Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 113

Inside the southwest province’s Governor Manor that was in Baberel City which was three hundred kilometers northeast of Mero City, the atmosphere was much more tense compared to usual.

Five days ago, the news from Mero City falling had been sent back to Baberel City. No one cared at first and had thought that this rash enemy would be easily stomped by the armies of the empire.

However, just yesterday, there was a shocking piece of news that came back. The army of fifty thousand that had been sent by the Governor Manor to Mero City had been captured by the enemy and there was only the commander Marquis Dynatale who had escaped.

This news had filled the people of Baberel City with panic.

Mero City’s fall could be considered the empire’s soldiers underestimating the enemy, but the army of fifty thousand sent by the Governor Manor were all elite troops of the southwest province, but now they had been captured at Mero City.

This enemy, just how strong were they?

“No, Lord Duke, the enemy this time is even more powerful than you can imagine.” Marquis Dynatale looked at the southwest province governor Duke Charles in front of him and added with a serious look, “Not to mention the army of fifty thousand that I led not being a match for them, I believe that even if all the armies in our southwest province was sent, we wouldn’t be able to do anything to them.”

Duke Charles looked at Marquis Dynatale with a deep look for a bit as his eyes couldn’t help revealing a surprised look.

If he hadn’t been close to Marquis Dynatale for many years and he understood his personality, knowing that he wasn’t someone that spoke carelessly or trash that hid their failures by exaggerating the enemy’s power, he definitely wouldn’t have believed it.

What a joke!

Even if the thirty thousand garrison in Mero City was annihilated, even the fifty thousand elite troops had been defeated and sent packing…..Oh, no, they didn’t even come back.

Based on the report from Marquis Dynatale, the damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards didn’t even care about their fifty thousand troops to begin with! They even thought that it was a waste of ammunition to attack them!

Marquis Dynatale not only could not refute it at all, he even said to him that they wouldn’t be a match even if all of the southwest province’s armies were gathered?

“Then based on what you said, shouldn’t we just surrender to those fellows from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?” Thinking of this, Duke Charles couldn’t help adding a cold taunting tone to his voice.

How could Marquis Dynatale not hear this? However, he gave a helpless bitter laugh before saying, “If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s goal is just to defeat all resistance within our southwest province, I believe that they can accomplish this, but…..their goal doesn’t seem to be this.”

Duke Charles deeply knitted his brows, “Then what do you think their goals are? At least it isn’t fake that they occupied Mero City, right?”

“Lord Duke, with all due respect, if they were to attack Baberel City, we wouldn’t be able to resist. They really are too……”

“Enough!” Duke Charles angrily slapped the table and cut Marquis Dynatale off, “I’ve already heard enough of you praising the enemy! The enemy has now already occupied Mero City, do you want me to wait here and watch them act however they want?”

“Lord Duke, the fact is that we don’t have the ability to resist them……” Marquis Dynatale helplessly spread his hands, “I think that we must admit that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has many powerful military magic machines that we don’t have, the battle power of our two sides aren’t even at the same level. If we were to insist on fighting them, we would only be sending our troops in to die.”

“So we have to wait for them to annex Mero City first before annexing the other cities of our southwest province and then finally annexing Baberel City, annexing the entire southwest province before moving on to the entire empire?” Duke Charles said in a cold voice.

“Of course not. I just…..just feel that…..Lord Duke, we should report the situation here to the army headquarter and let those important people decide what to do?”

“There’s no need for you to worry about this, I already sent the report up as soon as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invaded. I believe that in a few days, the army headquarters will react.” After saying this, Duke Charles then angrily cursed in a low voice, “If it wasn’t for the hindrance of those damn fellows, we would have already been connected to Wimbledon City through the magic communication network with the help of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It wouldn’t take several days just to send a single report.”

Marquis Dynatale opened his mouth before deciding against reminding Duke Charles that among the people who hindered the magic communication network, he was one of them.

“Then Lord Duke, right now, we……”

Duke Charles looked at him before giving a cold snort, “Of course we can’t wait here for the news from the headquarters and do nothing with Mero City. Dynatale, in three days, you will bring ten thousand people from the fifth regiment to support Mero City.”

Marquis Dynatale was stunned.

“Fifth regiment? Ten thousand people?”

Marquis Dynatale almost thought that Duke Charles was joking.

This fifty regiment was the most bottom ranked regiment in the southwest province’s army. It was called a regiment, but they were mainly in charge of supplies, construction, and other miscellaneous work. They didn’t have any fighting experience at all and they were soldiers that didn’t even have complete sets of equipment.

Not to mention ten thousand, even if the entire fifty regiment’s forty thousand troops were sent to Mero City, they would be in a much worse situation than the fifty thousand reinforcement army from before.

“What? You don’t understand?” Duke Charles narrowed his eyes to ask Marquis Dynatale, “Do you need me to repeat it?”

Marquis Dynatale opened his mouth and wanted to ask Duke Charles why he was only sending ten thousand people from the fifth regiment, but seeing the strange expression on Duke Charles’ face, he suddenly had a thought and understood what he meant.

“Yes, Lord Duke, I understand. But you’re only giving me three days, isn’t that a bit too rushed? I feel that it should take at least five days…..No, at least a week to prepare. After all, the enemy is too strong and the odds of success aren’t high.”

Duke Charles revealed a satisfied smile and shook his head before replying, “No need. The people of Mero City can’t wait and the people at headquarters are even more anxious. Three days will be fine, I believe that the army headquarters will react in three days.”

How could Marquis Dynatale not understand what Duke Charles meant? He gave a nod and agreed.


A week later, the ten thousand troops led by Marquis Dynatale couldn’t even maintain formations as they arrived five kilometers away from Mero City, stopping there to set up camp. When they converged with the fifty thousand troops that had been there for ten days, the news immediately spread to Mero City.

“Heil, it seems like those nobles from the Candra Empire really aren’t fools, they know exactly what they should do.”

Chief Hart looked over the report and immediately moved his focus aside.

“What about the other movements? Has there been no reaction from the Candra Empire army?”

“Hey, just three days ago, those idiots from the Candra Empire army were still arguing with each other. I don’t believe that they will be able to finish their argument in another three days.” The vice leader Noons said with a look of disdain from the side.

“That’s why a country being too big isn’t an advantage. Look at them now, it’s this hard just for them to come up with a casual decision. It’s a pity that we want some boldness from them and take some countermeasures as soon as possible. Otherwise, I still have to stay here and wait for my body to rust.” Chief Hart said with a sigh.

“It’s not just you, even I’m so bored that I’m about to die.” Noons also complained.

They had already occupied Mero City for several days and because the City Lord Count Denpusy had fallen under their control, there was no resistance from Mero City. The citizens had been good the entire time and didn’t have any thoughts, so that the plans that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had come up with couldn’t even be used on them.

Of course, based on their information, the Denpusy Family had never been good to the citizens of the territory they governed. There was even a small rebellion last year that caused over a thousand civilian casualties.

In this situation, perhaps the Candra Empire citizens of this city might even think it was a good thing that Count Denpusy fell into the hands of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Chief Hart believed that if they didn’t just want to achieve their goal and wanted to occupy this city, as long as they could repel the tens of thousands of Candra Empire troops outside, they wouldn’t need to spend that much effort to grasp Mero City.

After all, when it came to buying the hearts of the citizens, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a natural advantage that others couldn’t compare to.

It was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could easily develop the economy of an area, visibly improving most people’s living conditions and letting them live better lives.

The citizens of the Candra Empire were far from being loyal to their lords, they even cared less about the concept of the Candra Empire.

If someone could give them better lives, naturally they would easily obtain their loyalty.

This was something that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had done in Banta City and even more times in the Stantine Duchy.

The current Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff were all very loyal and were willing to follow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to live much better lives.

Compared to being under the hands of the royals where they couldn’t even feed themselves, who wouldn’t be able to think this kind of decision through?

Of course, before considering these issues, they had to solve a big hindrance which was also the main goal that sir chairman had personally set for this operation.

As if they could feel chief Hart’s thoughts, one of his personal guards that was in charge of communications quickly came over and reported to chief Hart in a loud voice.

“Reporting to the chief, there’s a high energy response to the northeast!”