Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 108

A Magic Airship slowly came down from the sky.

Once it landed, Princess Caroline…..Oh, no, the now Duchess Caroline led a group of her subordinates to come forward.

The door of the Magic Airship opened and Xu Yi came out.

“Hey, dear Xu Yi, you’re finally here. I was already getting anxious waiting for you.” Duchess Caroline came over and took Xu Yi in a big hug. She didn’t even care about the eyes of everyone around her as she pursed her lips and moved it up towards Xu Yi’s face.

Xu Yi quickly moved to the side and avoided her lips from touching his lips, letting her kiss his cheek. Then he kissed her cheek in return, finishing what could be considered an intimate greeting.

“Hey, Caroline, you are someone who’s getting married next month, how can you still be this bold?” Xu Yi whispered beside Duchess Caroline’s ear.

“Bold? Am I?” Duchess Caroline gave a proud laugh before breathing out on Xu Yi’s ear, “If you give me a promise, I can immediately back out of my wedding. What do you think?”

“Nonsense.” Xu Yi reprimanded before letting go, gently pushing Duchess Caroline aside. He gave a cough before saying with a serious look, “Is everything prepared?”

Duchess Caroline gave a shrug, “There isn’t much to prepare on my side, we’re just mainly waiting for the people you’re sending over.”


Xu Yi nodded before beckoning behind him. A group of people wearing the uniforms of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came out of the Magic Airship.

“These are the personnel that I’ve chosen for this preliminary test. Come, let me introduce you. This is manager Gustalo who is in charge of Dole City’s Magic City Defense System this time.”

A tall middle aged man walked out and gave a bow to Duchess Caroline.

“Greetings to the duchess.”

Duchess Caroline looked over him before reaching her hand out with a smile.

“Since chairman Xu sent you here, I fully trust you. Manager Gustalo, I’ll have to entrust you with the defense of Dole City.”

Gustalo hesitated a bit before placing a gentle kiss on Duchess Caroline’s outstretched hand and replying in a respectful manner, “I am at your service.”

“Very good.” Duchess Caroline took a quick look at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff behind Xu Yi before giving them an inviting gesture, “I have already prepared a banquet in the city, I invite chairman Xu and everyone to follow me.”

Xu Yi shook his head before turning to Gustalo, “Time is short, you won’t have much time to participate in this banquet. Gustalo, make the best use of your time and inspect the city walls, try to get the general data out by the end of the day. The development center on the other side is still waiting.”

“Yes.” Gustalo replied with a nod before saying to Duchess Caroline, “Your excellency duchess, I have to ask you to send some people familiar with Dole City to work on this project with us.”

Duchess Caroline was a bit surprised, “Is there a need to be this anxious? You have just come here, you should at least have a meal first, right?”

“No need. We actually don’t have much time, we don’t know when the next attack from the Marlow Empire will come. Moreover, if they come again, it will be with a fierce wave of attacks. You wouldn’t want the precious land that you just received to be snatched away by the Marlow Empire, right?” Xu Yi said.

Duchess Caroline gave a sigh before beckoning behind her. The two Drake Duchy officials who came with her quickly came forward.

“Manager Gustalo, these are two officials who are in charge of our Dole City’s defenses. If you have any questions, you can just ask them.”


Manager Gustalo didn’t continue with the small talk and started talking with the two officials.

“Xu Yi, I’m very curious many times, how did you train your company’s staff to become like this? It’s like they only have work in their eyes, nothing else.” Duchess Caroline looked at Gustalo and the other Frestech Chamber of Commerce staffs’ enthusiasm and couldn’t help giving an emotional sigh.

Xu Yi said with a smile, “It’s not as exaggerated as you think. Our company’s staff know how to play when they are relaxing, it’s just that they are very serious when working. These are my strict demands for them, of course they are able to achieve this mainly because of the sense of achievement they have from their work.”

“Sense of achievement?” Duchess Caroline slightly knitted her brows, “What kind of sense of achievement?”

“Think about it, because of their hard work, Dole City and those small cities could resist the attack of the large Marlow Empire. Could it be that there isn’t a sense of achievement?”

Duchess Caroline was silent for a bit before asking, “Xu Yi, answer me seriously. After this Magic City Defense System is set up, will Dole City really become able to resist the attack of a large army from the Marlow Empire?”

“The defense of a city can’t be solved with just a single system, but I can tell you that as long as nothing else happens with Dole City, it’s not a problem to keep Dole City from falling for a month with this defense system. No matter how many troops the Marlow Empire sends.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

“What if the Marlow Empire sends their Arch Magi?” Duchess Caroline asked.

“Arch Magi?” Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Hei, if the Marlow Empire is willing to break the taboo of all magicians on the continent, violating the tradition to send an Arch Magus to attack another country, it would already be considered half a loss for them. As for the Arch Magus……I acknowledge that an Arch Magus is very strong, but you have to remember that a person’s role in a war is limited. Even if the Marlow Empire sends an Arch Magus, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to the carefully developed Magic City Defense System that our company has developed over a long period of time.”

Duchess Caroline looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful gaze, not understanding why he was this confident.

An Arch Magus had always been the top power on the continent and in the wars throughout history, as long as one side was able to have a large number of Great Magicians, they would win.

But once an Arch Magus appeared, the balance of victory and defeat would reverse to the side with the Arch Magus.

The Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire could stand at the peak of the Sines Continent for this long mostly because of their strong national power, but when they experienced a dip, there would be Arch Magi supporting them that kept the other countries from truly hurting them.

The Magicians Guild stipulated that Arch Magi wouldn’t participate in wars against other countries when they were established. Although this made sure that the two empires couldn’t easily invade other countries, it also allowed the two empires to stand firm without falling.

But this tradition was only an unwritten rule of the continent. If the Marlow Empire really broke this tradition, other than the Candra Empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom that had the third greatest number of Arch Magi, the other countries and forces weren’t qualified to fight back.

This time it was a rare cooperation between the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire, as well as the Mana Magic Kingdom and the other countries going against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. What the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should be most worried about was if the other side sent out an Arch Magus to participate in the war.

Although the other side hadn’t broken this tradition up to now, no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t in the future.

After all, even the two empires cooperating was an almost impossible matter, so it wouldn’t be impossible for more impossible things to happen.

However, Xu Yi was telling Duchess Caroline that the Arch Magus' role in wars was very limited. It wouldn’t matter even if the Marlow Empire really sent out an Arch Magus. This was something that Duchess Caroline couldn’t understand right away.

“To be honest with you, Caroline, our company’s main goal in developing this city defense system was just in case that the Arch Magi appeared. When it comes to the normal armies of the two empires, even without our Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, your Drake Duchy’s troops wouldn’t be afraid of them, right?”

“Un…..” Duchess Caroline gave a nod.

When the Drake Duchy worked with the Lampuri Kingdom to fight the Falk Kingdom and the Marlow Empire, the other side wasn’t able to fight back at all.

With this vast gap in battle power between the two sides, the number of troops didn’t matter at all.

Actually, even without the Lampuri Kingdom, while just the Drake Duchy’s army wouldn't be able to wipe out the Marlow Empire’s army, they would at least wouldn’t feel any pressure facing the Falk Kingdom’s army.

“So my building the Magic City Defense System in Dole City that’s not far away from the Marlow Empire’s border was to defend against possible attacks from the Marlow Empire, even guarding against the possibility of an Arch Magus appearing.” Xu Yi continued, “Think about it, if even an Arch Magus couldn’t defeat this city, what do you think the Marlow Empire would think? What would the other countries think?”

Duchess Caroline thought about it before revealing a smile.

“If even an Arch Magus couldn’t do anything to us, it would mean that this land would truly be in the hands of our Drake Duchy and no one could take it away.”

“That’s right. When that time comes, you won’t just be the Drake Duchy’s duchess, you will become the Drake Kingdom’s queen.” Xu Yi said with a smile.