Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 112

Although the southwest province’s Governor Manor had reacted fast and had sent reinforcements to Mero City as soon as they received the report, they were still limited by how fast the report was sent. When the reinforcements arrived at Mero City, it was already four days after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had captured Mero City.

This reinforcement army was made of three regiments that had been in the southwest province for a long time, with a total of fifty thousand troops. It was clear that the southwest province’s Governor Manor had attached great importance to this invasion.

For this army of fifty thousand to march from the southwest province’s capital to Mero City that was three hundred kilometers away, it was because of the strict orders from the Governor’s Manor. They were to recapture Mero City from the enemies as soon as possible.

After all, the Candra Empire hadn’t been invaded by anyone other than the Marlow Empire for several hundred years, they had never even lost a city before. Now that such a serious matter had happened in the southwest province, the southwest province’s Governor Manor was feeling a lot of pressure.

Of course, when this fifty thousand reinforcement army arrived in Mero City, they couldn’t even approach the city walls. They were forced to make cap three kilometers away from the city walls because of the heavy cannon fire and they couldn’t approach at all.

“How the f*ck are we supposed to fight this!” The reinforcement army’s commander in chief Marquis Dynatale saw the large holes in front of them and looked at the distance Mero City that he could only see vaguely before angrily throwing his sword to the ground.

After bringing the reinforcement army here, he had already attacked Mero City four times.

However, whenever he made a move, he would suffer from the fierce Magic Cannon fire that came from Mero City that blotted out the sky. After suffering heavy casualties, he still wasn’t able to break the strict lines and enter Mero City.

During this entire fight, not to mention engaging the enemy, they hadn’t even seen a trace of the enemy!

As for achieving the goal of capturing Mero City as soon as possible, that was a fantasy.

“Sir, it seems like we can’t attack from this direction. Based on the reports, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only sent five thousand troops this time. We should use our superior numbers to attack Mero City from different directions. As long as we can enter Mero City, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s powerful military magic machines won’t be able to demonstrate their power.” The accompanying staff officer suggested to Marquis Dynatale.

Marquis Dynatale thought about this for a bit before nodding in agreement to this suggestion.

Then he called the other commanders of the reinforcement army over to hold a meeting to discuss their battle plan. He split the fifty thousand army into four groups, with one group having twenty thousand people that would be led by Marquis Dynatale to lay pressure on Mero City’s northern walls.

The other three groups would be split into three different directions to attack Mero City from those directions at the same time.

With the number of troops the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had, it would be very hard for them to defend against simultaneous attacks from four different directions.

As long as the reinforcement army could enter Mero City and fight in the streets, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards would find it hard to display the might of their military magic machines. It would allow the numbers advantage that the reinforcement army had to fully demonstrate itself.

However……while the plan was good, reality was cruel.

Marquis Dynatale led the twenty thousand troops to attack in the same manner, waiting for the signal from the other three armies. However, there was a large cloud that came from the southwest that suddenly blocked out the sky.

Marquis Dynatale and the other leaders all looked up as their expressions changed at the same time.

The cloud in the sky was another Magic Airship unit!

To create such a large shadow in the sky, it would be at least fifty airships with a rough estimate!

Marquis Dynatale didn’t have time to think about where those Magic Airships came from at all, he immediately ordered the magicians that came with the army to meet them.

Everyone knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Airships could remain in the air and occupy the high ground, so they could attack them however they wanted.

The only thing that could threaten the Magic Airships were magicians who could fly in the sky.

But the magicians that came with this army had only flown halfway when they saw the dazzling beams of light that were shot from those Magic Airships.

Those beams of light were very thick and strangely fast. The magicians that were flying up didn’t have time to dodge, so they could only block them.

However, in front of everyone’s eyes, those High Grade Magicians that came with the army released their magic barriers, but they popped like bubbles.

Seeing the magicians falling out of the sky like kites with their strings cut, Marquis Dynatale’s heart sank.

Even magicians couldn’t deal with those Magic Airships, could they only let them fire at them?

However, what Marquis Dynatale didn’t expect was that after those Magic Airships shot down the magicians, they flew over the reinforcement army, but they didn’t do anything. They just silently floated there in the air, like they were watching a play.

Marquis Dynatale and the other commanders were confused by this.

With the absolute air superiority the Magic Airships had, if they wanted to take care of them, it wouldn’t take any effort at all. However, those Magic Airships acted like this after showing up, what did they want to do?

Marquis Dynatale took a telescope and looked up to observe them. After confirming that the Magic Airships above them were from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was even more confused.

Thinking about it, he turned to look at Mero City in the distance and suddenly became aware of something.

After throwing the telescope to his adjutant, Marquis Dynatale turned around his beloved warhorse and then waved at his subordinates to tell them not to follow him before slowly heading towards Mero City.

As expected, seeing that he was coming alone, the Magic Cannons on Mero City didn’t fire and allowed him to come under the Mero City city walls.

“Is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards’ leader above? Can you come down for a talk?” Marquis Dynatale raised his head to shout at the high Mero City city walls.

After a while, three figures jumped off the city walls and landed right in front of Marquis Dynatale.

Two of the figures fell slowly, falling down without a sound like a leaf.

The other figure dropped like a rock, slamming down with a large sound which was very shocking.

Marquis Dynatale calmed himself and dismounted as he looked over the three of them. He found that the two slender figures were two elven males and the shocking person was a human male.

“Let me introduce myself, I am Marquis Dwayne Dynatale, the commander of this reinforcement army. May I ask which commander from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this is?” Marquis Dynatale asked.

“Oh? I never thought a Lord Marquis would come personally, this really has surprised me.” The human male laughed before pointing at himself, “I am the commander here and also the leader of the Freestech Chamber of Commerce guards, Hart.”

“Chief Hart?” Marquis Dynatale looked at the two elven males wearing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards’ uniform and tactfully knew not to ask anything. After a pause, he said, “I want to ask, what is your goal this time?”

“Lord Marquis, your question is a bit strange. Isn’t it obvious what we want to do? We are invading your Candra Empire. Look, Mero City is the first city that we’ve captured, next we’ll capture more cities before finally capturing your capital, Wimbledon City.”

“Lies!” Marquis Dynatale looked at chief Hart with a calm look before pointing at the Magic Airships in the sky, “If that was your goal, why are those fellows not moving at all? You don’t have any intention of destroying us at all.”

Chief Hart gave a shrug, “No, you’re mistaken. Lord Marquis, we just don’t want to waste our precious ammunition, you aren’t worthy of being our opponent at all. Of course, if the Lord Marquis is dumb enough, we wouldn’t mind teaching you and your subordinates a deep lesson.”

Marquis Dynatale took a deep breath before he was able to force down the anger in his heart.

He led an army of fifty thousand elites and they weren’t worth being an enemy in the eyes of this fellow?

This was simply the greatest insult to him!

But he had to admit that this was a fact.

Whether it was the setbacks he suffered when he first attacked Mero City or the loss he suffered after the Magic Airships appeared, they all showed that even if the army he led had an advantage in numbers, they wouldn’t be able to resist in a real fight at all.

It was as chief Hart had said, if he really was willing, just with the fifty Magic Airships in the air, it was enough to make him unable to resist and he might not even be able to escape.

But the other side clearly had a goal if they didn’t do this.

As chief Hart had vaguely hinted at with his words, if their reinforcement army wasn’t worthy of being their opponent, who was worthy of being called their true opponent?

“Lord Marquis, you can go, we aren’t interested in annihilating you. You can either retreat or stay outside Mero City to watch the play, you can do what you want. But I must warn you that you shouldn’t attempt to approach Mero City, otherwise I wouldn’t mind teaching you a lesson.” Chief Hart suddenly said with a cold look.

Marquis Dynatale was surprised before taking a deep breath and looking at chief Hart with a dark look.

“I don’t know what you want to do, but I’m warning you, you’re playing with fire!”

“Playing with fire?” Chief Hart gave a laugh, “Perhaps you’re right, but playing with fire doesn’t always mean you get burned, right?”

After saying this, chief Hart gave a gesture to send him off.

Marquis Dynatale took a deep look at him before giving a snort. He got back on his horse and quickly rode off.