Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 131

“It’s not like you weren’t at the tests in Mero City.” Xu Yi gave a shrug with a relaxed look on his face, “Didn’t you trap two Arch Magi then? It wasn’t hard for you to kill them, so why do you still look like you can’t believe it?”

“After all, we didn’t really kill them then.” Chief Hart shook his head, as if he still couldn’t accept that an Arch Magus would fall from fighting with his subordinates.”

“Alright, you’ll get used to it in the future.” Xu Yi then asked, “You should already know your next mission, right?”

“Un, I already received the orders on the way back.” Chief Hart gave a nod as his expression became a bit more strange. He couldn’t help saying, “Sir chairman, didn’t you personally let off the two Arch Magi from the Candra Empire before, why are you having us kill them now?”

“There’s no other way, who told the two empires to not cooperate?” Xu Yi gave a sigh, “If possible, I really want to settle this without any wounds and let the two empires know that the Arch Magi can’t play the role that they imagined. If everyone can sit down and talk about how to cooperate, how to develop together, how good that would be. But… can see it as well.”

Chief Hart gave a bitter smile.

He had been in contact with Xu Yi many times during the recent days. He was very clear on the fact that Xu Yi didn’t want to start an all out war with the two empires, otherwise he wouldn’t have let the two Candra Empire Arch Magi leave back in Mero City.

But facts proved that sir chairman really was too…, too naive.

The two empires had stood on the continent for close to a thousand years, how could they put down their arrogance as empires just because of a single setback? How could they honestly discuss cooperation like sir chairman wanted?

Then again, the two empires were against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of the giant benefits hidden in the magic machine industry.

Countless people could see this and the two empires were also aware of this. Naturally they wanted this benefit to be held in their hands and didn’t want to be restrained by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It could be said that this war was inevitable, the only factor was just when it would happen.

“According to the plan, you will set off in two weeks. During this time, I need you to continue training on how to deal with magicians in the base. With the battle experience from before, I believe that the other side will definitely come up with a way to fight back, so you need to become more skilled during this time so you can keep the initiative and continue suppressing the Arch Magi. Do you understand what I mean?” Xu Yi said.

“Understood!” Chief Hart gave a strong nod, “Actually, if it wasn’t for the other side being too negligent before, they might not have fallen into the anti magic domain so easily. With the agility of Arch Magi, once they can react to it, it won’t be that easy to handle them.”

“That’s right, that’s also why I had the development center take this into consideration during this time. The first hand combat data that the guards have brought back is very important and we can adjust based on this information. Hart, you might have to stay with me in the development center during this time. How about it? Can you hold on?”

Chief Hart gave a laugh before patting his chest.

“Sir chairman, there’s no need for you to worry about my body. But as for you…..It’s the first day of the new year, don’t you need to be with madame Still?”

“Still ran to the Magic Cloud Continent a week ago, so there’s no one to be with even if I wanted to be with her.” Xu Yi helplessly spread his hands.

“Ah?” Chief Hart was stunned, “Why did madame Still suddenly… off to the Magic Cloud Continent?”

“The dragons over there have some feedback about the Illusion Films, so Still decided to personally go over once she heard about this. Other than solving a few problems, she’s also going there to develop the Magic Cloud Continent’s market.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Speaking of this, I haven’t even gone to the Magic Cloud Continent yet and she’s already gone there first.”

Chief Hart looked at Xu Yi with a strange look. After a while, he said, “Sir chairman, I think that… and madame Still are a natural couple……”

“What do you mean?” Xu Yi looked at him with a strange look.

“You’re both workaholics……”


The first half a month of year 3803 was a rare period of peace in the last two years.

However, this peace was very short.

On January 16th, the Rudson Kingdom army had launched a large scale invasion into the Candra Empire’s borders.

After a fierce exchange between both sides, the Candra Empire border army was forced to retreat.

The Rudson Kingdom army pushed right into the Candra Empire’s southwest province, marching to Mero City. They converged with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards that had been in Mero City the entire time.

On January 26th, eight thousand Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards came as reinforcements with large amounts of military magic machines to break the Candra Empire’s defensive lines. They successfully arrived in Mero City and converged with the Rudson Kingdom army and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards already there.

The next day, the Rudson Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards’ allied army, simply called the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces attacked the southern province’s army that had been stationed five kilometers to the southwest for several months.

The southwest province army couldn’t resist at all and directly chose to surrender.

On February 4th, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces that had rested for some time left Mero Cifty and pushed towards the capital of the southwest province, Baberel City.

The southwest province’s Governor Manor that received this news immediately started organizing the entire southwest province’s forces to stop them halfway, however it was the southwest province’s loss in all six engagements.

The Rudson Frestech Allied forces triumphantly advanced, reaching Baberl City on February 13th. They launched a fierce attack on the final defenses of the southwest province, as well the supporting forces from the Candra Empire.

In this battle, the Rudson Frestech Allied forces had forty seven thousand Rudson Kingdom troops and twelve thousand Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

The Candra Empire side had one hundred and thirty thousand troops that the southwest province’s Governor Manor had gathered, as well as three regiments from the Candra Empire army headquarters totaling seventy thousand troops. There were also a large number of magicians, which were led by five Arch Magi, so it could be considered a substantial amount of forces.

This kind of terrifying power, in the history of the Sines Continent was already enough to destroy all enemies.

But when fighting the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, the Candra Empire’s army had been completely trapped in Baberel City by the attacks of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces. With their powerful Magic Cannons, they couldn’t even leave the city gates.

To the surprise of everyone, this battle didn’t end quickly and lasted an entire month.

During this time, the Candra Empire army headquarters kept sending reinforcements to Baberel City, almost transferring half of the armed forces of the Candra Empire over.

However, these reinforcements had been ambushed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Airships and Magic Tanks. They were unable to fight back and suffered heavy losses. When they finally arrived in Baberel City with great difficult, most of them were completely defeated and couldn’t support Baberel City at all, rather becoming burdens to them.

On the contrary, the Candra Empire also attempted to ambush the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces’ supply route, but they were quickly defeated by the Magic Airship squad each time, not being able to do anything to the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

Moreover, even if the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces were deep in the Candra Empire, causing their supply line to be very long, with the high speed transportation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s large transport Magic Cars, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces didn’t have any problems receiving supplies.

The Rudson Frestech Allied Forces surrounding Baberel City also didn’t have any ammunition problems. They were even able to form a decent looking camp outside Baberel City in just a single month at a shocking rate.

A month later, the Candra Empire garrisoned troops in Baberel City had reached the end of their supplies and couldn’t hold on any longer.

Even with the five Arch Magi and the two hundred thousand troops, they didn’t have the ability to fight without any supplies left, so they had lost all courage to continue fighting.

In this month, the Candra Empire army in the city used all their means, even attacking the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces with the five Arch Magi, but they hadn’t succeeded a single time.

If it wasn’t for the precedent of the three Marlow Empire Arch Magi dying, causing the five Arch Magi in the city to be more vigilant, perhaps they would have already fallen during this past month of continuous fighting.

A month later, the Candra Empire army in Baberel City launched their final and largest counter attack.

After two days of fierce fighting, the Candra Empire army had lost fifty thousand normal troops, as well as over a hundred High Grade Magicians and six Great Magicians to finally break free.

The five Arch Magi, the remaining magicians, and the tens of thousands of soldiers had abandoned the city and fled.

Baberel City had finally fallen.

As the capital of the Candra Empire’s southwest province and where the Governor Manor was, the fall of Baberel City meant that the final resistance of the southwest province was over and the southwest province had fallen.

In the near thousand year history of the Candra Empire, although their national strength had declined because of invasions, they had never had an entire province fall into enemy hands before.

Once this news spread, the entire continent lost their voice.

If the Falk Kingdom and Marlow Empire allied army falling at the Gregory Hughes Mountain Range, then losing again at the Marlow Empire border, even losing three Arch Magi was considered the Marlow Empire not having enough battle experience, then what could the Candra Empire’s loss be explained by?

The southwest province had resisted with full force and the Candra Empire army headquarters had supported them with everything. Not only had they sent many reinforcements, they also sent five Arch Magi, assembling most of the Candra Empire’s power to surround the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

However, the Candra Empire side had been completely routed and they weren’t capable of resisting the attacks of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces even with five Arch Magi, finally even losing their provincial capital.

This result made things very clear for everyone.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards truly were invincible in a direct battle!