Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 125

The patrol team followed their route and left Greenweit Town, marching southwest by around five kilometers until there was a mountain range that appeared.

This mountain range was the largest mountain range in the Falk Kingdom, it was called the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range.

Going south from Greenweit Town, if they didn’t want to take the small valley from Greenweit Town, then they could only go several hundred kilometers to the east or west to bypass the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range.

So this mountain range became a natural barrier between the north and south of the Falk Kingdom’s east side.

Around a month ago, under the attack of the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army, the Lampuri Kingdom army had fallen back to the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range. They had relied on the fortifications they had built in the only passage through the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range, in Dawn Valley to repel the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army.

It had to be said, the fortifications of the Lampuri Kingdom really were too firm.

In this month, the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army had attacked fourteen times and there were times where four Arch Magi led the strongest magicians to attack, but they couldn’t break through these fortifications.

Under the counterattack of the Lampuri Kingdom army, the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army even suffered heavy casualties. In less than a month of fighting, there were twenty thousand soldiers that had died in battle and there were over forty thousand heavily injured soldiers, as well as countless lightly injured soldiers.

But this really wasn’t anything. The real loss was that during these fourteen battles, the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army had lost over a hundred High Grade Magicians and even two Great Magicians.

Even the four Arch Magi attacking together couldn’t do a thing. This mountain range became a barrier that the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army couldn’t pass, stopping them from obtaining more victories and taking back the rest of the Falk Kingdom’s land from the hands of the Lampuri Kingdom.

In the recent week, the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army had given up on attacking Dawn Valley temporarily. They decided that it was better to stabilize the parts of the Falk Kingdom that they had taken back from the Lampuri Kingdom before coming up with more plans.

So the two armies were currently in a stalemate near the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the peace between the two sides would truly last.

Whether it was the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army or the Lampuri Kingdom army, they would attack again if there was a chance.

So the Falk Kingdom and the Marlow Empire allied army had strengthened their patrols around the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range. It was to prevent the sudden attack of the Lampuri Kingdom and also to see if there was a way to break through the Lampuri Kingdom army lines.

The squad of seventeen Falk Kingdom soldiers that lieutenant Nokomo led were one of the many teams responsible to reconnaissance.

Lieutenant Nokomo and his subordinates had patrolled the surrounding area many times in the past few days. They could find their way even with their eyes closed, so there was no need to explore.

Now that they’ve entered a place where they could see the distant Gregory Hughes Mountain Range with their eyes, this was a place that they needed to be vigilant.

Based on the information that they had gotten from fighting the Lampuri Kingdom army before, the Lampuri Kingdom army was equipped with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s newest model Magic Cannon that had a firing range of four kilometers.

If they fired from atop the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range, that range would reach five kilometers.

So once lieutenant Nokomo and his subordinates entered this area, they could be attacked by the Lampuri Kingdom’s Magic Cannons at any time.

Of course, that was only in theory.

The Lampuri Kingdom wouldn’t waste their precious ammo on these investigation teams. These precious resources would normally be saved to be used during direct confrontations.

When it came to reconnaissance and counter surveillance, other than sending out Magic Airships to survey below them, they would send out small teams to scout out the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range.

As he thought of the undefeatable giant Magic Airship, lieutenant Nokomo looked up at the sky. He found that there wasn’t a single black spot there before giving a nod and calming down.

The Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied armies had suffered quite a bit since their plans had been easily seen through because of the surveillance from the Lampuri Kingdom’s Magic Airships.

Just two days ago, three reconnaissance teams had been attacked by the Lampuri Kingdom army near the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range. Not a single person had returned.

So even if lieutenant Nokomo’s team hadn’t seen a trace of the Lampuri Kingdom army in a week, he was still cautious at all times and avoided attracting any attention.

After leading his team two kilometers into the forests around the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range, lieutenant Nokomo indicated to his team to stop. He raised his hand and everyone took their stations as they raised their guards.

While prepared, lieutenant Nokomo believed that his team could eliminate any Lampuri Kingdom team that wasn’t prepared.

But if the other side was prepared……there wasn’t a need to think too much, it was better to escape with their lives.

The countless skirmishes with the Lampuri Kingdom had proved it. Even if the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army had several times more troops than the Lampuri Kingdom, their only advantage was the help of the four Arch Magi.

If they didn’t have the help of the four Arch Magi, in a direct confrontation, traditional soldiers that were equipped with swords like lieutenant Nokomo could easily be taken care of by the Lampuri Kingdom troops that were armed with the military magic machines.

“Hei, it’d be good if we could get one Lampuri Kingdom soldier. If we can take care of them while they’re unprepared, then we can take their equipment.”

Thinking of the various magical and powerful personal military magic machines the Lampuri Kingdom soldiers had, lieutenant Nokomo couldn’t help giving a gulp.

If he had that equipment, perhaps he even had hopes of challenging a magician alone.

Of course, he knew that even if he met a lone Lampuri Kingdom soldier and he was able to take their military magic machines, it would still be taken by his superiors.

The Marlow Empire had a high demand for the military magic machines the Lampuri Kingdom army was equipped with, it was to conduct some research to see if they could imitate it.

It’s said that in the Marlow Empire, there was a giant team of magicians and craftsmen gathered that were fully committed to studying military magic machines. It was to close the gap between them and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce camp as much as possible.

But it was clearly impossible that there would be any achievements in a short period of time. At least lieutenant Nokomo hadn’t seen the Marlow Empire army gaining any new military magic machines during this time.

Seeing that his subordinates were all in their positions, lieutenant Nokomo climbed a tree and hid behind the tree trunk. He took out a telescope and through the gaps in the branches and leaves, he looked into the distance.

Actually, there was nothing to see.

During this week of investigations, each time lieutenant Nokomo had led his team for reconnaissance, he would find the Lampuri Kingdom army staying in their camp up on the mountain range and they didn’t poke their heads out at all.

Even if he could see a few people from time to time, it was just a flash and there weren’t any concrete movements.

But lieutenant Nokomo’s mission was to see if the Lampuri Kingdom side would make any strange movements, so as long as he watched here for a day, his mission would be complete.

After watching for a while and confirming that there was nothing happening with the Lampuri Kingdom’s camp in the distance, lieutenant Nokomo gave a yawn and prepared to put away his telescope to rest for a bit.

But as soon as he had this thought, there was a black spot that appeared in his telescope.

Lieutenant Nokomo was surprised before quickly looking over and seeing that it was a Magic Airship.

This Magic Airship came from the south of the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range and then slowly landed in the Lampuri Kingdom’s camp.

Because there was a fenze, lieutenant Nokomo couldn’t see who or what was inside of the Magic Airship.

But based on the information the other teams had provided, the Lampuri Kingdom’s camp would frequently have these Magic Airships that came from the south. They guessed that they were providing goods from the south to the Lampuri Kingdom army stationed in the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range.

When he heard this report, lieutenant Nokomo didn’t believe it because the Magic Airship was something that even the Marlow Empire only had twenty of. They had all been divided by the important people of the Marlow Empire, so the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army only had one, so it could be seen how precious it was.

Moreover, based on what lieutenant Nokomo knew, the Magic Airship had a high consumption when it flew and it wasn’t effective to transport goods with this thing.

Even if the Lampuri Kingdom had quite a few Magic Airships, they wouldn’t be this wasteful.

But as if they were slapping lieutenant Nokomo’s face, as soon as he had this thought, there was another Magic Airship that appeared in his field of view.

Before he could react, there were Magic Airships that appeared in the south one by one. They quickly created a black cloud in the sky that almost completely covered the entire Gregory Hughes Mountain Range.

Seeing this unusual situation, even if lieutenant Nokomo didn’t know anything, he knew that something was about to happen.