fierce and very ugly, like it was something that was made from a Magic Car.

“Gods, what is that damn thing?”

Seeing this thing that looked strange no matter how you looked at it, Gerald actually felt that the situation wasn’t good.

He hadn’t forgotten that he had seen the Frestech Chamber of Commerce flags among the enemies earlier.

And this strange squad that had been left had the flag of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Damn, there’s only a few of them no matter how strange they look, there’s no need to fear them.” Gerald impatiently waved his hand and gave the order to charge.

After the Rudson Kingdom army had retreated, the Scarlet Sun Regiment’s two flanking forces were no longer being hit with traps, so they had finally formed two complete formations again.

But they didn’t care about this strange looking squad, instead they chased after the fleeing Rudson Kingdom army.

But while they didn’t look for the strange looking squad, the other side went looking for them.

That squad was suddenly divided in half, with fifty two of those strange looking Magic Cars going left and right to face the flanking Scarlet Sun Regiment.

Gerald was surprised.

Although the firepower of the Scarlet Sun Regiment couldn’t compare to the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment, it wasn’t weak at all.

Would these fellows that should be from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce be dumb enough to face them head on with just these few troops?

Although the Scarlet Sun Regiment had lost their highest commander because Narolov had been knocked unconscious, the vice commander was still able to bring them together.

Seeing that the enemy was actually overestimating themselves and charging them, they attacked without holding back.

“Hong, hong, hong!”

From the beginning, the Candra Empire’s Magic Cannons let out their first angry roars.

Countless red lights shot out from the Scarlet Sun Regiment and flew out at the two teams heading at them.

However, compared to the Rudson Kingdom army’s Magic Cannons, the accuracy of the Scarlet Sun Regiment’s Magic Cannons were terrible.

They sent out fifty rounds at once and more than half of them were off mark, posing no threat to the enemies at all.

Although the remaining half fell among the enemy formation, there were only a few that actually hit.

When they fell near these strange looking Magic Cars, they blew up the dirt on the plains, but it didn’t affect these strange looking Magic Cars at all. It couldn’t even shake them at all.

The few shots that landed very close or even directly hit the strange looking Magic Cars weren’t able to do a thing to them.

All the Candra Empire army soldiers were stunned by this, seeing those strange looking Magic Cars release a light blue glow around it.

The Magic Shells hit those light barriers and then bounced off them. Even the soil that flew up couldn’t penetrate those light barriers.

The Candra Empire army soldiers were stunned by this when the very crude steel pipes at the front of the strange looking Magic Cars suddenly lit up with dots of red light. It congealed into a countless fire red light that shot out the front.