Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 105

“Report, the second Magic Airship team has finished their task and are returning now.”

“The second Magic Airship team, send your report and then return to the base in the Rudson Kingdom’s northern province to await your next orders.”


Reblo put down the Magic Communicator and patted the shoulder of the communication officer Kandishek beside him.

“Did you hear chief Hart’s orders? Send back the battle report that I wrote back to them.”

“Alright.” Kandishek gave a nod as he replied before his hands quickly moved across the panel of the communications station, causing the sounds of keys clacking to ring out through the cabin.

“Can’t you go a bit slower? It’s so noisy!” Reblo’s assistant who helped him with the document, as well as the one who was in charge of logistics for this Parrot Magic Airship, Karen glared at Kandishek.

Kandishek pushed his bangs out of the way and revealed a natural pose before saying while laughing, “This young master is happy, I like going fast. I say, Karen, I’ve found that your temper has been bad lately, is it that time of the month?”

Karen knitted her brows and didn’t hesitate to kick Kandishek’s calf.

Kandishek held his calf and cried out in pain, looking very funny.

“Stop arguing, finish your work first.”

Reblo scolded, but he couldn’t help revealing a smile.

Because they had finished a very important mission, everyone in the cabin was feeling very happy and it wasn’t a problem if they wanted to joke around a bit.

Even the serious Reblo was in a good mood since in the mission this time, the Magic Airship he was in charge of and nine other Magic Airships formed a special group that crossed the borders of the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire, going two hundred kilometers into the Candra Empire and launching a special attack on Severn City, destroying the Candra Empire army’s supply depot.

The importance of this mission was clear and the merit that they earned from it was very big.

Moreover, they had been able to enter the Candra Empire’s borders to launch a sneak attack. In the close to a thousand year history of the Candra Empire, this was the first time that another country’s army had dared to do such a thing.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards could be considered to have made history like this.

Thinking of this, Reblo took the Magic Communicator again and called the entire Magic Airship team.

After a while, the voices of the commanders of the other nine Magic Airships came out.

“Hey, Reblo, what is it?”

“It can’t be that another task has come from above, right?”

“It can’t be, right? We just went all out against the Candra Empire, they should let us rest first no matter what.”

“Che, it’s not a problem to go all out again. Rather our airship still has unused ammunition, so it’s not a problem to bomb them again.”

“The supply depot of those Candra Empire fellows was blown up by us, is there anything else to explode? Could it be that we’re going to bomb Wimbledon City?”

“Hei, that is a good idea, let’s go!”

“Leis, stop joking around, do you know how far Wimbledon City is from here? It’s two thousand kilometers! With the remaining Magic Crystals we have on our airships, if we don’t resupply along the way, we won’t be able to get there. How could you still think of blowing it up?”

“I was just talking…..Right, Reblo, you still haven’t said what it is, right?”

Reblo couldn’t help laughing, “You fellows are all boasting, how could I say a thing? It’s nothing, I just wanted to ask if you finished your routine inspections? If you’re done, then we can go back to the base to report.”

“Che, I thought that it was something important, but we’re just going back the same route.”

“Right, it’s a waste of my emotions……”

“Un……I still have something to say.” Reblo intentionally stopped here to keep them in suspense, “When we get back to the base, I will make an application to the team leader to invite you all to a feast in the city.”

There was a moment of silence before cheers came out.


“Reblo, are you joking?”

“Are you really inviting us to a feast? Great! I had to eat in the base for several days and I almost can’t taste anything!”

“Ha, ha, Reblo, you’re so generous! If you become the leader in the future, I have no objections!”


Reblo revealed a faint smile.

The reason why he came up with this plan to invite his colleagues to a feast on the spot was because he wanted to win them over.

However, since chief Hart had already chosen him as the team leader this time, it meant that he was already planning on training him.

The other Magic Airship commanders were also aware of this, so they wouldn’t show their objections at this time.

Of course, not everyone would agree, so he could only give it a try now.

At least on the surface, it seemed good.

“Alright, before we arrive at the base, you should all think about what to eat. Don’t wait until we get there to argue all day about what to get.”

Reblo hung up with a laugh before turning to walk around the Magic Airship cabin.

The mission of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Airship team was to enter the enemy territory and destroy their supply depot.

This was a first for them, but also a first for the enemy.

In the history of the Sines Continent, there were midair raids on enemy’s supply depots, but the ones who implemented them would be powerful magicians, or even a team of High Grade Magicians. This was the first time that there was an ambush carried out by a Magic Airship piloted by normal people like this.

This experience was very valuable to Reblo.

Actually, when he thought about it now, he found that there were many details that were properly planned.

For example, they could have been even higher when bombing Severn City. That would have been more hidden and they would have been able to continue the bombing a bit longer.

Of course, this would mean that there would need to be a higher accuracy with the Magic Bombs.

The ten Magic Airships that he led this time were of different levels, some were very accurate and some were just average, creating different effects when carrying out the bombing.

Then for example, they didn’t need to throw out most of their Magic Bombs at once beause this supply depot wasn’t that big. If one was to talk about accuracy, just five rounds of bombs would have been enough to set the warehouse in a sea of flames.

Of course, to be safe and to be more precise, ten or twenty rounds would have been enough too.

Also for example……

Reblo was a person who liked to think after the fact and he hoped to get a summary as soon as possible which was his habit.

When he sat down at the table in the cabin, before he even picked up his pen, Karen quickly came in.

“Something happened!”

Seeing the serious look Karen had, Reblo threw down his pen and walked back into the cockpit.

“Boss, look, there’s trouble coming soon.” Hearing Reblo’s footsteps, Kandishek turned to look at him before pointing at the magic illusion coming from the communication station as he said this in a loud voice.

Reblo came over and knitted his brows to find that there was red dot letting out a bunch of ripples coming from the left side of the illusion, coming towards the center of the illusion.

Seeing this, Reblo’s heart tensed.

This magic illusion used the magic detection system on the Magic Airship, sending out magic surveying signals around them. They would analyze the change in magic space around the Magic Airship, investigating special circumstances.

Using the name sir chairman came up with, this was called the Magic Radar.

Now that the Magic Radar was showing this dot of light quickly approaching, the situation clearly was off.

“Based on the vibration frequency and the strength, this should be flight magic creating magic ripples. Then with the dot of light quickly approaching, it means that there’s a magician flying over towards us.” Kandishek said.

“A magician?” Reblo was a bit doubtful, “Then it shouldn’t be an enemy. After all, it’s only a single magician, it can’t pose any threat to us. Perhaps it’s just a magician passing by.”

“No, boss, look……” Kandishek pointed at the special symbols in the bottom right corner of the illusion with a serious look, “Based on the intensity of the magic fluctuations, it isn’t the low grade flight magic that some lower grade magicians use. I’m even certain that this magician is at least a Great Magician. Also I need to remind you that we are currently flying at one hundred and thirty kilometers an hour……”

With Kandishek’s reminder, Reblo reacted.

Right, the Magic Airship under him was currently going at one hundred and thirty kilometers an hour, but this magician was able to quickly approach them. It meant that he was flying at a speed that was over one hundred and thirty kilometers an hour.

This was not something that a normal magician could accomplish.

Even among Great Magicians, if it wasn’t a Great Magician that excelled in Wind Magic, they wouldn’t be able to move this fast.

“The most important thing is that he’s clearly charging at us.” Kandishek said as he pointed at the illusion.

Reblo looked at it and found that the red dot with ripples was already much closer compared to before, it wasn’t far from them now.

“How far is he still from us?” Reblo asked.

“Un……Still around three kilometers, but based on his speed, I think that it won’t take more than five minutes for him to catch up. Boss, what do we do?”

Reblo thought for a bit before giving an order, “Keep monitoring him. Everyone else, prepare for battle.”

After saying this, Reblo took the Magic Communicator and contacted all the Magic Airships in the team again.

“Yi? Reblo, why is it you again? Are you regretting it?” A commander teased.

“You can’t do that. Reblo, you are the leader of this mission, you can’t just not keep your word. Isn’t that right, everyone?”

“Right, right!” The others echoed.

Reblo didn’t have time to talk with them and he said in a deep voice, “Everyone, there’s an unusual situation behind us. Based on our judgement, it should be at least a Great Magician grade magician chasing after us. Everyone make your preparations, I feel that this magician doesn’t have any good intentions.”

There was silence for a bit before the sounds of chaos came from the Magic Communicator.

Because the ten Magic Ships were together, only the command ship that Reblo was on had the Magic Radar on and the others didn’t notice anything.

After a while, the other Magic Airship commanders all reported that they noticed this abnormality.

Reblo looked at the Magic Illusion again and found that the red dot was even closer. It was clear that it was charging at them, so he gave the order, “Everyone, prepare for battle. The enemy this time is at least a high grade Great Magician!”

As soon as his voice fell, he heard Kandishek call out.

“Boss, there’s a powerful magic energy reaction from behind us!”

Before Kandishek could finish, it was like something hit the Magic Airship and it started to sway.

Reblo stabilized himself as his heart filled with shock.

The Magic Airship had the Magic Barrier System around it, so it could easily resist all Ninth Grade and below spells. It could even counter most of a Forbidden Spell.

This attack had made the Magic Airship shake this much, it was clear how shocking the power of the attack was.

Just who was this magician that had chased after them?